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How many credit cards do you have, /biz/?

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None, they track you.

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>owning the plastic jew

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Neither do I as I am not a Hebrew.

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this post didnt age well. credit cards are for boomer goyim

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>cashback is a hebrew conspiracy!
no wonder you damn millennials don't have any money

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None, its a Mutt thing. CCs are not that common in the first world

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One. My mommy gave it to me for emergencies :)

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What? I know cash is being phased out in first world countries besides America because europe is the test bed for big brother anti freedom shit, but without cash and without cards what's left? Checks?

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yuros pay for things with goats and virgin daughters

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>credit cards
Who here debitchad?

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Debit cards retard

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Enjoy letting banks track and profit off of you for some mere pennies on the dollar. You pay either way. One is simply more overt than the other.

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>buh buh buh I get free points for shit I don't need and I can fly once every 5 years if I acquire enough good goy spendning points

inb4 you only use cards for essential spending and pay it off on time every month and never buy ANYTHING I don't need on credit.

The real red pill is practicing minimalism and sending filthy boomers like you out of business.

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of fucking course you pay it all of every month, carrying a balance is maximum retard

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>inb4 you only use cards for essential spending and pay it off on time every month and never buy ANYTHING I don't need on credit.
You make it sound like this is some insane, superhuman buddhist monk-like display of will. Are you some kind of faggot zoomer consumer whore moron? This shit is not hard to do whatsoever. Just treat your credit card like you would the cash in your wallet. It's not fucking hard.

Damn, if this shit really is such a crazy concept maybe I should give seminars or something. You zoomers are apparently stupid and weakwilled enough to pay for shit like that.

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The point is that you're trying to push reasoning on why NOT using credit is somehow stupid when the rewards are so little. Anyone who disagrees is somehow a moron who doesn't have will power when you're struggling to sell the benefits.
Fact is THERE IS NO FUCKING POINT IN USING CREDIT (unless you are running a business of coarse). The rewards are so little and underwhelming that simply spending less money is the smarter option.

If you're happy and responsible using credit, fine but trying to convince strangers on the internet that they're somehow crazy for not accepting free money is irresponsible when you see how profitable the industry is.

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here is a wild idea, use a debit card instead and dont fucking buy shit you dont need on money that's not yours

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1 for emergencies only
1 for cash back
1 for travel credit

All bills, spending go through cashback card and paid every month. Use it 3/4 the year or until I have enough banked cash back points to pay for Christmas gifts

Then, remainder of the year goes on travel card to pay for airline tickets for.the vacation I take ~ every 3 years

Last card I haven't used in years but it would hurt my credit to close it, so it lives in the safe

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>the rewards are so little
I can get 3-5% cashback on anything with my cards, that's nothing to scoff at

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Precisely this. It's like there is some kind of buyers regret with credit card owners and they have to justify it to themselves by getting other people to buy into it to.

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I accrue ~ $1200 a year on the cash back card

~ 400 on the travel card

I have the highest rate of rewards but annual fees for the two premium cards is about $300. Only worth it if you funnel everything you can through it and pay it all off every month. The minute you start subsidizing your lifestyle and carry any kind of balance, the Jews win. If the cash to cover it isn't in the bank account, it doesn't go on the card.

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why have any more than that

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how do you spend your money bro? are you an illegal getting cash under the table and thats how you spend?

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>when the rewards are so little
Sure 1% back isnt much. But 5% back on select things you buy like eating at restaurants or going to a certain grocery store, is a decent chunk back.

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>i enjoy being tracked and my money controlled by the jewish overlords

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None, gonna get an apple card and maybe a nexo card, though.

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2 is the correct number. 1 makes you look like a cheap ass. A backup is always good.

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Like anything you do is worthy of being 'analysed' by the Jew. Who fucking cares, fucking sad little basement dwellers on here.

I have a CC, and I have an od with Monzo, have you been living in the first world recently? Everything is on finance/credit, stop kidding yourself it's just the way things are now idgaf if the Jew wants to lend me some money I can always jump country and they will never catch up to me, shame on them.

Anyone here trying to make it in this life without mummy and daddy to take the brutally hard fall for they're exploits will know the reality of finance in today's society.

Get off that high horse of yours Jimmy, you would never be there without the sacraficr of X2 adults that should have kicked you out in your arse aged 18 as nature intended so you could learn real life lessons instead of Molly coddling you way into your 30's. These fucking parasites make me sick.

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>Open cut mine, multi million dollar machine operator here laughing my way to the bank after starting at 17 and buying my first house outright at 26 and literally never getting a loan or credit.

Support myself my wife and two children and my parents.

But he left High school without a HSC did not go to uni and went and got a traineeship in the outback. What a low class plebian amirite?

Credit of any sort is a trap. You can walk the tightrope well for a while and maybe a few individuals succeed their whole lives but 99.9% will get caught.

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UK AMEX platinum for free lounge access and airmiles.

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If you have the score and income to churn you can win big. Thats where you sign up over time for multiple cards so you can get multiple signup bonuses usually worth quite a bit.

Only really possible in the US and Canadian market though as signup bonuses arent as competitive in Europe or AU/NZ. US bonuses are high but subject to crackdown, ie only one bonus per card per lifetime or they police your spending to make sure you arent playing tricks to get the bonus. Canada is cool because there's zero policing on spend and very often the software isnt good enough to detect if you've had multiple signup bonuses before.

And that's why I have 11 credit cards

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68,000 with 100,000,000 on each of them

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CapitalOne: $1,500
Barclays: $4,000
Discover: $9,000
Google Store: $4,000
Newegg: $4,000

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I have one. My Wife uses it every day and at the end of the month when the time comes to pay it off i sell enough of the bitcoin i HODL to cover the payment. Feels good to be using bitcoin to pay for my day to day transactions desu.

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this guy here thinking that he relates to any other person.

The chances of any single one of us havinbg won the lottery like you is less that 0.00001%, so how could you possibly comment on such a thing you dumb fagit, multi millionaire pleb who still doesnt understand basic math or statistics.

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>won the lottery

Almost everyone I went to school with could have done the same thing I did and half ended up on the dole. Mines are still offering zero experience trainee-ships right now. Other than a couple of licenses and decent fitness and health there is no excuse.

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I use a credit card because it enables convenient transactions and purchase protections and my credit score went up since I started. I can also file a price match claim if the price of an hotel drops significantly after I buy something. They literally just cut me a check. Idk what you people are so concerned about. There's no magic trick, just pay it off.

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my point is I have friends that pursued heavy duty careers that should have netted them serious bank, and guess what, they bored and depressed and dont make that much money.

The I have a riend that did law at uni, works in project management for an engineering firm, couldnt be more far removed from his studied discipline, only got the job because his dad was a rigger for said company, hes 29 and earns £80k , all completely by ACCIDENT.

just cos anyone could have done it, like investing in BTC doesnt mean everyone did, so yes, you played some cards and came out a way ahead, did you really begin your journey thinking you'd get to where you are, of course not because no one can see the future.

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None. Only a debit card.

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I had one until a few weeks ago but my bank account got hacked and they wanted to send the credit card replacement to my bank branch instead of my house. I like having one but I don't carry any debt so I haven't had a reason to go pick it up.