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Tyler Durden:

Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.

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At least family connections is high up there.
Honestly that + luck and maybe a little intelligence account for 99% of success in all honesty.
But believing that grit matters allows people to envision themselves succeeding in the future without their daydream being completely implausible. That sort of hopium is hard to get off of.

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>laborism, not capitalism

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Talent and hard work. That's it. You need both though

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imagine being this naive

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Lmao if all it took was talent and hard work there'd be too large a supply of rich people.

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Fags in this thread think wealthy means Billionaire. Getting to the top 1%, while difficult, it absolutely possible with hard work and talent.

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Jesus Christ

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post bank account

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>Risk taking
>Natural intelligence
You'd be surprised

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They pay a fortune for education in burgerland. Imagine if they start accepting it is worthless.

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bruh, half of us here are going to millionaires thanks to Link and a subset are to be billionaires because they were here for ETH to profit off of before investing into Link.

It's more so being at the right place at the right time and being able to manage risk to take up the opportunities as there are tons of hard workers and talented folks out there who are too afraid to step out of their shell and try something that might fail.

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Don't call me bruh

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whats stopping you, retard?
>inb4 larp

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I'm lazy.

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>Hard work/grit
just lol. i was sold that meme from birth too. if only they knew how fucked they are.

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it should be:

>Family connections

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Its actually pretty amazing how accurate this graph is. I would have probably picked things in this exact order as well. I would have thought race and gender would have been at the top

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literal down syndrome. Dont say its "easy" and then say "oh I can, Im just lazy Lol". Fucking idiot.
You have to be at least 18 to post here

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I never said it was easy you moron. You didn't even read my post all the way through. probably just threw a commie fit when I suggested anything other than economic determinism

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thats because youre a fucking idiot. Literally who the fuck doesnt work hard? Go to sleep. You have school tomorrow

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lots of people don't work very hard or lack self discipline especially shitposters on imageboards

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>absolutely possible with hard work and talent.
Literally retarded. Work doesnt correlate with money or else truck drivers would be multi millionaires

What matters is a SHIT ton of luck and selling something that is in high demand. Not a realistic path, you stupid kid. Do you even have a job? Do you even live alone? You are so fucking naive

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>lots of people
literally doesnt apply to anyone with a job. Have you EVER been employed? Most jobs make you work your ass off. Hard work wont amount to shit. It comes down to investments and a lot of fucking luck. What a childish brain you have

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Sure takes a lot of talent to drive a truck around. Do you niggers use that grey matter or are you just keeping it warm?

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>"anyone can get good at art with enough dedication. its hard, but anyone can"
>"then why aren't you a michelangelo yet?"
This is you

Literal fucking autism. If I see you posting one my board one more time I'm shadowbanning you, brainlet nigger.

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>Most jobs make you work your ass off.

This is what low skilled low IQ wagies actually believe

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>Literally who the fuck doesnt work hard?

>time = effort
What's next, physical labor is hard and mental labor is easy? Kill yourself.

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not a truck driver but that shit isnt easy either, retard. I bet tou would get btfod the same day you attempted the job kek. Dunning kruger effect
>This is you
yes, that logic is right. Hard work And talent alone wont guarantee shit. Post bank account :)
>Literal fucking autism.
that projection
>If I see you posting one my board one more time I'm shadowbanning you, brainlet nigger.
LOL I destroyed you so hard that you have no counter argument. Just a "you have autism!" argument. Keep seething, retard. Also, post bank account :)
Neet. Youve never been employed, have you?

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It can be the same thing in a sense. For instance people can study the same amount of time and perform differently due to luck and/or genetics.

>What's next, physical labor is hard and mental labor is easy? Kill yourself.
post bank account :)

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Notice the retard republicans seething over disagreeing with op's pic. They seeth yet are too pussified to post a screenshot of their bank account TOPKEk

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This is actually true though. Someone might not have the best pattern matching skills or conventional intelligence, but they are creative or ambitious learners. If you read about Michael Faraday, he was basically a hick who couldn't understand higher level math, but he was exceptionally creative and founded some of the modern theories behind electricity and magnetism. Also many 'smart' people do useless stuff like playing chess or pure math which has the same utility as solving sudoku puzzles.

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Obviously Americans think Keynesian monetary policy is what makes a person wealthy. Why else would they have allowed a unelected private bank not responsible to the government or constitution dictate inflationary monetary policy to them for 100 years

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Don't be lazy



You need all 3

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aww I btfod the bootlickers so hard they stopped responding :(
(if you respond to this, post bank account, pussies. If you aint rich, you are full of shit for thinking op's pic is actually a realistic path to becoming rich. Hard work [and even with talent] doesnt amount to SHIT without a lot of fucking luck).

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commie, work hard

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LOOOL fail argument. You bootlickers always resort to "hes a commie!!!!!" while foaming from your mouth when you have NO counter argument. Keeeek

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Because you think wealth = being a billionaire. You only need to make $300k a year to be in the top 1%. That's a Good degree and some rental properties

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>That's a Good degree and some rental properties
whats stopping you? :(
I also didnt say billionaire, dipshit. Top 1% IS rich. It is retarded to think it is realistic just ANYONE can achieve this just by "doing their part". I can tell youve never been employed. Post bank account.

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unless you ave connections. If you have connections and can manipulate others you can convince others to suffer and sacrifice themselves for your benefit.

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Ad hominem nigger argument. Why are you being retarded? Is it an involuntary reflex?

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>cries about ad hominem
>calls me a retard
you can ignore my insults anyways and still see the argument LMFAO

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this. Quotes from people dont mean shit.

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Insulting someone isn't ad hominem.
Time to go to bed kiddo. You can fight the capitalists tomorrow after school.

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>DescriptionAd hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, typically refers to a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character
>genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character
You avoid my arguments and just call me a retard. Kek. You are guilty of your own falacy, not me :)

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It must be embarrassing to get corrected like this. I pity you, dumbass. I really do, but you keep coming back for more. Masochist much?

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why are commies so seething mad that they spam the buisness forums lol

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They're wrong thinking that is what makes you wealthy, but it is at least what makes you respected.
Being respected comes with power too, and ultimately we try and get rich for power so...misguided, but not a bad direction to go in. Probably more likely to lead to you being satisfied.

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>possible with hard work and talent.
possible != guaranteed
There are plenty of hard workers working 2 jobs, probably with talent that they don't have time to pursue because they're still struggling to keep the bills paid.

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I don't care about low IQ niggers who can't keep bills paid because they run into debt or have 6 chilluns

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>it absolutely possible with hard work and talent.
yes! BUT a good 80% of it's through manipulations and connections.

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It took me ten years of misery and being beaten down to realize hard work gets you nowhere, absolutely most insidious trick played by ((them)) on the good goy.

Ten years of fucking striving and misery to get nowhere and then I went all in on link.

I’m going to blow so many peoples minds out of their fucking head its going to be great. I spent YEARS so close to wealth (BTC/ETH) but I didn’t see it because it didn’t make sense something so esoteric could make money, there was no effort involved! Only hard work makes rewards! Only fools buy magic beans!

Sometimes magic beans are actually magic fucking beans though. Fuck everyone in Jack’s little faggot village, keep shoveling shit til you make it, I’m out.

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Top 1% is like 400k a year. Meme tier talking point. Work 70 hours a week as a nurse practitioner in San Francisco and sell back your vacation and you'll hit that at 25. You'll live an upper-middle class life though, nothing crazy. Real wealth (bourgeoisie) is pretty much nepotism and pure luck followed by intelligence.

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And what makes you think 300k is wealthy? It is very well off, but nothing extravagant.

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if that was the case then why are not everyone super rich in China, Japan and Korea?


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I’m glad you made money on stainstink anon, but its literally vaporware that won’t be finished and would barely be useful if it was.

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Meanwhile a girl I know who's the daughter of a billionaire is doing drugs and having sex all day long and will have a more awesome life than 99.9% of the population.

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Yeah yeah Americans are thick as pig shit. We already know this.

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Are you a low IQ nigger then? If not, why aren't YOU in the top one percent?

This fucking retard kek.

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This. Mostly republicans though. Those low IQ niggers actually think they will become rich one day just by living the same fucking wagecucking cycle KEK!!!

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All that shit is unironically really important. I'm surprised Americans have such a sagacious view for what leads to wealth when they're so fucking stupid on all other topics.

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pulling numbers out of your ass

>> No.15913813

So how rich are you again :)?

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I'm a neet because I don't have any of that shit besides luck.

>> No.15913895

Then maybe you shouldn't spout nonsense

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> quoting homosexuals

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why lump race and gender like that?

there's no reason why someone can't believe one is a cause but not the other

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1925 dollar pegged at $20.75/ounce.
median salary ~$3000 (pic related)
3000/20 = 150 ounces ($186,000 in 2016) ($225,000 today ($1500/ounce))

2016 dollar between $1130 and $1350 / ounce.
median salary $31,099 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_income_in_the_United_States)
31000/1240 = 25 ounces ($518.75 in 1925)

>when the 2016 median wage is the 1st percentile 1925 wage
>dude just wageslave for 50 years lmao

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Hard work has never made anyone rich. You get through letting other people work hard and reaping the benefits they produce.

>> No.15913986

Sometimes grit is more satisfying.

>> No.15913987

Retard republicans can't comprehend this

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Let me add to this that this is obviously the case because time is finite. You can only "work hard" x hours a day. Meaning the value you can produce is limited by this fact.
But if you let y people work hard and reap a percentage .z of that you get y*x*.z which is not limited by x, but by y and even more important .z

Don't fall for the work hard meme frens it is a lie to allow (((them))) to reap the benefits of your hard work

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>Literally retarded. Work doesnt correlate with money or else truck drivers would be multi millionaires
You can always get some return on the assets you have.

If the only asset you have is your body and work ethic, you're not gonna make much.

What I didn't realize is that the so-called meritocracy is just exponential growth.

You get some % of return on your capital, no matter what.

If you can be one of the lucky ones who gets a good job that lets you save more than you spend, you will accumulate capital and be able to get x% on it.

You get a good job by getting educated in what people need, etc.

Life is easy mode when you realize it's literally RuneScape where you start out killing cows for leather, then realize you can do mining, then kill dragons, them save enough money that you can trade holiday items for +/- a fraction of their value.

Or like ogame where the more money you have, the more you can invest in passively making more moyy, but you start out with a piece of shit (just your body) that brings in almost no money and it's really hard to get started.

The hardest part is getting started. Once you get a foothold, you can accumulate. At every level of wealth, the choices available to you change.

From shit job to getting skilled to aiming for FIRE with index funds to picking up real estate, these are all hard because nobody tells you how to do it, and in hindsight, it's actually easy. I wish someone had told me sooner.

Right now you can learn to code good enough for a shitty intern-like job in less than six months in your spare time, then quit and get a new job as junior-level for more money six months after that one, quit and get a new job as a higher level engineer 1 yr later, where you're making more than most households.

The first step is super easy right now and nobody is saying how easy it is. I'm telling you now- getting the easiest well-paying job you can is the first step and coding is the easiest way right now.

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>I'm telling you now- getting the easiest well-paying job you can is the first step and coding is the easiest way right now.
It's seriously this.

Step 1. Make the gap between income and expenses as big as you can as quickly as you can: learn to code. Get full-time decent-paying software engineer job. This will take 2yrs: 6mos self teaching, 6mos underpaid shitjob in toxic environment doing work where maybe only 10-20% is related to coding, 1yr at low-level but actual coding job, then finally after those two years you have finally got a decent-paying coding job.

Step 2: get expenses way down and save as much as you can.

Step2b: what to save in? Save cash in a savings account till you have 6-12mos living costs saved. Put money into 401k if your employer does matching, maybe more if they have a good plan with vanguard who won't be scamming your retirement with high hidden fees.

>> No.15914386


Step 3: learn about real estate. Leveraged (i.e., with a mortgage) real estate is insane for building wealth. With stocks, you may look at 7% per yr with occasional wild price swings, meltdowns, and you pay capital gains taxes 15-23.8% when you sell, plus perhaps up to 11% income taxes in some states. This is better than your job income tax, but real estate let's you arrange things so you effectively pay NO TAXES AT ALL. You can buy a property and the IRS let's you deduct 1/27 of it's price every year as depreciation... This cancels out the taxes you pay on your rental income, so the 10% (this is better than the 7% you get with stocks) return (AFTER MORTGAGE AND ALL EXPENSES) you get from rental income is TAX-FREE*. Would you rather get 10% TAX-FREE or 7% with capital gains taxes? And you build equity in your property as you pay down the mortgage, which is worth another 5-7%. So you're making a total of 10-17% tax-free*.

* You have to pay these taxes back when you sell the property, but if you pick a different property to buy within 45 days of selling and file the right forms (this is called a 1031 exchange), you can wait to pay those taxes until you sell the new property. So you can just keep swapping properties and never pay the taxes till you're dead, at which point, you're dead, you don't care.

The catch with real estate is that if you fuck up and buy a bad deal, you end up under water on your mortgage and you're fucked. It takes time to learn how to judge deals, how to find deals, how to understand if a property is a piece of shit... I think it's waaaay better than stocks but it's also harder and more dangerous if you fuck up, so you may want to stick to stocks in index funds if you don't want to have to thinking too much.

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Race and gender should be #1
Just goes to show how brainwashed your average goy truly is.

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Now think about that:

Level 0: you have nothing increasing your wealth. You have no skills. Low income. What the FUCK do you do? You have to find something, some way to escape, to get a foothold on the next level. (Right now, the learning to code is a very good option imo)

Level 1: your wealth can now increase because you have a job that pays enough for you to save money while still living like a poor person

Level 2: your wealth can now increase because you have invested your savings (stocks, a little real estate, maybe some combination of both) AND you have a job that Wells enough that you can continue to save while living on less than other people doing similar jobs

Step 4: you actually learn about real estate and get into it to make that sweet tax-free 10-15% instead of the taxes 7%, or you start a business and start making money that way. You're still getting income from your investments as in step 3 and you're starting to think about quitting your job.

Step 0 is literally the hardest because you have no way to save enough from your job to get anywhere, if you can even save anything all. Once you find a foothold*, it gets easier and easier.

* People who are legitimately middle class with loving parents who went to college have this foothold by default. They have no idea how easy they have it. They're too dumb to see the steps that come afterward, and do dumb shit like study art or sociology to take themselves back to step 0. They give up their foothold and then are surprised they don't know how to get rich, so they think anyone rich is lucky.

In truth, it's very lucky, but it's also very lucky to be born in the American middle class instead of somewhere else in the world. They don't know the steps (to be fair, NOBODY TELLS YOU) and they don't know what they're throwing away. In fact, if one of them is aware enough to ask if a different way is possible, the people around them insist it's not. For example, Something Awful told me it'd never work.

>> No.15914704

What are good websites to learn code ?

>> No.15914710

>just invest your money, cant go wrong
almost entirely timing and time dependent. its now the basically the top of the everthing bubble, theres nothing left to invest in except crazy moonshots like crypto and weird ipos

>> No.15914856

>What are good websites to learn code ?
Good question!

I'm actually not sure. I didn't learn to code from a website, but from some books a long time ago before coding sites were as common as they are now.

After college, I didn't know anything useful - basic java for solving the high school algebra quadratic equation and doing some basic college computer science stuff, but nothing like web programming or employable.

I found Code School to be useful for learning the basics of JavaScript, modern html + css, and Ruby. I think they got bought by a different company and have a different name now, and I'm not sure how their introductory coding stuff looks, but I did think the slightly-beyond-intro stuff I watched was very helpful.

I'm helping my friend learn to code from nothing and she said that she finds codecademy's Python stuff helpful for learning to code. I actually am not even helping her anymore- I showed her the basics of programming in python and she thought I was confusing so she looked for sites on her own and found codecademy and prefers that.

So I'd try looking at codecademy or whatever company bought and rebranded Code School.

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Thanks, currently making 2 000€/month, saving half into my emergency wallet + 50€/month on LINK.

So at least, i'm starting on LEVEL 1.

>> No.15914893

>almost entirely timing and time dependent. its now the basically the top of the everthing bubble, theres nothing left to invest in except crazy moonshots like crypto and weird ipos
Everything is highly priced. Personally, I'm all in link but I intend to diversify into a mix of real estate and dalio's all season/all weather portfolio. If I remember right, gold is a significant part of it. If I'm wrong, then I'll still find some way to buy gold.

Even if everything is overpriced, it's better than saving nothing. Remember, you will work for years. If the market goes down halfway through, then you've got a discount during the second half of your working time. And you can try to be careful via diversification and buying real estate in areas that might be less prone to recession, maybe even refusing deals that give you $100/mo in cash flow (after mortgage, property management fees, maintenance, taxes, vacancy, insurance, etc.) in favor of waiting and looking longer for deals that give you $150/mo. That way you could cut the rent or tolerate larger vacancies and you'll still be profiting even before you consider the mortgage being paid down.

It sucks to buy now but it's better than not saving or just saving entirely cash and there are things you can do to make it suck just a little bit less.

You could maybe even read about put protection. I don't know enough about it to use or recommend it but it sounds like a way to limit the downside of your stock position in exchange for giving up some returns - kind of like insurance against a crash.

Also, if it takes you two years from now to get into a job that lets you save and invest, then maybe the market falls before or shortly after you get your real job and start investing, so you may not even have most of your careers's savings exposed until after the next crash. I.e., most of your savings have a real possibility of being invested closer to the next bottom.

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Oh shit, I don't know how much coders get paid where you live. I've heard they get paid much less outside the USA.

Here in the us, an entry level coder can make $60k/yr at a normal boring company in an area with a low cost of living. I don't know what the equivalent would be for you, but it might not be the ticket to level 1 for you like it is for Americans.

>> No.15914929

Also, the tax benefits and possible returns on real estate depend on us laws and systems.

E.g., the tax stuff is us law.
And the possible return on investment, I've heard, is only so high because the government keeps mortgages cheap. These conditions may not exist elsewhere. Though maybe you can take advantage of them somehow if you can invest in us real estate, I'm not sure how it would add for you.

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I am a 28 year old halfway through a business administration degree. I work FT and make 700-900kUSD/week after taxes. Is it too late for me to learn to code? I'm not particularly good at maths but am okay at logical thinking.

>> No.15914993

I also have my real estate license but don't really know what to do with it (I currently work a wagie insurance job)

>> No.15915036

What I think it is:
• Ambition
• Self-discipline
• Getting lucky (good astrological chart)
• Natural intelligence

>> No.15915060

Linkies are beyond deluded. It's kind of tragic really

>> No.15915070

>astrological chart

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Thats assuming you keep your job

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Having lived among both, I can say unequivocally: when it comes to quality of life living among their own kind,
>Poor Japs > Rich Niggers
And yes, it comes down to IQ and other genetically heritable qualities. Every racial group lives according to it's in-group standard regardless of wealth or location on Earth.

Bingo, learn to avoid taxes like rich people do. Doing real estate ironically still requires hard work and ambition, and it certainly helps to have family willing to help you (thus proving OP's list right, if you control for IQ).

Proof you are still a normie when it comes to investing. There is no such thing as absolutely everything being over priced, because all good and services are price relative. There are always underpriced investments if you are clever enough to spot them, but you have to cast a wide net. You could be focused on trying to find reasonably priced stocks while there is a old guy down your street selling his valuable Porsche for 40% under market value because he doesn't use the internet. I was able to buy a huge lot, with a duplex and small warehouse on it, in my town for less than $90k. This in a school district where new house sales average in the 500-650k range. Bought it from a dude 90 years old who let the property go to shit and never bothered listing the property for sale anywhere, I went and knocked on his door. Get good.

>> No.15915333

You know those 11% are niggers and women crying about white men right?

>> No.15915352

So did you manage to flip it for 5x?

>> No.15915393

And here I am, about to quit my job, playing classic wow all afternoon

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Fuck no, I'm never selling this property, it is the last piece of my real estate portfolio that will allow me to be financially independent for the rest of my life. Plus taxes on flipping are fucking ridiculous vs the tax advantages of buy&hold rentals.

>> No.15915473

I don't think it's too late to learn. Look at salaries though, because it looks like you might already be close to $60k/yr pre-tax? With raises and job hopping to different normal and boring companies, you can probably raise that up over time but it might not be significantly more than $55-60k it sounds like you might already be making.

As long as you're not quitting your job to jump into learning to code full time, don't worry about if it's too late. If you're interested, try learning for a month when you're not working and decide if you can stay motivated.

Far future, if you can study from computer science undergraduate textbooks to teach yourself data structures (you can) and basic algorithms (much harder imo but the basics should be doable) starting when you get the decent job then you might be able to practice Interview problems until the point where getting into a top company like Google Facebook etc is a coin flip. If you can get to that point and you're willing to relocate, then you may be able to apply for jobs at as many of those companies as possible, flipping all the coins you can, and get a job making well over $100k/yr (albeit in an expensive area- the most expensive places). This is multiple years out from where you are, though, and conditions could change between now and then in terms of what these companies are interviewing for and how much they pay (nearly $200k/yr in some places where rent may be $2k/mo for a shitty studio).

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Interestingly, "race and gender" is both the most bluepilled and the most redpilled answer you could give

>> No.15915499

Lol you're right, it doesn't make any sense, does it? WHy should people who are into business be communists?

>> No.15915517

Between the two jobs I work I make probably 50-55k pre tax but this is pretty much the cap as I'm 0aid per piece and my company doesn't give me more to avoid paying OT. I have 30k in my 401k, 9k over BTC, ETH, LTC, LINK, 70 oz. silver. My job is easy but just feels like running fetch quests and I'm tired of it. Puts a beating on my car.

>> No.15915534

Current area I live is modest cost of living. Girlfriend wants to buy a modest house as she just inherited 220k. I wanna split that money between a modest house and perhaps a rental to start a rental portfolio.

>> No.15915567

It only takes one of those attributes: inheritance. Most wealthy people inherit it.

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How do you, and people like you, make statements like this that are so easily disprovable? There has never once been any scientific survey showing that a majority of rich people got that way by inheritance. In fact quite the opposite, most rich people got that way by making it themselves. Most wealth dissipates by the 3rd generation, because even the wealthy are ignorant about the importance of genetics and the impact of hedonistic societal dogma on their children.

>> No.15915675

>perhaps a rental to start a rental portfolio.
I've not been into real estate yet, been reading.

Go learn everything you can from biggerpockets.

There are real estate books but they seem really basic. The stuff at bigger pockets, in the podcasts, forums, and articles, seem to be more helpful because you can get the occasional idea from from someone experienced talking about what they've done.

E.g., I saw that some people mentioned the Midwest as still having properties with workable rent to price ratios. How do you actually find them? Some people say everything on the MLS is overpriced and that you should send letters to do marketing. One person said they like to go on the MLS and find properties where they can do something like easily add a room. That might be possible, or it might be hard for you in your first property, especially going remote.

One idea I've had to identify markets is to look for turnkey operators that seem to be active on BP. My assumption is that they wouldn't be in business in the worst markets, so any town with a successful turnkey is a market for which I should at least peek at the MLS.

Turnkeys seem convenient but I don't think their incentives are aligned with yours as an investor- why would they sell an extremely profitable rental instead of keep it?

Nevertheless, as a first rental, I'm tempted to just look around on BP to see if I can find a turnkey people think is legit. I've only done a little skimming for this so far but the people I've seen giving non-negative reviews of turnkeys all seemed to be new to investing, which made me a little hesitant, since I would not expect newbies to be very good at recognizing if they got screwed. Especially in the first month or so after the deal.

One idea I have is to start out by looking for properties in markets that have successful turnkey providers- my intuition is that if the numbers look okay for a turnkey in an area, they're probably solid if you don't use a turnkey.

>> No.15915758


Are you located in the Midwest? Also, is real estate going to be the backbone of your portfolio?

>> No.15915817

I hate this fucking country so much.

>> No.15915876

I'm located in NYC. Two problems with property here:

1. Property is expensive. I will have to put much more down than I want to risk as someone new to real estate.

2. Cap rates are low. So basically no cash flow, or low cash flow if I'm lucky? I've heard that experienced investors can work with low cash flows by aiming to increase the price of a property- e.g., if the seller and their agent doesn't realize that there's some way to improve the property to increase rent by 10%, then you can buy the property, renovate is as necessary to get that 10%, and then when you sell it you can get back more than 10% what you paid for the property (and cover the renovations if you planned well and knew enough to estimate everything accurately) but... That sounds way beyond my level of competence. Diving into a complex part (renovating, profiting even when cap rates low, buying and selling soon after...) of a new (to me) investment class (real estate) in a market so expensive (NYC) that I have to put a significant amount of my money at risk sounds really dangerous.

I don't know yet if I will make real estate the backbone of my portfolio. In theory, something like dalio's all season or all weather portfolio sounds safest. I have thought about going 80% dalio and 20% high-risk, sort of like a blend of dalio with taleb's barbell philosophy. And I have no idea how real estate fits into that, but I suspect that with high enough margin of safety, one could probably make leveraged real estate a large part of their portfolio. How large? 20%? 10%? 50%? I don't know.

And I'm currently all in link because I think it has by far the best possible return of anything I could put money in at its current price, but I'm getting impatient and want to start selling a bit and be ready to diversify into other stuff if we pump to $5+ again.

>> No.15915877
File: 15 KB, 384x288, andre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Insulting someone isn't ad hominem
Holy Christ

>> No.15916019

I live in PA ~45 minutes outside of Philly. Do you have a throwaway? Maybe we can collaborate on something. I don't have many friends IRL who are interested in anything beyond getting fucked up every weekend or watching sports. It would be nice having some friends who are interested in something larger.

>> No.15916074

>Finance isn't even on there

>> No.15916240

It's luck, ambition, and risk taking. With luck probably being one of the most important elements since it embodies and extends much of the other things on that list.

>> No.15916394

Except it absolutely isn't the same thing. Most kids don't try hard in high school because literally any retard can graduate with minimal effort, and those who do try hard usually succeed because education is actually a meritocracy. When it comes to higher education, people either try hard or wash out unless they go to an incredibly easy, low tier school. Hard work as it applies to education is neither here nor there because the work force and capitalism as a whole is in no way a meritocracy. If you can't see how incredibly nuanced this issue is you are either retarded, deluded, naive, underage, or all of the above.

>> No.15916462

im pretty sure persistence is the number 1 factor. Most people who fail just accept it and give up. You need to fail hundreds of times before finally making it.

>> No.15916502

I assure you that there are better places to build a real estate portfolio. Looks for states that have better protections for landlords. Take SC. You can evict a deadbeat in less than a month. The sheriff will even show up if they dont leave.

>> No.15916512
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>> No.15916541

Wrong. They are all valid paths to success. Some take longer than others though but all of them require you to be responsible for your own destiny.

A plumber who works his ass off with his own company is going to be more successful than a lazy one. I think the misconception here is that working hard as a good little wagie will make you rich. In that scenario its just social skills and connections.

>> No.15916556

I'd say luck, connections and then ambition, but having access to the right connections is itself largely a matter of luck. And ambition also encompasses risk-taking.

Realistically there is a narrow-medium band of life outcomes that is constrained by your genetics, upbringing, social status. Grit and ambition help you get on top of that range of outcomes but you are still constrained, outside of a few truly random and luck-fueled rags-to-riches moonshots that mostly exist to give the hoi poloi a refrence object for their hopium rituals.

>> No.15916561

Bruh are you so retarded as to think the only people that will be getting rich in the next 5 years are people invested in link?

Oh sure we will be millionaires because we are lucky but that's not to say joe the electrician won't be a millionaire either just a couple years later.

>> No.15916601

You're retarded as shit as well. Truck drivers make 80-90k. They're as rich as programmers. The only difference is how they spend their money. If you don't have a family and are autistic, you could drive a truck interstate for 10 years and be a millionaire since you don't even really need a house or to pay for a family.

>> No.15916695

by definition, only 1% of people can be in the 1%...

>> No.15916713

not everyone can be above average anon

>> No.15916730

True, which is why I hate the idea of the 1% meme because it's a relative way of measuring success rather than an absolutist way. Basically commie ways of thinking. My point is still true, however.

>> No.15916746

getting lucky + risk taking is what brings you financial success. being at the right place at the right time with an opportunistic mindset is how you get rich.

>> No.15917337

>quoting made up characters that some grumpy old alcoholic wrote
get a grip, kid

>> No.15917347

not if you're unlucky.

>> No.15917378

Getting lucky should be in the top three. Just ask any early bitcoin investor.

>> No.15917685

nothing bluepilled about it, which is why its at the bottom

>> No.15917799

You forgot that chuck is gay, too.

>> No.15918019

in california where they make higher wages than the national average, they typically make 60k which is about 40k after taxes. Youre an omega retarded

>> No.15918042

AND they fucking work basically over 80 hrs a week for that shit pay. Youre an idiot for thinking that 40k after taxes is good after 80+hrs of fucking work
ya that moron made no sense so I just focused on what he meant by top 1% which was making 300k+a yr. And ya, that fucking IDIOT probably isnt even above average himself yet makes it seem SOO very possible like fucking kek. He says its sooo possible yet most likely isnt that successful himself lmfao what the hell..

>> No.15918552

>What are good websites to learn code ?


>> No.15918627

Risk Taking, Education/Natural Intelligence, Getting Lucky for crypto and places where merit and gambling pay off. Rich Parents for everyone else.

>> No.15918705

Hard work and grit are insanely valuable traits as long as you aren't using them doing something silly like selling your time (wagecucking)

>> No.15918831

>Investments and saving isn't even on the list

i eat one meal a day on a good day

>> No.15919273

It's pretty amazingly accurate if you invert it. Government gibs are lottery tickets.
If you omit the very top echelon of Bank owners, the wealthiest fags are leeching of gov contracts. For instance Lockheed Martin etc. Or even local 80iq dumb mafioso getting millions of gov agricultural funding for an empty lot.
Race and natural intelligence (genetics) comes close second.

>> No.15919330

>you get rich through letting other people work hard and reaping the benefits of what they produce
so free market capitalism

>> No.15919437

Yeah that’s because you’re comparing two plumbers.
Honestly if you look at the upper echelon of people in any domain they didn’t have to work very hard compared to their peers, and if they DID work hard then they absolutely fucking kill it.
Take Terry Tao in math for example. The dude writes 50 good papers a year when the average is 3-4. That’s not something he got with “hard work”

People who think hard work matters have never tried to be the best at anything.

>> No.15919479

Family connection, inheritance and (((race))) and gender. Is how 99% of people get rich.

The other 1% has to do massive risk taking, getting lucky or sell your soul to the Jews

>> No.15919548

Investments is the same as risk taking

>> No.15919602

Boomers are dumb . My dad is 100% one of those people who believes endless toil is the path to success. The thing is even though he eventually did achieve big earning years, he's now basically back in the gutter because he never came up with a strategy to achieve wealth independent from toil and exit the rat race. Meanwhile lots of his friends who made less money then him are now comfortably retired because they didn't see work as the end all be all.

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