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I'm sitting at 1.28 million right now but I feel like this is my last chance at a million.

how much will I unironically be worth in 2 more years time if I kept holding this?

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$495 million

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lets be realistic here dude

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2 years maybe 5 million. Maybe

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>I'm sitting at 1.28 million right now but I feel like this is my last chance at a million
What the fuck is this sentence

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sell it all, its worthless. market, on monday.

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>Link is a scam

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You're sitting on a massive amount of money right now. You have to ask yourself though, do you ever see link hitting $5? $10? $20? If Link hits $20, that's $9m. Even putting aside $1k eoy, you could miss out on a lot more if you sell now, if you believe in the project. If not then sell now and find an index fund that will give you $80k a year for the rest of your life. Keep in mind that people sold btc at 30 cents and thought they made a killing, and look at what happened to that without a use case like link's

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this. are you retarded OP?
take your LINK stack and multiply it by a thousand. just stick three 0's on the end

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how can some people be this rich and retarded... i just don't understand..

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a fool and his money are easily parted

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$495 million is a conservative prediction.

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I measure my net worth in link tokens, not (((fiat))) funny money. You should too

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If he doesn't cash out now, or within the near future, he won't have the chance to gain this much ever again.

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Sell 28k and keep holding

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Best case scenario (assuming a 2017 type bullrun, which will never happen): 12M USD but good luck trying to sell it all without burning the entire orderbook to the ground. Link liquidity is, AT BEST, a few thousand USDT. That means you will never be able to sell everything, no matter what the price of Link is.

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Just sell half and keep the rest.

Are you retarded op?

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top kek. imagine thinking that FIAT is the future. just wait for the future to unfold. or swing 100k of the stack for lolz.

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Half a billion

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you've got 1.28 million now but could have half a billion EOY. your choice bud.

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>people sold XRP at 3 dollars and thought they made a killing
And they did.

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no, you're just retarded

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Without "fiat funny money" link has no value. No one accepts it as a medium of exchange so without real money, its completely worthless

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>has millions of dollars
>doesnt know what his investment is worth

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Dude... I'm going to get a lot of flak for this but sell. Sell at least half. I have minimal coding knowledge but I can write a json parser in Python in half a day. That doesn't mean link won't work it's way into a productive useful product somewhere, but look around. This is crypto and it's insanely volatile. A bird in the hand in this sphere is worth 10 in the bush. You could sell half, and buy a cash cow business with half. And still have the money left over to buy a modest house. If it goes parabolic you'll still have a huge chunk. Crypto isn't the end-all solution to riches. There are far, far more people who in your situation held to zero or lost their ass thinking "this is the one". Happens every crypto cycle. Even selling 1/4 would be life changing money. Just being able to own a house outright means you can work whatever job you want or enjoy and still pay the bills. Or sell half or more and open a cash cow business... Storage units, car washes, laundromat, a gym, anything that requires little of your time. Do it under an LLC to shield your personal finances. It's a hell of an opportunity to hedge what you've got in hand for a lifelong payout in the form of businesses.

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this is all one big fucking gamble still and nobody here really knows shit. Yes it has good chances but nothing is a guarantee

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OP needs to post proofs of stack or else it’s just another Indian larping

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listen to this guy op

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Screenshot of your portfolio, larping nigger.

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he bought one of the 700k dumps the devs sold
luckily they have about 1000 more 700k dumps OP can get to his million stack

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Realistically you will have over a billion dollars one day. However that won't happen because you're full of shit.

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Why is my stack so hard to believe? I bought all my link in 2017 for .17 in etherdelta

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Sell 1% of your stack every month for the next two years
Then youll have a few hundred k guaranteed and be sitting on 9 figures when the dust settles

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Nice crop. Now show the date you added the transaction in Delta. Or would that ruin the larp?

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That's not how dumps work though. You pajeets have never seen a real pump and dump have you. They already have more than enough money, they could easily dump everything and it would drop to 1 dollar and make out like bandits. Point is it isn't a dump its a down turn.

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Heres the first 3 ever. I bought up to 400k+ until january 2018. It would have to be like 30 pics to show you all my buys

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>58000 dollars on link at 0.20

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i would consider taking out a good 400k - 500k OP

you would still have a make it stack after but also have taken a huge profit. be smart.

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Great, so you have held for at least a full year. That means you're good to go for long term capital gains, assuming you're a burger. Don't think you can cash out that amount of money without attracting the fed. 10k, or any amounts that added up exceed it triggers flags at any bank you'd transfer to where they directly report you to the IRS by law. Good business isn't tax evasion, it's minimalization. The long term eligibility alone cuts your tax burden in half. You'll still be subject to the 3.8% NIIT tax. Take 434,000 and subtract your annual income. The number that is left is what you can sell and be at the 15% tax bracket, or 18.8% with NIIT figured in. Above 434k in both gains and annual income and the bracket tops out at 20%, or 23.8 with NIIT figured in. Otherwise with short term you'd be at 40%, just like lotto winnings. If you do cash out, or rather when you cash out, be sure to first find and consult three people... A good lawyer, a good CPA, and a good financial consultant. Describe the situation to them and ask them what you should be thinking about before you make your move. It'll be the best 5k you could ever spend in your situation. Good luck

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what made u buy so much link at that moment in time exactly

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sell in tiny increments obv, it will go above 4 dollar soon mostly likely into double digit by november, sell a small chunk like 10-20k there, sell another batch of similar size at 20-50 dollar range, and maybe sell 100k+ -150k at 100+ dollar range. i would try my best to keep 1/3rd of all position for 1k range or more desu. your still rich or very very rich, question is, do you want a million dollar today or unknown amount of wealth possibily in the 100+ mill range of few more years? i'd do abit of both desu. dont sell now tho for this shit price, i personally won't sell till mid double digit

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absolute worst case scenario is 0.25 $ which probably is higher than your inital investment

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This is unironically fud

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Forgot to add, make sure when you contact the three people I mentioned above, structure the interaction as a consult. You are paying for a consultation, nothing more yet. Your goal is their knowledge, not necessarily their services, at least not yet. Be guarded at first, professionals in their position have the tendency to charge exorbitant rates. Get a set rate per hour if possible before they know what kind of money you're dealing with. If, after the consult and the required research on your part to do a little fact checking on what they tell you, you do choose to hire their services then so be it. But don't just waltz in and say hey! I just got a mil and I want to hire you! Obviously. Structuring the meeting as a consult and not jumping at hiring their services sets the right tone to not be taken advantage of. Always remember the real work the rich put in is usually wealth preservation, not generation. Learn about corporations and what they can do for you if you do choose to go down this road.

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The memes drew me in to research what they are trying to do. This is just as big as bitcoin if not bigger if they can pull this off. Its just hard holding as the price increases and youre worth millions when you come from nothing.

Ive been lucky being here at the right time. Not even trying to brag. Just wanted some anons opinion who have also been here for a good while. I’ll always be forever in debt of this board. Its done more than my college education lol

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ID changed on my phone

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>bitcoin has no use case
>bitcoin eludes me and I have room temperature IQ
You're fucking retarded, anon.
You've had 10 years to learn about bitcoin, and you still don't even know how it works LOL.

NGMI, stinky nugger.

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sell half. Worst case scenario you made over half a mil. best case you have half a mil and another 250 million on its way.

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OP I bought double at presale. Don't listen to these fucking idiots they have no idea.
Don't sell you fucking dumbass.
>hur dur you have 1m sell half and live in a shack

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Is Delta a safe place to hold my crypto? I currently just use MEW

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Sell 45k LINK because 450k is a gooe even number and we're only this powerful because of numerical Ouija. Invest the profits from that to secure early retirement, just in case. It won't be enough to be immensely wealthy, but stock market growth should allow that ~100k USD to secure you a 40s-50s retirement incase LINK shits itself.

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Yeah maybe a few million I’d market sell now if I were u

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You should do dumps of 700k, duh

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listen to this guy OP you mother loving retard

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just cash out into BTC and see from there...

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I would hold until half of my stack is $10M after taxes then sell half and hold the rest forever. Half of your stack is still more than almost anyone else I’ve seen on biz and should make you a triple digit millionaire.

If it dips below 50c take out your initial investment and let the rest ride.

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you just proved my point, you literally have no idea what you invested your money in. i cant believe you have that much money and you are that dumb. yes im seething, already had sex and my whole life is cope. fuck you and this clown ass world

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Cashing out into a shitcoin that has been dumping for months? Yeah, sounds like a great idea.

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Posting blockfolio is mega cringe.
No one believes your shitty larp, faggot.
Proof or it didnt/never happened, faggot.

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>Its just hard holding as the price increases and youre worth millions when you come from nothing.

Best grow some goddamned iron hands. Contact Linkpool to ask them about building a node for you to stake since I hear they'll run one personally for those who own over 300K Link tokens.


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hahahahahahahaha. Thanks anon,

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Life shouldnt be a total gamble. If an anon went from nothing to a million, of course he should sell. He can then reinvest and build on that.


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There's not going to be a bigger investment than Link. Fullstop. It's the internet that powers the blockchain that will revolutionize the world.

I am surprised a whale is starting to waiver. I guess it goes to show not everyone has insider knowledge or the same faith in a project regardless of how much money they invested in it.

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He didn't say that btc didn't have a usecase though. Just not a usecase like link - which it doesn't. If you understand both, then you understand link > btc long term. Stay triggered though.

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Based and capped. Thank you for this

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Link will be $10k eoy so you decide

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OP, you should be lucky you guys shilled enough to get to this level. fucking sell now while you have a chance

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>centralised webpage scraper that operates in TEE > time-tested, decentralised ledger with potential for infinite upgrades
okay buddy

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Lol post your port with timestamp

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Answer your phone OP, it's from Mr. Bog

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Take profits. Don't be greedy. Crypto market is unstable and it wouldn't surprise me to see another huge btc dump with an alt dragdown.

Too many anons had millions and saw it going back to a few thousand dollars. Don't be these guys. Sell half and keep the rest if you believe in this json parser.

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This. Op it will be worth BILLIONS.

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How did you trade up to that amount? Man I wish I was you I bustes my ass for a whole year and was barely able to get 41k, I've sold some off taking some time to not work still have 35k. I really wish I had almost half a million of them anon, good job.

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You solf half at $4, right?

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this nigga had $2m when link was $4 and now hes whining how he wants to be a millionaire

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