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I have 30m Fantom. AMA.

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>ETH Value: 0

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>Total ETH Value: 0

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I have reason to believe that OP is lying. AMA.

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Sirs pls...many many whales buying now for the moon

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Can i have some so I can piss off the jannies?

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Nah that's just idex lag. How the fuck can there be 30m Fantom and 0 eth value. Lol.

Nice cope poorfags.

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Also its eth value on idex. This is showing my wallet. Yeah nothing on idex.

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Don't be a retard next time and pay attention to details haha idiot.

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You tell us, OP. Why did you buy 30m of something worth 0?

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U jelly? Any real questions faggot?

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Why don't you post another pic then

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Well if it isn't king Ranjeesh himself

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Post your wallet address then faggot. Yeah thought so.

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Can you not google dumb dumbs

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Imagine holding almost half million USD worth of total shitcoins.


kek, you will have like 50k in 10 months..

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Why Fantom? And do you got any inside info for us, you have been holding for half a year.

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Because it's gonna be solving THE biggest issues in blockchains. Scalability, security and speed. All dectralised. So far everyone has been trying with blockchains while this is the first to harness the power of a dag. Plus eth is 2 years away from 2.0 so there is no really solid way to host all the eth dapps being developed. All the solutions jave compromises while Fantom doesn't.

The marketcap is low as fuck. But the recent news that its going to have stablecoins hosted on it which have central bank banking is fucking huge. I could say more like amazing tokenomics where each dapp needs a chain and fantom to a multiplication factor comes into play or the fact staking will take supply out. It's gonna be huge. Only stupid people can see where this is going.

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I will save you from suicide for 10k.

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This news came out after you bought most of your position

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It was already a killer project. This just made it potentiality the biggest news in crypto this year. Even if its just a few banks you cant underestimate the power of them having central bank blessing.

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you forgot to inspect element the html that displays your total portfolio.
school boy error anon

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holy shit this guy is gonna be a billionaire

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newfags, idex only shows the eth balance for your idex wallet not the actual wallet

OP is absolutely based

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Youre gonna make it BIG time, you already made it, but this is next level made it. Sitiing comfy on my 500k FTM

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That would be about 17k to 18k link. Worth selling it for fantom?

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what else do you hold? Are you almost exclusively all in ftm?

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Congrats OP, that's like 350k USD? Not bad, you'll Make It but only just.

>Because it's gonna be solving THE biggest issues in blockchains. Scalability, security and speed.

top kek, what a meme. The biggest issue in blockchain is getting people to fucking use it, lamo. How many more fucking ETH killers are we going to see before they go the way of the BTC kilers that most coins used to try to be?

>All decentralised


>The marketcap is low as fuck

22mil? Yea pretty good, and fantom at least has a lot of biz interest so I imagine you'll get a 10x at least at SOME point but I don't think it will be a top coin.

Overall: good stack, not the worst coin choice (at least it's not last gen) but you'd be better off flipping to QNT ofc. and not an eth killer with a "cool" name. No one is going to "use" fantom. Ever.

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Fantom is a huge meme at this point and their team does nothing but lie and delays their mainnet with poor excuses.

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>using idex
>calling others newfags
wtf am i reading

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What part of banks already planned to run stablecoins on it fully regulated by a central bank didn't u understand? Or the bit about it being easy to run any eth dapp cheaper, more secure, faster etc? Or will eth developers wait a couple of years for eth 2.0 to run their solidity dapps?

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Why do you think people aren't using it?

Kek maybe it's because of the issues mentionned by op?

It's not like ppl will knowingly be using fantom and other blockchain. Just like ppl dont know they're using the underlying protocols of the internet of modern banking.

QNT is a token to access an app store. The token isnt even needed.

In crypto the only real use for tokens is to incentivize node participation and good behaviour on distributed computing networks

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You really swallowed hard on the biz meme thing eh..try forming an original thought next time.

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Correct. I sold Quant cause its a well run scam. No one...and I mean no one needs a token for centralized software.

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you were the one who got shit wrong, not me

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We're going to be incredibly rich, let the rest fomo in with reddit in 2020 and dump on them. Anons here have Shitcoin Shellshock, they've been sold so many vaporware scams they wouldn't know a genuine project if it punched them in the face, and fantom is literally being adopted by government banks as we speak and they're still fudding

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There's no proof of that except a fake website someone made to shill.

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> QNT is a token to access an app store.
> The token isnt even needed.

Those statements can't both be true.

>In crypto the only real use for tokens is to incentivize node participation and good behaviour on distributed computing networks

crypto doesn't need to exist at all, it's a shitty way of doing everything and is a solution to problem we never had. So every token is useless. Crypto is a huge casino and a chance for people to trade to their heart's content, that's what it's actually about. Price comes from speculation and speculation alone, forget that at your peril.

You have to know what really pumps a price, and all the fags saying QNT was worthless last year at 20c because of [various completely irrelevant factors] will continue to miss pumps, focusing on the wrong factors. Factors that perhaps should matter, but don't.

I don't know much about FTM except what I read on here, I'm sure it will pump because of the factors I mentioned before but I don't see it as an ETH killer. For same reason none of the 1000's of better-than-BTC coins actually succeeded.

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Are you a transvestite?

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It's an artificial requirement vs an actual necessity in achieving decentralization.
You can easily grant access to an app store without a token while you cant create a system of incentives for nodes and network participants without tokens
Achieving a true resilient, decentralized, uncesorable network is truly very useful tech. Why do you think no once had been able to stop torrenting despite huge money interests and govts wanting to do so?

Wouldn't you want your banking, monetary, public infrastructure benefiting from the same kinds of resiliency?

Unconfiscable wealth, infrastructure that can't be crippled by attacking single entities, public nodes removing the needs for huge businesses from having to work about collusion or I'll will when engaging in massive volume of economic send trade activity because the smart contracts are auditable and being executed by thousands of anonymous unrelated parties.

So many ppl underestimating the potential of crypto and smart contracts in completely changing the way the economy operates

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Shitcoin Shellshock...nice. that deserves to be a well know phrase.

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OP likely has autism

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What makes you believe smart contract developers are going to switch to Fantom from Ethereum?

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Give me one reason why they wouldn't. Bear in mind an eth dapp running on fantom rather than eth would make no difference to any front end user.

Would you not use something that was cheaper, faster, more secure etc

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We asked Andre that question in a community call in May.

He said "because it's cheaper and it's much faster, of course"

You'll literally be able to deploy an ethereum dapp on fantom in under 5 mins. Not only that but any blockchain platform can adopt the lachesis consensus. It's why fantom describes itself as consensus as a service. Once they do so, theycmust use FTM to secure the network and pay gas fees.

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Doesn't any dapp that works on Eth also work on fantom automatically? Are they still doing that or did they abandon that goal?

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Correct that is still a thing

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Eth needs to bend the knee.

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How many soccer balls can you buy with 30m FTM? Also buy new tits

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> decentralise everything

absolutely ridiculous

>Give me one reason why they wouldn't. Bear in mind an eth dapp running on fantom rather than eth would make no difference to any front end user.
>Would you not use something that was cheaper, faster, more secure etc

OK, so here's the question: why FTM and not any one of the dozens of ETH-killers available right now? Yes, they are ALL better than ETH, all of them. But no one is using them at all.

Or, to see how silly you sound, pretend you're in 2012 and promoting fucking FeatherCoin or whatever, one of the hundreds and hundreds of BTC-but-better.

"Why would anyone NOT use [shitcoin]?! It's much faster and cheaper than bitcoin, so everyone will use it."

When in fact to this day the market is dominated by the first, and still the absolute worst, crypto ever fucking invented: king shitcoin itself.

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but has it been weaponized? Or is it retard-tier autism?

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>proof that op is larping faggot very early in the thread
>all of biz takes the bait STILL

you guys are fucking stupid no wonder none of you will ever make it

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>why will people use eth? there's already a bitcoin lol
bitcoin is not eth. They do completely different things you brainlet. As to why people will use ftm is because they already fucking are...The banks of south africa are preparing to launch any day. Does eth have actual usecases beyond crypto? I hope you don't buy ftm you fucking mongoloid.

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Price target and expected holding time?

Also age and race?

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You missed the part where the account balance value is calculate based on IDEX wallet holdings.

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Answer my question bitch. Also I own 15mil ....my TARGET was 21mil for a cool 1% of the supply but I’m about to accumulate up to 42 mil over the next 10 days JUST because you made this thread bitch. So suck my cock

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im not op you insane shrimp dick faggot

>> No.15907481

Theres nothing to cope about when you know you're holding the best crypto.

You saying cope is simply projection for all the coping you're about to do. I hope you never buy FTM

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Oh whoops my b, didn’t check the color

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This right here is why people commit suicide, what a retard

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You are tech illiterate retard.

a) dags are scam this is cp hedera bullshit meme, gossip protocol and BFt can do 3242342 tps backtoback transactions but they cant do 20 tps using sc logic you tech illiterate mongo
b)you really think something that solves all space problems sits in 20 mil mc and you own 1% of supply because you and 20 other pajets here are smarter than everyone???

Literally you are only anon on board same tire as dude who blowed college found on turtlecoin

c)you think first bank charters are happening without insider megapumps?
Or this time will happen unlike dubai partnership or fucking mainnet ?

Sweet baby jeasus biz 2019 is dumb

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100m fantom holder here will buy more obviously


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This will go down as one of the legendary eth fud posts at $3

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Literally only argument pajets have since they ahve no idea wtf are they shilling
Have fun bagholding forever

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reminder that using javascript to look like a big whale of a shitcoin is like the number one way pajeets shill their shitcoins

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Exposed bitch here


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This will not age well

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muh eth killer
what is harmony, thore chain or sm shit, matic, tron, iota, cardano, ....
ethereum will solve the scalability problem even if it takes 3 years people will just wait, no chink shit is going to kill ethereum obviously

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Make Money (method included) or tip your favorite models with chaturbate token generator

Download at Mega


Virus Total scan


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Hedera Hashgraph and Chainlink will make this shit redundant. And your pockets empty. Mark my words.

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Yeah real scared of HBAR's 10tps

>> No.15908606

Hedera is centralized in some ways. It´s not a blockchain for the people and its going against what crypto was supposed to be

>> No.15908642

Enjoy not knowing anything to do with the reality of the situation.

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Very wrong. Eth will have too many backwards compatibility issues to ever migrate

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Hedera is literally same shit (maybe because gooks c/p ed it at start?) but runned by vcs on bigger scale not amateur gooks

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isnt fantom a shitcoin tho?

>> No.15909732

>All Time High $0.416009 USD
(Sep 17, 2019)
>Hedera Hashgraph Price $0.033486 USD

>Hedera Hashgraph ROI -72.10%
yeah man really fucking scared of a shitcoin that loses 72% of it's value in less than a month.
Keep seething bagholder

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OP bought all his bags at 1 cent, didn't sell at 3 cents, now it's back at 1 cent and wants out, getting scared it's gonna tank. LOL.

Get fucked OP

>> No.15910443


I don't invest short term like that. Sho sho pajeet

>> No.15910472

Answer my question retard, age and race

I am also going to accumulate 42 mil fantom now just to mog you

>> No.15911593

50,000 tps eth compatible
And you fucking dorks still don’t get it
Keep buying sergeys bags
Fantom is going to be like 0.30 cents and you fucks will be priced out, just give it a year

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>Give me one reason why they wouldn't.
The community is already on ETH. When you have a community on a platform, Microsoft supporting the development of tools through Truffle suite, there's no incentive to go to another blockchain when you support and help build up ETH.

I still need to read up on DAG blockchains but I am skeptical on how decentralized and secure they are compared to the standard type.

>> No.15912317

Woo! That'll give me $2,250 worth of Fantom!
I'm gonna.... still be poor. But at least I can afford the bullet now.

>> No.15913022

You just don't fucking get it do you. Are you a fucking brainlet? Embarrassingly stupid.


>> No.15913089

Put them on forkdelta kek

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Imagine not having at least 150k FTM

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Imagine beeing this dumb lol

>> No.15913630

Fantom is already faster, cheaper, more scalable, secure and decentralized than Eth 2.0 ever will be.

>> No.15913650

now I see why there have been non-stop FTM posts in here. just one schizoid with 350k to lose

>> No.15913651


>faster, cheaper, more scalable, secure and decentralized


>no mainnet, rc20 token

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No its acually shillabse, they payed 3m of yt shilling and 6m of pajets shilling on plebit/chan

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So git api-s and frontends are proof antom is already faster, cheaper, more scalable, secure and decentralized?

Also did you noticed you posted links to ghost towns lol?

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>> No.15914323

A clear case of Shitcoin Shellshock where u now can't trust any crypto. Who hurt you? Req...Nano?

>> No.15914336

>This thread again
This was already posted, this guy isn't the real one

>> No.15914389

kek this thread is still here. thanks anons just bought 1M

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