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What am I in for

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Generational wealth once it hits $1

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I own .5% of the supply. About to round up to 1% over next week.

Big if true.

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Make that $3, quads have spoken

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Fuck I didn’t even see that. Fucking checked

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uh you just bought 100k usd worth on a biz whim?

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>he's selling eth at $10

>> No.15903490

Yes srs

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For some odd reason i knew not to touch JNT with a 10 footpole despite it getting as much attention as chainlink at the time because it was a sandnigger crypto. Yet this sand nigger project i feel totally good about. I dont know why either.

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Except there are no niggers or sand niggers in the project.

It’s all Koreans Russians Chinese and Germans.

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>literally worse than black people and Indians
Topkek congrats. This is an utter shithole of a project. Pnd of the month.

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Not sure if srs, there’s literally no guys on average more legit and less bullshit than Koreans and Germans and Russians, I don’t know what the fuck you’re smoking you dumbfuck but if you aren’t posting this ironically you’re gonna want to neck soon

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poo in the loo

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>Not sure if srs, there’s literally no guys on average more legit and less bullshit than Koreans and Russians


God biz in 2019

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have you ever written a line of code in your life you subhuman basement dwelling mouthbreather ?

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If you had any tech skills you would know why dags are trash and you going to get scamed by gooks


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I actually do, and the chart has bottomed out you faggot

It’s 20mil how worse can it get

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>you cant code
>chart is bullish


>It’s 20mil how worse can it get

Your in for suprise as any tech illiterate bagholder literally next substratum

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Terrible fud, I can tell you own a shit ton also

The chart is bottomed. There’s no pump to buy into

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You spell it BUY you fucking street shitting pajeet.

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