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Back again, you dumb fucks. As predicted from my post last month. We crabbed up into the 2.50s range and are now in the midst of the final bear trap before we hit the next geometric rise into the double digits. Hope you marines have your ducks as neatly rowed as possible. Swing-linkers are probably licking their wounds over the last several weeks. If you haven't hanged yourselves high enough yet, just wait. I will never use a trip because I'm not a giant ball of cancer.

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RSI and other indicators are just resetting before next leg up

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$10 this year?

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That’s right. The accumulation opportunity for wagecucks is rapidly coming to an end.

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Without a doubt.

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something like pic related?

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Exactly like this.

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Last time you were here, I told you to stick it up your dad's urethra. You were sorta right though, so I won't say it this time.

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How low are we going in the bear trap?? Bear trap when?

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I don’t concern myself with your particular fixation with urethral sounding. Just keep buying if you know I’m right. The more we buy, the less some midtown Manhattan Patagonia vest wearing cakeater can manipulate you and your future.

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>back again
please go back

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>geometric rise

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Bear traps are harder to predict and harder to speculate on lowest price before the next wave, but my guess is that we don't go far below $2. It may not go much lower than $2.50 though. Your best play is to accumulate below $5. That's why it's foolish to listen to FUD about buying the top at $4.50. I have been buying up and down since sub $1. You should be too. Once the train leaves the station it's over and done.

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>Greenposting to hide basic deficiencies in math literacy.

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Well ive already got my make it stack so now i just try and buy on dips...i really need $20 dollar link for my wife to not give me shit for quitting my job...dca i guess

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remember last time we were suppose to hit double digits?

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The next time we moon it'll be $7m dumps instead. I don't care. It'll prevent irrationally exuberant speculation from tanking the entire project.

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>hudsoninsurancefag tweets chainlink hasnt solved the oracle problem
there seems to be a few things missing from your TA mister OP, its as if youre TA comes from a perfect world which we all know is not

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We can stick it up that vest wearer's dad's urethra together wave anon

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Plz b tru

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What do you think tard?

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My swing from 2.62 to 2.60 filled got an extra 17 linkies sometimes you just win

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When should the bear trap be over by? Are we talking weeks or days?

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We can stick it up the bear's dad's urethra soon fren

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$2.40 is the bear trap. CAP EM

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>Rogue waves (also known as freak waves, monster waves, episodic waves, killer waves, extreme waves, and abnormal waves) are unusually large, unexpected and suddenly appearing surface waves that can be extremely dangerous, even to large ships such as ocean liners


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