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Old thread reached bump limit >>1579570

>https://simplefx.com/?sfx-r=b8f1124b-8cdb-4a37-991e-50576b311a91 (US)
>https://www.okcoin.com/?invid=2069073 (Outside US 20X Margin)








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Literally buy WAVES on bittrex.
It's the only ALT that's resistant to BTC's rise.
mainly because WAVES holds a LOT of BTC so as BTC goes up they get more money.

Also, the full nodes will be released soon, and WAVES just reached the top 10 on coinmarket cap. Polo will add it soon.

all good reasons to buy waves.
I expect the price will be $10 after a few months. you can buy it now for $0.30

drop ye shitcoins and head to the moon with WAVES.

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will the moneros drop when zcash launches, or is that priced in fellas?

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Holding 490 Waves right now, this coin has the potential to hit a billion dollar market cap by January

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Holding 74k waves now, get on my level pleb

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see you in Monaco anon

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So when full nodes and fiat gateways are released will floods and floods of filthy russian money come pouring in to waves?

Is the answer YES?

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Hello Anons. I want to start on cryptocurrency trade. But I still have a couple of questions I can't find the answers yet.
First is: I'm from Guatemala and I don't know a way of changing bitcoin to money and sending it to my country account.
Second is: what currency exchange service do you recommend and why.
Thanks in advance.

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Don't click

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maybe try to get EUR and then use kraken with a SEPA deposit or something.

i did USD on coinbase with my bank, not sure how to do other currencies.

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well most people know what discord is in 2016 lol


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it is insecure your IP can be seen

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and? it will probably have video chat soon

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So I just deposited bitcoin from coinbase to bittrex, how long until its available/approved?

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10 minutes

look up your bitcoin address that you deposited it too here https://blockchain.info/ and see when it's approved, or whenever the block is created

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Thanks kind Anon. I'll investigate that

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Btc at 680

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np, good luck

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Holding 0 waves right now, wish me luck guys.

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you'll be fine bro.
Cheap ICN right now and maybe cheaper in the following days. I'm wondering when to buy, but make no mistake this coin will be worth a good amount at some point in it's future.

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No shit, it's a web-based app

Discord's system admin eployees can see the IP addresses that connect (just like the admins of any web server), but other end users of Discord can't get your IP (even if they are mods of a server).

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I have 70 waves, will probably buy more in the near future.

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Anon that's too little

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>all these waves shills
Hope you guys enjoy the nosedive.

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Kek enjoy being poor while the rest of us are driving lambos. Remember when Eth mooned, it's happening with waves again

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>this BTC movement
Alright I'm satisfied, I'll stick to USDT and spectate for a bit, thank you very much

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Crypto noob here.

I bought in a couple months ago and have held so far.

Value is going up now and I have no idea how I would go about selling my coins.

Let's say the current value is $650 for one Bitcoin. If I put up 10 Bitcoins for $645 each, would they instantly be purchased by someone?

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In most exchange, generally you're selling to a buyer or some buyers on his/their bid order, or you can put a sell order and hope someone or people will fill that.
Are you sure you wanna sell now?

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Depends what the order book looks like. If there are 10 btc worth of buy orders above $645 then yes your btc will sell instantly.

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Will we have a sec to recover from the BTC hike or should Is sell all my alts right now?

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intuition says now's the time to buy alts not sell them

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What I am afraid of is that BTC will rise so high so rapidly that some alts might crash beyond repair, i.e. their new resistance would be below the selling price I want for another six months.
Am I just anxious or is this a valid concern?

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Not sure if your concern is valid, but my concern is of the opposite sort. I'm afraid that it'll crash fairly harshly after this rally. The safe thing to do either way is to hold USDT for at least two days so that's my course of action

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I don't know if I can bring myself to be worried of a bitcoin crash. Shit's strong, have been practically only rising and got to 780 this year.

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who in VIA with me?

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ooh guys HUC went down to the lowest price since the 9th, pretty sure it;s a good buy. Low vol but look how the charts went till now.

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Is this a whale or a sign of things to come?
Or both

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So glad I got out of eth/etc in time. Only btc for me now.

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Thanks for the info.

No, I'll not sell (yet). I want to be prepared just in case.

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I bought waves and lost 10% already

t-thanks /biz/

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Every alt is going down right now, just wait for the BTC rally is done.

What's causing BTC's sudden rise anyways?

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I think Bitpay

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I hope it gets even lower so I can buy more. Don't let swings affect you. Whales haven't dumped. Also most of those who dumped were people whose bittrex account got hacked.

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banks have started buying bitcoin

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Gonna need some proof for that.
>tfw have btc but want it to go lower so I can buy more

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>Only btc for me now.
I kind of feel this way too but I think it's just an emotional response to the recent movements.
Doing only BTC/USDT won't give you those sweet 30-70% (nor the sweet 700%).

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They say it's to pay cyber criminals, which is a lie aimed at dumb normalfags that don't know anything about btc. It's just an excuse. They are hoarding it because wide adoption is around the corner. They have been spending millions trying to create a centralized blockchain that would compete with bitcoin but they all suck donkey dick, it's the internet all over again

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I got out of eth/etc when I realized it wasn't going anywhere, but I could be wrong of course. Mostly just see btc as a hedge against euro collapse now.

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I'm mostly talking about PnD shitcoins. That's where the big gains are.
I do agree that after the latest BTC fiasco(s) I'm keeping 70% of my portoflio as BTC from now on

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The only way to capitalize on this is to buy as much BTC as possible ASAP, right?
Another question - in your opinion will those big financial entities try to drive the price way down to buy in bulk?

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>Another question - in your opinion will those big financial entities try to drive the price way down to buy in bulk?
That's what Bitcoin Unlimited is for. I am actually torn whether I should buy more at this point. It sounds too good to be true that in a moment of uncertainty like this the price keeps going up. Someone is trying to boycott btc. The real question is "is the price going up part of the plan or simply the proof that the plan isn't working?"
Pic related btw

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All eyes on XDN.

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What about ZCash. Isn't it coming out tomrrow?

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>waiting forever to get an account activated and money transferred on coinbase
>see bitcoin price go up from 580 to 625 in the meanwhile
>can finally buy today because the deposit went through
Babbys first investing

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I've spent some time reading the news. Bitcoin is getting huge attentions from the world. US and Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the rest of the Asia.

Get ready for the next big thing.

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I'm over it. There's already a GPU miner out for that and for pascalcoin. Made a little bit of change with pascalcoin on vultr before GPUs took over though

>> No.1590161

Niggers, it's happening


>> No.1590171

Link pls? Is it the nicehash one? There's only a link for the CPU one

>> No.1590183

I just tested GPU mining.. my R480 gets about Sol/s and my Xeon 21 Sol/s

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Tomorrow is a pretty big day for crypto. Zcash coming out but the huge problem with it is that the mining reward is too low. A lot of degenerate traders are going to want in and from there we'll see what's gonna happen.

This is the first time something like this is going to happen in crypto. We can only guess what's gonna happen quite honestly.

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When was the last time you bought bitcoins, how many did you buy and what fee did you pay?

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I pay £100 a week via coinbase ,the fee was £4 which is shitty but I just want as much Bitcoin as I can get.

>> No.1590229

>I pay £100 a week via coinbase

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What are some good books that'll help me become a better crypto trader?

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buy low sell high. don't chase pumps. if you didn't get in early, you'll end up bagholding.

>> No.1590239

I get paid weekly and I spend £100 a week buying bitcoins ,that got me 0.18289217 btc ,though the price has gone up $20 since then so I've recovered some of my fee

>> No.1590244

But the price of bitcoin rises every day so you're making a worse deal by the month

>> No.1590247

What are you planning on doing with those bitcoins?

>> No.1590261

Look up dollar cost averaging ,you mitigate the risk by buying a set amount periodically,for example if I buy a large amount of bitcoins and the price tanks then I'd have to wait for the price to rise again to reach my break even price ,besides it's not true that the price is going up every month ,we almost hit 800 a few months ago then the bitfinex hack took it down to around 500,I think I'm still in profit though thanks to my dollar cost averaging.

I plan on holding long term,there's a few reasons I'm into bitcoin I believe in the technology and it's potential,I think there's many factors which could cause the price to explode since the market cap is still tiny ,and it's also a good hedge ,if I'd have put all my money in bitcoin last year I'd have been better off because now sterling has dropped in value ,so I spend more but get less.

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I understand. Thank you

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that's old news you dumb niggerfag

>> No.1590342

Is ZCash my road to effortless millions?

>> No.1590346

Aight I bought waves at this dip you fucking shills. Hopefully it works.

>> No.1590347

seems like it. it's already over 400 dollars and will probably go 10x that price.

>> No.1590380

anyone holding xdn and dgb?

>> No.1590395

Why are you holding them? What are your expectations?

>> No.1590400

i think they have a future

>> No.1590450

>implying that changes anything
it's still happening nigger

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Is Zcash another shitcoin or does it have some interesting new tech? What's the difference between it an BTC? I've looked at the website but as with all coins, the website is just a bunch of tech-sounding buzzwords rather than a brief explanation of what it does compared to BTC.

>> No.1590664

The best anonymous coin. The amount in transaction, who you sending it to are all hidden. No one knows but you. But like all coins, it is still another shitcoin. You can still take advantage of the hype and make money off it.
First week you will see extreme volatility. Might even see 10 btc per 1 zcash because no one has any zcash yet so expect fomoers to keep 1 up each other to buy those zcash. After 1st week, it will all go to shit like another shitcoin that it is.

However if you one of those who believed in fundamentals. Zcash has a lot of big name credible backers.

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A massive crash

>> No.1590686

Get into GAM and WBB.

Hold these two coins for a long time.

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How do I buy into Zcash?

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That's not what I asked. I want to buy in low with the intention to sell high.

How do I do so?

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Okay so really don't.

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Hello /biz/ Ultra noob here with noob questions. I bought 0.1 Bitcoin a few months ago and wanted to know what is the best way to sell Bitcoin to directly buy other Cryptocurrency and visa-versa? where is the best place to see how various Cryptocurrencys are performing.

I've not even looked into other Cryptocurrency before.

>> No.1590747


You need to sign up at an exchange website, Poloniex is the biggest one but there's others like Bittrex that have a wider selection of low-volume shitcoins. These exchanges will show you graphs of how coins are performing relative to BTC.

Right now would be a good time to buy alts since BTC is high and alts are low, but I'm not really sure which alts would be best right now. I guess WAVES (on Bittrex) if the shilling is to be believed.

If you're new just be extra careful when you do everything, like if you are buying an altcoin make sure you don't put in the wrong number of digits in the price and end up paying 10x the asking price or anything like that.

>> No.1590750

You can't buy it yet. It get release tomorrow so you can buy them at polonix or kracken. You can trade its future at bitmex. It currently goes 0.78btc for1 zcash.

So if you believe it will go higher, go long at bitmex. if you think it will go lower go short on bitmex. Tomorrow will be a rektoning for many people.

>> No.1590751

it is going to be listed on some exchanges tmr. poloniex and kraken. you can either buy with bitcoin on poloniex, or use fiat to buy zcash on kraken.

poloniex, bittrex, and bitfinex all have a good amount of cryptos to choose from


poloniex is probably the exchange with the most volume i think, and it has around 100 different crypto currencies listed.

>> No.1590761


ok thanks guys!

>> No.1590763

np, good luck

>> No.1590785

>0.78btc for1 zcash
Such WOW

>> No.1590873

>like if you are buying an altcoin make sure you don't put in the wrong number of digits in the price and end up paying 10x the asking price or anything like that.
Does it not just fill the nearest sell order if you do that?

>> No.1590927

XDN UP 30%

my only regret was not selling before btc rise so i could buy the dip!

IDFK to the moon!!

>> No.1590959


Now I know where, but how do I start, /biz/?

I don't know each platform's user interface and rules and I don't know which coins are available on which platforms.

>> No.1590962

Poloniex is good forthe biggest coins as it has the most volume.
Bittrex is good for all low volume coins.
CCex is for true shitcoins, it's where a coin goes to die.
Nova exchange had some good coins lately, I'm considering an account there.

Don't forget coinigy.com
It's a great tool.

>> No.1590963


It's an upgrade to coinmarketcap, but a paid service.

>> No.1590977

>go out drinking
>XDN peaks one sat above my sell order
One good day in a sea of shit ones. I just want a new CPU miner to release then I'm set.

>> No.1590982

I want to lose all my money.

Is Zcash the right way to go?

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Waves boutta break out

>> No.1591215

Breaking out as we speak senpai

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via below 4k

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>mfw some people still baghold VIA

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>Waves mooning
>mfw getting rich at this very moment
I'm already looking for ways to spend my cash

>> No.1591279

Just bought some bitcoin. Should I put it all in waves?

>> No.1591284

Hold on to it and grab a nice bag.

>> No.1591287

A general rule of thumb for any trading is don't put 100% into anything, if it's an amount you'd be comfortable losing then go ahead otherwise split your capital.

This is coming from somebody currently riding on waves launching though, see you on the moon.

>> No.1591289

Thanks. So what percentage should I invest in waves. If it's really going to moon as said so often, then why not go all in?

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If you're playing with less than $100 go all in, waves are highest they've been and it's going up from here, don't panic if they go down a little again, I expect them to be $10 around February, hopefuls are saying could be more than that.

>> No.1591298

Split your funds into 10 portions and distribute them wisely.
But hey, if you want to go all in, it's your call.

>> No.1591301

And on what are your expectations based, if I may ask?

>> No.1591307


Full nodes to be released soon, it's currently only available on bittrex and a couple small markets, nobody is wanting to sell and many trying to buy, when it is listed on poloniex, another big market, people will be buying a ton again, increasing demand and fueling our rockets.

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Meme Magic

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File: 74 KB, 1024x810, 1465383612730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't have one of these?

>> No.1591325

So just because of the release of full nodes the price will go up to thirty times the current price by february?

Doesn't that sound a bit too optimistic?

>> No.1591333

Research the tech behind it, developed and contributed by NXT people, it's got really kickass features currently unseen in other coins, nodes get released, polo lists it on their market, pre hack ETH potential.

>> No.1591334

>Doesn't that sound a bit too optimistic?
no >>1591258

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>> No.1591341

lel Zcash is so crap.. it will have a slow start which means low rewards at the beginning and 20% of the mined coins go to the devs. Zcash is a fucking scam.

>> No.1591346

reminder to all newfags, dont fall for pumps and dumps
watch these
and learn to think for yourself

>> No.1591349

gtfo implying this bald faggot knows shit about shit. learn how pump and dumps work and use then to your advantage.

>> No.1591353

i see right through your pathetic shit, go back to r9k

>> No.1591356

Pump and dumps are indeed dangerous, this whole game is dangerous, as are many high risk high return investments, like waves, the price is low right now, even if it is being artificially pumped right now with all the shills here, the whales would have dumped at 55k the other day, but no whales dumped, meaning they are holding on until bigger profits, which yes could be when they hit 60k, or 70k, but there is enough evidence for me to believe waves will be popular enough in its own right, just on its merits, that it will be with much more in the future.

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Z-cash is out

>> No.1591444

Is xrp going to the moon?

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I've only heard bad things about ripple, I never got into it, any news that would indicate possible rise?

>> No.1591466

Yeah disregard my trips...that volume drop doesn't look promising

>> No.1591482


20 Sols/s right now

>> No.1591489

I'm at 120 and it feels like not enough.

Fuckers buying 1zec for 1000BTC on polo right now, jeeez

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Have 1844 waves, 53 eth, and 12 or so BTC to fuck around with. Thoughts?

>> No.1591503

Buy ZEC at 600 BTC right now and sell in 5 minutes at 1500 BTC.

>> No.1591512


Is this real life?

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Buy ZEC, it's bullish, I sware on me mum.

>> No.1591520

>tfw you keep getting liquidated on bitmex
Someone hold me.

>> No.1591523

stop trading ZEC.

Most of you are gonna get fucked if not all.

WAVES is a good hold for now. GAM and WBB are also pretty good holds too.

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Who brought Zcrash?

>> No.1591575

The moment I can withdraw from suprnova I'll sell.
No way price will stick to 40 BTC.

>> No.1591580

When will BTC hit 700?

>> No.1591587

get more waves bags

>> No.1591589
File: 466 KB, 1350x655, Zcrash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crazy stuff

>> No.1591592


>> No.1591602

>POT and DGB are down
I got fucked by ZEC even though I've steered clear of it
I should've had the sense to buy Zcoin last night though

>> No.1591621

I'm new, why do I still have x BTC available in my Bittrex account when I just bought y WAVES?

>> No.1591626

Are yo usure you bought? you might have just placed an order, which isn't fullfilled yet, because no one bought from you.

>> No.1591628

No, the order is showing up as completed, and I have both BTC in WAVES in my wallet.

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Buy XDN?

Re: [ANN] DigitalNote XDN privacy, untraceable, blockchain deposits, Messages 2.0
Today at 11:19:04 AM

Ladies and gentlemen,
Here we are with the major Fantomcoin 2.0 update. https://github.com/xdn-project/fantomcoin
We will have FCN hardfork at the block height 1 297 000, so in about 3 days.
All pools were notified about HF.
After FCN HF we will start XDN HF. Also next week we will release all binaries with the new FCN GUI.
Enjoy new cryptocurrency under the XDN-project flag, enjoy FantomCoin 2.0 with the new upcoming features.
Thank you.


>> No.1591633

screenshot or you're lying

>> No.1591635

oh shit it works! if you buy WAVES you get to keep the BTC! wtf must be a bug

>> No.1591641

Buy waves for me please

>> No.1591645

You guys make me so nervous

>> No.1591648


>> No.1591655


>> No.1591659

Zcash fucked everything up

>> No.1591666

I think they felt bad for you for only having 1 wave to your name.

>> No.1591675


didn't work for me. It'll probably be fixed soon. See if you can withdraw everything.

>> No.1591676

If it did work. Can you share some?

>> No.1591680

All of the WAVES wallets I'm making are showing up as invalid so..

>> No.1591684
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>he fell for it and bought waves

>> No.1591689

I withdrew all of my BTC and still have the "free" WAVES.

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File: 11 KB, 250x182, 1477617162601s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just started with BTC, I've done all the get etc for ads but all of them are scams. can some rich anon help me out?1KWTBE8hoLj3dV3DVzRkvKi2PGwCggxzKW

>> No.1591694


keep doing it until its fixed. Then return the BTC and get bug bounty from Trex.

>> No.1591699

Begging is a bannable offense.
>Begging/asking (including tipping) for cyptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden.

>> No.1591705

Is it even possible to mine Zcash for yourself on Nicehash?

>> No.1591709

Yes, you can use the nicehash miner with a pool such as suprnova.

>> No.1591713

Is there a way to create a zcash wallet without installing linux ?

>> No.1591714

I'm using zmine.io for CPU mining right now.
Anyone find a working GPU pool? The few AMD miners that wave been released are hardcoded to shitty broken pools.

>> No.1591716

I don't think there is one.

You could make a wallet on one of the crypto trading sites, but I don't know how reliable they are.

>> No.1591717

Coinmine.pl's Nvidia miner works for me.

Don't know about the AMD one (they have one though).

I haven't been in the mining game for a while, so I have no idea if Coinmine is an honest pool or a sketchy pool.

>> No.1591718


>> No.1591721

I'm mining on suprnova on 2 desktops and 3 laptops.
It's working, the hashrate is a bit lower than it should be because of DDoS attacks, but eh.
The cpu + GPU miner is working so I'm getting more Sol/s than I would using a different cpu only pool.

>> No.1591731

The site has been under maintenance for a few hours.
Have you mined anything yet? I should've pre-registered on supernova. That's the only pool I would consider longterm GPU mining for zcash so far.

>> No.1591733


are you on nvidia or AMD? the openCL miner keeps crashing but all of my CPU miners are fine

>> No.1591737

I am not the one you are asking but i pre-registered yesterday. Mining is possible but withdrawing is disabled for now

>> No.1591738

I already mined on testnet, just didn't turn it off in case of problems such as these.
If you have your workers set up, even when the pool crashes [and your workers DC] under DDoS you can just restart them and mine again.
It's inconvenient, but what can you do, it's worth it right now.

I have 0.01ZEC now and want to pull it out and sell it [and go to bed, fuck] but the site is not cooperating.
The mining is disabled message is gone now, it should be possible to withdraw.

>> No.1591742

How many ZCash have you guys mined? Please I need to know for my research.

Also, rumor has it that Minergate will add Zcash soon.

>> No.1591745

Not much. Around 0.002. Can't withdraw it anyway. Supernova is having issues

>> No.1591748

Buy STRAT, shit is gonna moon. Just got added to Microsoft's BaaS platform.and Azure.


>> No.1591750

Zcash! Quick buy the dip you fools!

>> No.1591752

I will buy it when it's cheaper than 1 btc. As more gets released for mining it will drop.

>> No.1591754

aaand the message is back.
I'll just go to bed.
And they won't, I asked them on twitter. They weren't even considering day 1 launch and when I asked them they said that they'll maybe manage to add ZEC before new year.

>> No.1591756

Here is source

>> No.1591757

Every coin can be added on the azure. Developer added on there themselves. A few months ago every coin was using Azure add on microsoft to pump.

>> No.1591758

He is right. I bought just now. Goin up really fast

>> No.1591759
File: 24 KB, 1097x193, e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1591774

C-Cex is lacking a proper filter like Poloniex and BitTrex. It's like Yobit all over again, I can't immediately see which coin is mooning.

>> No.1591884
File: 483 KB, 250x167, 1468370868667.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$14,000 for a ZEC
It's so tempting I wanna build myself a decent mining rig.

>> No.1591893


>> No.1591898

Total supply was <2zec so.. Not really that amazing.

>> No.1591899

Once supply goes up inevitably price will go down. Sorry lads but the hype train is out of steam

>> No.1591900

not an entire one, but we know at least some fraction of one was bought at 2500 btc, or ~$1.7 million. From the volume indicators on polo, it was probably no more than a $20k transaction, though. And on Bittrex, the maximum account of zcash is only 0.04 coins, a pittance. Idk if that's because people are so afraid of hacks that they withdraw obsessively, but still.

>> No.1591903
File: 36 KB, 300x100, 221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

zec has a slow start, for the first month the blocks produce little mining reward.
Throughout the 1st month the supply will increase and the price will come down

>> No.1591904
File: 2.67 MB, 320x181, oh_my.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw WAVES value has been staying the same (48k - 50k) relative to bitcoin, btc is going up and therefore WAVES is going up relative to the dollar
>mfw WAVES goes up together with btc
>mfw it's literally the perfect coin because you earn money both in times of btc dump and in times of btc pump


>> No.1591917

>if you didn't get in early

How do you get in early? I feel like this is the only question I need the answer to.

>> No.1591938

research on coins, trust your guts and invenst when prices are low

>> No.1591950

So how much real money have you guys put into this stuff? How much have you got out?

I've put in about $50 and now have about $35 after many hours of staring at graphs. I don't think I'm cut for this trading lark. Ive Put everything back into BTC for the moment.

>> No.1591962

I've put in a few thousandand now I have a few hundred. I'm taking a break for now.

>> No.1591965

I put over 250k into this shit. lost ~20 btc to zcash today.

>> No.1591978

It's the only coin with actual usage and potential for mainstream adoption

>> No.1591980

Notice how no one is willing to sell waves, they all know it will be worth $10 by February

>> No.1592008

What exchanges waves on?

>> No.1592009

It takes time. Keep playing around with the small amounts and once you can be consistent gaining with small amounts then go bigger

>> No.1592020

I've put in $250, made $750 over 3 months, play with pennies until you git gud, buy $20 of waves now, hold until at least new year's, speculation says hold until early march

>> No.1592024


>> No.1592029


>> No.1592090

$2500 initial investment = a little over $7k in profit taking, 15 BTC in exchange, 2.5 BTC worth of waves

Thanks ETH circa Jan 2016 - June 2016

>> No.1592097

Honestly, I set up an account on bittrex but have no idea what to do next to buy waves. How do you deposit money or get currency into bittrex? I'm used to brokerage accounts where wiring in funds is easy.

>> No.1592108

Get a coinbase account and buy from coinbase, then transfer to Rex using your wallet code

>> No.1592148

Bittrex is a cryptocurrency and most of the coins are bought with bitcoins. You need to get bitcoin from a Fiat exchange and transfer the btc to bittrex

>> No.1592150

Anyone buying trig? As a gun owner, I wouldn't find the product useful, but I can imagine some liberals liking the idea and pushing it in everyone else.

>> No.1592160


>> No.1592247

>sold one night's mining worth of ZEC for over 50 USD worth of BTC

>> No.1592262

Why is everyone selling Monero. Isn't that the only crypto besides Bitcoin that is actually being used in real life?

>> No.1592265
File: 77 KB, 650x650, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1592267
File: 29 KB, 480x380, kokako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zcash windows wallet is a trojan. It's thieving peoples zcash, and no way to trace the funds!

>> No.1592274


Don't question the market, it has a mind of its own.

>> No.1592310
File: 66 KB, 725x483, 1476097385959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile, BTC broke the $700 milestone again, just saying.

So, if I want to buy some steam credits with my bitcoin, what's the fastest and secure method?

Beware of scams, fakers and phising attempts in the midst of all the hype. They are getting more and more sophisticated. Maybe this is related to your case.

>> No.1592311

put in $52 from pocket and $30 from free vultr pascal mining
currently at $61.6
I feel like I've gotten a lot better at this

>> No.1592329
File: 4 KB, 643x66, firefox_2016-10-29_13-28-48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought some..

>> No.1592331

Is btc going to keep going up? Really practicing steel hands here with holidays around the corner.

>> No.1592356

If I make too many accounts on exchanges like localbitcoins and forgetting about them then do I risk waking up with a sudden bill out of nowhere and some legal shit? Or I can simply ignore the balances in the minus and make a new account?

>> No.1592487

Its like questioning /pol/ behaviour

>> No.1592527

is there a good guide for buying, storing and selling bitcoins?

>> No.1592536

Try reading alunacrypto blog first. It's in OP.

Do a LOT of reading, watching tutorials and learning.
You WILL get burned. The point is to come out ahead in the end, not to have every trade be a profitable one.

Watch shitcointalk and try using twitter.

Do your own research on top of listening to experienced people.

If it seems like an artificial pump and dump, it probably is.

Fundamental value of the product/platform is just as important as the technical side of the market.

Do note that I consider myself a beginner and I'm trying to adhere to my own advice, but it's hard as fuck.

>> No.1592576

Buy btc, short everything else.

You're welcome.

>> No.1592581

It will drop after the election.

>> No.1592625

I have tried mining with vultr but I get this message:

>"Unable to place order: You have reached the maximum monthly fee limit for this account. For security reasons, please contact our support team to have the limit raised"

Anyone know how I can fix this?

>> No.1592627


You mean rise even more when Trump is elected

>> No.1592636

maybe contact the support team to raise the limits you dumb fuck

>> No.1592637

why is there a fucking limit in the first place? And why do I have to contact the fucking support team for something so small?

>> No.1592649

WAVES is golden. BUY it!

>> No.1592679

Who gives a fucking shit? Why not ask them? Why don't you message them? They'll raise your limit to 300 monthly without questions? Do you suck dicks?

>> No.1592702

I got 20k waves. When will I be able to purchase my lambo?

>> No.1592715

I going to hold for 6 months. I''m going to give it the same amount of time as ethereum

>> No.1592819

Do you guys think now is a good time to buy ETH and XMR or are they going to die ?

>> No.1592828

>tfw all the Zcash pools are being DDoS'd to death

Who could be behind this?

>> No.1592921

Both very good buys right now if your planning on holding for a bit
I'm betting xmr will see huge gains first when everyone figures out zcash sucks(and potential ui wallet) then ill be all in on eth for the long run since the next big updates aren't that far away

>> No.1592928

What are waves, I cant find anywhere where I could buy some?

>> No.1592993

Alright you fucking faggot. Waves has 4000 sellers to 300 buyers on bittrex right now. There is literaly no reason it would moon.

Stop fucking shilling unless you have a solid reason for a pump.
Fucking idiot trying to get us all broke.

>> No.1593025

is the bitcoin value rises because of ransomware forces people to buy bitcoin for real money?

>> No.1593032

someone change the OP please

also, that telegram chat is shit, discord one is 10x better

>> No.1593158

>how to completely misunderstand a chart

By that logic you should be buying Zcash yesterday

>> No.1593172
File: 356 KB, 3000x2000, Zen Harold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Diem hit 1sat
Hot dog.

>> No.1593200

this is a lie financial institutions perpetuate. They claim to be buying bitcoin in order to pay ransoms, etc, but actually bitcoin is a fucking great investment, so they are all taking long positions on it while trying to underplay the potential of it as a commodity

>> No.1593480
File: 171 KB, 1080x1040, 1474290982492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do i get started on bitcoin and cryptocurrencys?
any tutorial for a newby?

>> No.1593491


>> No.1593540

Tip: Antshares is going work with alibaa.
Source: http://siliconangle.com/blog/2016/10/20/onchain-partners-with-alibaba-for-blockchain-powered-email-evidence-repository/

>> No.1593542

*going to work with alibaba

>> No.1593574

I got 1000 Waves, when do I sell?

>> No.1593582


>> No.1593587

Will potcoin go up again after elections if weed gets legalized in California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts? http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-marijuana-initiatives-snap-story.html

>> No.1593622

Yes please sell your waves at this price

>> No.1593730


>> No.1593734

>ignoring supply and demand
>think 4chan shilling will be enough for a pump

Faggot, gtfo youre being retarded right now.

>> No.1593737

This is a great ETH dip to get it on. I predict another run to $20 like it did a few months ago. I buy anything below $11.

>> No.1593749

Sick gainz i swear

>> No.1593750

>I predict another run to $20

Not going to happen anytime soon. BTC is gonna keep pumping at least to above 750, possibly much much more.

>> No.1593751


>not really that amazing

>literally the most anyone has ever paid for a coin, by a margin of over 2.4 million dollars

You're tough to impress

>> No.1593759


I can see BTC hitting $1000 easily in a few weeks, ETH maybe hitting $15 at most.

>> No.1593798


You'll make more money with 1000 on ETH going from 10 to 15 than you will from btc going from 700 to 1000.

>> No.1593828

it's obvious you are new/noob. By the time you realize there's more buyers and sellers, it would be already too late for you to jump in to make any significant gains.

Look at any coins, All of them have a huge differential between buyers and sellers so don't use that logic on crypto pump. Crypto pump doesn't work like that.

I mean that logic works if you are looking for 5% gains and hope you aren't buying the top.

>> No.1593836

>what are trends
the amount of sellers has been steadily going down for 2 weeks, has pretty much halved. You are getting preview info from us, as the waves team still hasn't started their PR campaign. Don't buy and stay poor, your loss 2bqhwyf

>> No.1593839



Crypto pumps are meme-based.

>> No.1593842

ETH marketcap has lost something like 100 million bucks in a week. It will be 5 dollars at most in a few months

>> No.1593853

>lost something like 100 million bucks in a week
That's nothing new in crypto. It can go up or down. Most likely up

>> No.1593860

>says increasingly nervous shitereum holder for the 5th time this week
it's never going back up, it's over nigger. Waves does what Ethereum does 1000x better, and without a brony script kiddo handling everything and getting hacked

>> No.1593861

What's waves + is it open source?

>> No.1593869

lol. It's okay to be a shill but don't be a illogicall shill. Waves have nothing tangible. All announcement so far have been fluff things. That's why I gamble in it because if they have the time for fluffy things. Big things will come soon but to say Waves > Ethereum is when you lose all your credibility.

Wave has nothing, absolutely nothing to offer so far compare to Ethereum. And yes it is going to back up because bitcoin is on cool down.

>> No.1593872

>Waves > Ethereum is when you lose all your credibility
Just because you are retarded and cannot see two months into the future. Also WAVES has a lot going and this month already you will find out I am right. Screencap my posts and when WAVES becomes 2nd place for marketcap you will owe me 2 btc as a bet

>Wave has nothing, absolutely nothing to offer so far compare to Ethereum
Absolutely ignorant and retarded

>And yes it is going to back up because bitcoin is on cool down.
you are so wrong but it is okay, you are a sheeple, sheeple cannot see the future

>> No.1593873

>Absolutely ignorant and retarded
you're not saying anything of substance so of course you're not going to convince anyone

>> No.1593877

>if I call him a retard a few times, I will surely win the argument.

And yes. Waves will either make it or break it in the next 2 weeks. November 10 is when the developer have a meeting at a bitcoin conference in Moscow so full node will be release by then and following full node will hopefully be a polonix add.

If nothing happen in this 2 weeks, consider your moon delay.

I like 4chan and we could help each other make money but attacking me personally and posting shit like >>1593872 doesn't help anyone.

Or you can be some next level ironic shill. I'm helping you shill Waves by you being a retard. wellplayed

>> No.1593882

No spoonfeeding, read the whitepaper and the tech paper they released. Learn about Sasha's background and past experience and make up your own mind. If you are not a retard you'll come to my same conclusion.

> following full node will hopefully be a polonix add.
if you think WAVES should be on polo you haven't understood one thing. It will replace polo, and the dex is happening very very soon.
>hurr durr why aren't you pc when talking to me
> I'm helping you shill Waves by you being a retard. wellplayed
As I said, don't buy it if you don't want to. Just don't come whine and complain when it moons. Soon you'll owe me 2 btc anyway.

>> No.1593891

>learn Sasha background
I think you are the one who need to learn his background. His projects are near dead and he move his scam to Waves

>No spoonfeeding, read the whitepaper
More like you are the one who actually need to read the paper.

>muh decentralize exchange
If you did read the paper, you would know it's not decentralize at all.

>b-but muh he said it's decentralize
nah. Fuck off you shitter. YOU READ THE PAPER.

but yeah anyway. that's why waves will get to moon because people like you who help spread false information thinking it's legit

There's a difference between politically correct and being a shitter. and you are a shitter.

>> No.1593916
File: 60 KB, 576x432, shill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hide "waveman" threads
Ignore "waveman" posts
Do not invest in wavemans shitcoins

>> No.1593927

I don't know his other coins but Wave is worth a gamble.

Don't do it now since they release a statement saying they release the final testing version next week so another week of delay. The people hoping for this week release of full node to ride the moon will sell now and buy back later.

Wave have a lot of projects using their platform. Right now is a ok entry if you don't mind holding Waves for a few weeks for them to finish their "testing" phase and release their platform. There will be a better entry soon.

>> No.1593931

they never said full nodes would come this week

wrong an all accounts. Just sell your waves man if you do not believe in it. You obviously have not read the tech paper. It is decentralised nigger, your funds cannot be stolen like in other exchanges.

>> No.1593991
File: 243 KB, 378x524, $.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alts going crazy rn, everything going back up

>> No.1594004

Held my fucking bags, even added to them on the bottom.
Time for multimoons.

>> No.1594008

Xdn digital note

>> No.1594053


Whats the fastest way to get my lost money back?

>> No.1594075

not selling like a retard when the alts dip

buying low during the dip instead

>> No.1594077
File: 345 KB, 1000x750, 1386733257468.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Newfag here with a simple question;

Is buying bitcoin now for the long-haul a good idea? I'm convinced it will go up (on average) in a matter of years. Hoping for an explosion. Not gonna touch any other cryptocurrencies though.

>> No.1594106

if you're talking "long-haul" on the order of 5 years, then yes I think it's a safe investment
if you're talking 1 year, then no I don't think so
I think we'll see a pretty massive price drop sometime soon (to ~$550), and that's when you should get in
in either case, don't buy bitcoin now, wait for the price to hit at least $650

>> No.1594111

interesting, thanks
>think we'll see a pretty massive price drop sometime soon (to ~$550),
any reason you say that?

>> No.1594134

nope just a hunch

>> No.1594141

Oh,my fucking god you are this retarded.
Look anon, if you are a poorfag tgat wants to.make money. Then artificially pumping something by shilling on 4chan isnt tge way to do it.
The wise doesnt shill to start something, the wise anon shills because he knows shit is about to go down.
At any rate if any of you poorfags actually did want to make money then you would just assign yourselves to specific currencies and report them on /bus/ this way the entire thread along with the lurking whales act in unison and everyone benfefits.

>> No.1594149

>Look anon, if you are a poorfag tgat wants to.make money. Then artificially pumping something by shilling on 4chan isnt tge way to do it.
I am not shilling for it because I think you faggots will pump it. I am shilling for it because I know it is full here of NEETS and poorfags that can make their money go up 20x, I am doing it for you you fucking cunts. Do you think I would come here shilling for a coin that has a 35 million market cap, thinking you fucking faggots can pump it? With what money? Are you insane nigger?
>The wise doesnt shill to start something, the wise anon shills because he knows shit is about to go down.
Not everybody is a piece of shit, seems like you are projecting
>Oh,my fucking god you are this retarded.
No you are fucking retarded, nigger

>> No.1594153 [DELETED] 

>That's nothing new in crypto. It can go up or down. Most likely up
Ever since you said this shit, 5 fucking hours later and Ethereum has lost further 50 more million dollars in market cap. All of this while bitcoin is consolidating and not pumping. You are welcome nigger.

>> No.1594156

Nigger please, as they say. You have been trying to shill this shitcoin for a good minute and unlike etheriums big pump NOBODY IS ON BIARD THE WAVES MEME just you and a few other faggots.
And yes bitch you are a dumb poorfag who doesnt know what he is doing.
Either start lurking or gtfo before you retard all of us into poverty.

>> No.1594157

Everyone who isn't an idiot has bought waves dude. I'm not even one of the "shills".

>> No.1594158

when it's 5 dollars per coin you'll all be on board nigger, and I'll laugh at you for being faggots
>Either start lurking or gtfo before you retard all of us into poverty.
I've been on 4chan since 2008, kys redditor. Stay poor. I am going to screencap this and post it a thousand times in a couple of months while you are crying like a bitch nigger because you didn't buy

>> No.1594159

I've been holding onto waves for a while. If ETH does tank down to 5 I'll probably buy some.

>> No.1594165

just filter them out, theres no point

>> No.1594305
File: 664 KB, 787x663, xmr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bought all this xmr at 4.80ish now at 5.51
hows your 10 waves doing?

>> No.1594428

don't listen to other anon, buy before elections

make a coinbase account now, link it to your bank or debit card, and buy bitcoin

>> No.1594452

okay anons, I am about to buy 1k waves, how fucked am I?

>> No.1594461

listen to me or don't, but if you're buying, buy 1/10th of the amount you want every 5 days for 50 days, and if you see a significant price drop during those 50 days, just buy the rest

>> No.1594469

Depends how fucked you want to be since all the women will want to fuck you when you x10 your capitol

>> No.1594470

WAVES failed to get listed on Poloniex, red flag?

>> No.1594488

Unless you have a source about polo saying no to him. Not really.

>> No.1594502
File: 55 KB, 479x630, 1476681855476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got a 7970

What should I mine?

>> No.1594539

Why are people talking about Waves so much...

Complete noob here. Looks utterly neutral and I don't understand why anyone would buy it...


Anyone want to explain?

>> No.1594544

a 7970? wtf r u from 20 years future?

>> No.1594545

I don't really understand the lingo being used here. As far as I can tell, BTC is the only currency worth owning, however WAVES does seem interesting.

A lot of the hype around some of these currencies seems a bit silly. The currency needs to make a good name for itself and be used in a widespread manner and not just as an investing tool. BTC is that currency. I want to know how to make money starting from a small amount in this area, however I am not sure.

Bitcoin is like the mother, yet I fail to see how other currencies have value unless widespread areas actually take them as a form of payment...?

>> No.1594547

Why not buy Zcash... its clearly leveling out at a low point now

>> No.1594554

Zcash's time is over, nice try

>> No.1594564

New thread?

>> No.1594630
File: 31 KB, 640x601, 1472136281935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i made an account on bitylicious but, as i'm not american, i cant buy using a credit card.

any website recomendation for a european?

>> No.1594646

Anyone know if Safecoin when complete will be worth investing in? I have only just started reading into it and it looks pretty rad.

>> No.1594677

Bagholder detected

>> No.1594806

>Why are people talking about Waves so much...

I think its just memeing at this point.

>> No.1594848

Is yobit down for anyone else?

>> No.1594849

There will not be a fucking drop, we are going for the next all time high, then sky is the limit.
Buy 21 now, hold for 10 years, become rich as fuck. Is that easy.

>> No.1594882

Don't let your ur memes be dreams

>> No.1594888

Ill break it down for you

Bitcoin is the first and because of that it has the greatest network value.
However it is limited
its not stupid friendly
Its not all that secure duoble spending and whatnot
Its PoW system has inherent problems

Most altcoins are basically just bitcoin but a little different.

Ether is special because it isnt like bitcoin. It is meant to be a fiat currency for the software platform Etherium.
The idea being to take the advantages of
Decentralized currency i.e. bitcoin
And apply it to literaly everything that can be done on the internet.
Because of this, speculators assume it has a greater potential for a larger faster market growth than bitcoin.

Enter waves.
Literal horse shit not one of these faggot shills can explain why this thing is inherently valuable or good enough for a few investments.
They are just vomiting out silly memes on 4chan and probably reddit in order to try and maximise what the think will be a pump which happens with most new. Pretty looking altcoins.

>> No.1594890

Spotted the salty nowaver kek

>> No.1595263

Prove me wrong nigger, prove me wrong.

>> No.1595521

shits down for me

>> No.1595743

yeah so which coin?

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