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Chainlink Astological Analysis:

First we have sun in last decent of Virgo which indicates "crystalisation". This dream bears the title "Lord of Wealth". Additionally, you have the ascendant on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, which is the spring equinox suggesting a revolutionary and or powerfully transformative energy. The chart also exhibits a very strong Jupiter in Libra suggesting law, order, and matters of money generally. Also there is a notion of social contract implied by the Jupiter aspect.

The Jupiter opposition to Uranus to me emphasises revolution. It is significant that this chart contains an aspect between outer planets. There is real potential for upheaval. The moon here in Leo is weak suggesting that this is primarily a solar current. The chart is vitally simple, with the opposition of Jupiter dominating. The houses are aligned with their signs precisely and we thus have a very generative and auspicious arrangement. Chainlink is the new Law. Chainlink is the new Aeon of capital.


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schizo reporting in sir!

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Reporting for duty. I assure you that this analysis is correct.

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>perfect astrology opportunity

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thanks anon. Not sure how to interpret your id but it seems intentional. What app is this?

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This mean its 1k eoy, comfy.

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>Ur anus

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very good analysis.

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Links dominant planet is mercury. Planet of communication, data, information, technology, news, media etc.


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1) Jupiter in Libra is neutral position (I have this in my natal chart)
2) Neptune in 12th house is very strong, as far as I know it's often seen in oligarchs natal charts, Mr. Putin has Sun+Neptune in 12 btw
2.1) South Node in 12 with Neptune + North Node with Venus is interesting, as well as Mars-Mercury and Sun in same house
3) MC in Capricorn with Pluto, Mr. Putin also has similar (he has pluto+lilith right on MC in Leo)
4) All major planets except Jupiter are in Retro, only personal planets are in direct motion

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If y'all can read horoscopes than what am I?

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Post your schizo water bottles! Heres my collection this week

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If you want a really helpful analysis that links the natal chart to the present day (or any point in time), draw up a chart with transits for whatever date you are interested in. I have found transits to be quite predictive for individuals--perhaps it would be helpful as a predictive tool in this situation.

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Very Scorpio-heavy chart. The most striking aspect in you chart is the sun-mars-MC (midchapter) conjunction. Search Mars conjunct sun natal, sun conjunct midchapter natal, and midchapter conjunct Mars natal to learn more about these aspects. Include the search terms Cafe Astrology in each seach. I have found this website to have the best aspect analysis. My brief take on this aspect, however, is that you are likely a very driven, assertive person (Mars) with a lot of career ambitions (MC) and the energy to accomplish them. The midchapter (MC) has to do with our external/public/work lives (as opposed to the IC, which deals with the inner/home life), so Mars in this positions very meaningful. The sun here would probably make you feel like you identify very strongly with your work/business as it is so closely linked with your personality/sense of self. Definitely check out the individual aspects on Cafe Astrology for a much more detailed description though.

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What house system are you using here? The houses don't align with the ascendant, MC, descendant, or IC which is unusual. Astrodienst (the website you appear to be using) has multiple house system options. I typically use the default, which is more common. On the subject of houses: you have a cluster of planets in the tenth house (if you use the standard system that I use), which implies that much of your focus and energy goes to work/business related pursuits. There is another cluster of planets in the twelth house, which is a very strange house (and one that I have personal experience with). Typically, the planets that reside in the 12th have difficulty expressing. These planets (and the hemes they represent) may only be noticable to you. You may be a very private person with regard to these themes. The twelth house is the house of sacrifice. In as much as you lose the ability to easily express these planets (themes) in your outer life, you are likely able to tune into the "collective consciousness" in matters relevant to hear planets. Often, these placements are found in the charts of world leaders, famous actors/musicians/artists/authors, monks, or also people who prefer to spend time alone. You have Neptune and Uranus in the twelth, so the influence will be felt less personally than if you had a "personal planet" (faster moving inner planet like the moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, sun), but it will still be felt. I would surmise that it would predispose you to tune into collective themes, but I would need to read more about it to say any more.

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Leo moon, Venus leo trining Saturn in sagitarius, with a sextile from Jupiter in libra, and all that delicious Virgo energy. These motherfuckers wanna do the hard work to transform social interactions and institutional philosophies! Is there anything they can't do?! North node in leo. Mars conjunct mercury, so they won't back down, just hope they don't get too angry in negotiations and lose there cool. Fuck ya!! When saturn conjuncts Pluto in january, we change the history of the world

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Fucked, faggot

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> grand trine in fire: saturn, mars, uranus
> kite with jupiter apex in libra


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Fucking checked!

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what do it all mean

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are you sure you got the time right?

UTC15:00 Sept. 19, right? (https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/713y2a/potential_chainlink_ico_deception_chainlink/)

pic related shows jupiter MC and pluto AC

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nvm wrong location

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explain for the brainlet pls

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The stars aligned.

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