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>Replacing the Backend Infrastructure of Derivatives Markets with Chainlink-Enabled Smart Contracts
>ISDA mentioned

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Blythe Masters referenced in the blog post. Dafuq. We made it.

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Scam scam token not needed please sell

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This is huge

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Its gonna dump...

It always does on good news...

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>$1.2 quadrillion

Uhh scam scam scam token do not buy it

Buy udoo

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>its probably going to be cryptocurrency derivatives
Another pajeet-tier fud dispelled. What's next discord trannies?

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Only makes sense doesn’t it

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Https dev here. This is actually not possible unless general AI is achieved. And even then, Quantum computing makes this token redundant.

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Fuck off pajeet

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oh darn would you mind sending Blythe a quick email letting her know this isn't possible?

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Fucking assblaster was right all along. this is surreal

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I have a doctorate in CSS and this guy is correct

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Huge load of nothing, not even an announcement. Sergey is such a faggot.

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A https dev here too. YOU are bullshitting so please dilate

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Pepe here. I didn't read your post and I'm never selling.

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you can http these nuts you fuckin pajeet

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Some literal who roastie is quoted talking separately about smart contracts. Amazing

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nigger here with 140 IQ, u r right

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Assblaster was 100% real and worked under mommy masters. You dumb asses expected this nigger to tell you exact token prices at exact dates. When he did it and was obviously wrong, he was a faggot larper. If you actually read in between the lines you would have seen this all coming.

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>look at us we can help with derivatives!
>please use us

no announcements, no staking, 17 nodes
the window for success is closing quickly. People are going to start wondering why no one is using the network and no one will be caught dead mentioning chainlink.

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door to door microwave salesman here. this is not possible because trust me.

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> "we can do this amazing thing yay!"
> 5 months post mainnet
> users: 0

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Thanks, just sold my bags! That was a close one! It is greatly reassuring that there are people that still care about others on this site. Thanks again!

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you don’t have to do it anymore anon we’re home

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I have a doctorate in CS:GO and this guy is correct

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1k suicides eoy

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Fantasy basketball expert here, this guy is actually correct.

just sold 100k

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chainlink is literally one of the most used dapps in crypto right now

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>window for success
Bargaining already are we?

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Shut up it's over

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Team has realized blog posts pump the price, not speeches. So now they're churning out blog posts without any substance. Pathetic.

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ALL of it is true. Every single breadcrumb. God, what a feeling this is. Quite safe to say that the singularity is finally upon us.

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No no NOOOOOOOOOO stop pumping it you niggers I'm trying to swing here

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Yet it’s never mentioned.

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JavaScript dev here. Can confirm this is true. Chainlink is a solution looking for a problem. I sold at $4.50

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oh you will swing alright

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sell to you?

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ISDA technology forum 11/6. Openlaw will be discussing derivatives leveraging chain link oracles

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i change my mind this shitcoin is going to 0 where it belongs

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Sage this thread you fucking retards, delete everything

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Sergey is making it so faggots on 4chan can break into the DERIVATIVES MARKET, a market where there is absolutely no normalfags or various poor people allowed

When these ultra-kikes are moving trillions of dollars a day between one another (in shady backroom deals, far from normalfag eyes), they'll soon be moving them through CHAINLINK ORACLES and those who hold LINK will PROFIT

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Guy who picks peanuts out of shit to resell them here: I'm all in on Link as of right now

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I've taken the time to read this over with all the sources and it's just the chainlink team advertising for business under the guise of progress. Ultimately bearish when we've been led to believe they had actual partners already.

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This confirm all crumbs witb b master. We will make it. Remember kids dervites market estimated value. How does it feel being part of the best investment in human history? To moon and beyond.

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ngl will be pretty bearish if swapchain is the derivatives by the EOY that sergeys been promising

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Do you literally think she would allow her views and opinions to be embedded on Chainlink's site without her permission? You're an idiot. This isn't some bullshit use whatever you want on your WordPress layout, it's cool.

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You can quote anyone and link to any youtube video.

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What does this mean for a linklet like me (3,500 link)? Am I gonna make it? Will I be able to have a large family with +5 kids? Will I be able to break free from daily corporate dicksucking?

Assume Im a brainlet and I dont know who this Masters mommy is.

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It has been known. It has also been known LINK will surpass bitcoin, because it will tap into the global kike monetary networks. $1000 EOY is not a meme.

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Dunno. Is $3,500,000 enough for you?

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>blythe masters is a literal who

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Newfag detected

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Ok, this is epic

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Hey >>15888064
is correct. It’s called cited your sources.

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50 LINK massive linklet here. If I wait long enough will this make it?

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Because swapchain is a literal crypto who with no traffic
Ppl assumed sergey talks about the real derivatives market not some startup that might some day but most likely not taps into the market

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>we will soon be able to trade derivatives on any asset on any market at any time via crypto and chainlink nodes.
Future is looking bright lads.

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No. Go take out a loan or get a second job. If Link hits $1,000 you’ll currently have $50,000. Is that enough to live on for the rest of your life???

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I hope you mean "when"

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meme article with nothing of substance

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see this >>15888222

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>google confirmed USING chainlink

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Stop it. My weiner can only get so hard. 1k eoy

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Remember all the Accord FUD? They all bend the knee.

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Im cooming ahhhhhhhhhh

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MS Paint artist here. This guy is 100% correct - even with a general AI enabled blockchain that is quantum resistant, derivatives just aren't a big enough market to impact the price of chainlink.

Expect a slow bleed back down to 15 cents.

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Yeah... I wish you were fudding, but trying to dig further I stumbled upon this article which threw me off guard:


Big names are actually working with Symbiont, the proprietary blockchain.

Santander is name dropped as leaving the R3 accord. Did they bend the knee for Chainlink?

What if PSD2 and Swift etc were actually all crumbs related to Symbiont, and not Chainlink? God, that would be a disaster. We can only pray now.

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Take a look at their team.

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damn, i'm just a lowly http dev here

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>thinking the kikes will let us touch their shekels

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We’re really going to make it aren’t we frens? This is all so surreal.

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My shit, my peanuts, you fucking thief!

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>thinking they will have a choice

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Half a million if you hold long enough

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the oracle solution can't be proprietary (centralized). incredible effort and care has been taken to make chainlink decentralized. there is only ONE fucking decentralized oracle and it's chain fucking link.

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Yeah the fact that no actual derivative group has announced anything with link makes it more and more likely it'll be some crypto derivative or even worse, like mainnet they announce it's all ready and then no-one uses it anyway.

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They keep rejecting btc efts, what makes you think they won't do the same to these "startups"?

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Pfft. It’s insulting for Sergey to have used that video of Blythe if nothing comes out of this (in the short term).

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Thanks for playing goys but you're not Jew enough to be here

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Blythe as co-author would have been bullish

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we've already made it

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Newfag cunt

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This is one of the best Chainlink blog posts I've ever seen, but I do wonder about how much the industry will resist this innovation if the people making money from the information asymmetries are, you know, the people running the world.
It seems inevitable that this system will win out on immense efficiency gains alone, but I wonder who will read that and think "Oh fuck, my multi billion dollar scam is under threat by this new paradigm".

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I have a Doctorate in Futa loli porn. I can also vouch that this guy is 1006% correct

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the people running the world created link. yes, it's open-source, but only select corporations are going to receive tokens in bulk

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Isda is using link

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But it opens the possibility of goys to get in if they are smart enough. Something that never happened before

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You're a literal who roastie.

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nigger here. nigger nigger nigger nigger.

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Double trips speaks the truth

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who you got

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Sergey has the right idea.

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I put my entire inheritance money into this. Dad never did right by me but if this takes off I can finally be at peace with him.

We’re gonna make it, bros...

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The no no no guy meant that swingies needed to buy back right now if they dont wanna end up swinging by a rope

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This. Is correct.

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Top kek. Right, paying themselves to check the price of ethereum. Dilate.

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No they literally aren't lmao. Openlaw is presenting at a business fair of theirs soon. That's just soliciting business.

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linkers are so disconnected with the tech they haven't realized there's no a single developer using Chainlink. Literally ZERO apps with users running in production using Chainlink. Only fake partnerships to pump the price.

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HTML engineer here, I can confirm.