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I don't come to /biz/ often but I came across a nice, expensive, white SUV, with this logo as a huge decal in the back of the vehicle. I knew it was crypto related but after doing research this crypto isn't doing well. Why would someone promote this on this expensive SUV?

I'm thinking he either believes in it or is shilling it just to sell his shares later. I don't know.

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I suspect he either owns xrp or is paid by Ripple. Any more questions?

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Probably owns them, or even better bought them at the top and painted his car with the logo. He probably has tattoos of XRP as well.

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Basically it's a dead coin right?

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I heard they stopped mining it because some Russians were able to hack it but idk

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xrp is premined and the vast majority is owned by the company in laddered escrow. Not really a cryptocurrency, slickly presented scam in my book. Stickers on luxury cars fits the aesthetic

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It was never mined.

"A handful of cryptocurrencies can't be mined in the traditional sense. This group includes Ripple. At the outset, 100 billion Ripple coins launched the currency. Ripple Labs, formerly OpenCoin, still holds about 60% of the currency in ledger escrows."

Chainlink wasn't mined either. 65% of the supply in the wallet of Sergey from the start. Can't be decentralized if the mechanism to deploy the coins aren't distributed like Bitcoin. At the time of Bitcoin's launch, anyone could have downloaded the software, connected a node, and solving puzzles to build the first blocks. Ripple literally launched with a pre-minting of 60,000,000,000.

They could be 1500% faster than Bitcoin all they want, it's not decentralized and because of market manipulation, you can't put faith in it. Remember everything runs through Bitcoin because it was the first. Bitcoin is the truth. Sadly Bitcoin has been forked and the new developers refuse to adjust the block size. Crypto and trading of crypto is all a ploy of gambling and exchange of money from the sheep to the whales.

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Exposed slut at



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Exposed slut at



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Coinbase says 73% of the top holders are buying. I guess its bottoming out before a big pump or something.

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that's funny if you realise those 73% are all Ripple wallets

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I've seen a lambo in Brisbane with xrp as the number plate, there's another with eth. These are what became of the pre 2017 investors the rest of us are bag holders

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LMAO it is literally designed to be $10000 a coin, you need to connect the dots a see what's right in front of you!

Just keep buying the dips, Ripple doesn't have a lot more than 55 billion left to dump.

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>It was never mined.
Even though you are right, ripple admitted in '15 to the Justice Dept that it was premined. I'm taklin about the plea bargain doc that XRPtrads throw around as proof its a currency. Shame those tards can't read good.

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They probably are buying, direct from ripple @ a HUGE discount.

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Xrp hate will turn into xrp love, as with most alts in a few months. This entire thread reeks of Y I K E S

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Stomping niggers is something I don't think I'll ever get bored of. Unfortunately it can get a little expensive because dead nigger storage is quite expensive. My goal is to open up affordable dead nigger storages across America so others can economically stomp niggers without breaking the bank. This is why I have a sizable bag of xrp because one day it will reach $8-$11. I firmly believe this.

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Absolute brainlet post. That would mean the market cap is $431 trillion, twice the total amount of wealth in the entire world

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This right here folks, open your eyes

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he doesn't know

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