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Is Chainlink going to beat Bitcoin as the #1 spot on CoinmarketCap because Satoshi didn't make Bitcoin quantum supremacist proof?

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Um sweety, your chainlink cryptocurrencies are not white supremacist proof. *SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP*

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Satoshi did make it quantum proof, just in a different form

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It's also just a useless ERC20 token falsely tied to a web scraper. Fuck people here are dumb

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LMAO!! i just realized BTC will be flipped by a erc20 token, truely the best time line. Praise Sergey

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It’s an ERC 20 token holy shit linkers get a grip. I’m a newbie at the programming behind cryptocurrencies but even I realize it’s a scam. Even if it delivered some type of answer, IT STILL RELIES ON ETH

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Is amazing how time decay-ed's everything.
To think man stood equal to the gods themselves at one point.

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All because the jews.

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A man large enough to hold a lion like a house cat could not survive.

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This. I'm a tcp ip developer at a fortune 50 big data company with 25 years experience in database infosec, I've looked into chainlink and all I can tell you if that the cryptographic measures implemented in regards to the decentralized security paradigm in the API and IoT structure of chainlink's github code is fundamentally flawed after the Pivotal tracker server crashed due to the core attacks on the network enabled by its corrupt data inputs and outputs, what this really means is that by attempting to solve the oracle sybil resistance issue it instead allows customers to bypass the encrypted hardware and even hack into the smart contract Intel SGX mainframe, unless they manage to increase the signatures and scalable nodes, which isn't likely considering the Google backend isn't compatible with the legacy JSON systems and Solidity language from the EVM in the Truffle stacks, that's why the ic3 and SWIFT engineering teams developed the ISO 20220 standards but it's centralized and susceptible to the 51% front running program so yeah basically Sergey didn't foresee that the enterprise customers and cloud blockchain dapps would never allow their protocols to rely on these permissioned host mechanisms thus rendering the LINK ERC 677 token obsolete and no serious developer would consider DLT technology in these conditions, sorry linkies I'm just telling it how it is.

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That's because they were not men...they were Nephilim. Fallen angels offspring. AKA abominations.

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They still exist in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. I read a story on the deep web of a unit of army rangers taking one down in 2003.

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Their larger size represented their higher social standing you absolute brainlets. They weren't actual giants

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I remember when I didn't have the truth aka the Holy Spirit...

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You should actually do some research, Smithsonian has been destroying evidence since the early 1900's. The US used to have a ton of giant fossils....the history you learned in school is pre-approved

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won day u will be woke like us anon, for we have journeyed into the deep web in search of truth and authenticity and found forbidden Technologies, the complete "Bible" and have seen what the world was like before, it was truly magical borderline supernatural and paranormal.

-220k link marine

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Is that an Assyrian sculpture?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one whose woke anon, long ago the earth was heaven on earth, now we're literally leaving in the aftermath of the apocalypse.

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Is Link a scam/pyramid scheme or a get-rich-quick type scam? I can feel the negative energy of e-grifters on these boards with the constant shilling of their particular shitcoins, trying to convince the next wave off suckers to buy a lot of that particular altcoin so they can dump and cash out. It's so scary.

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c'mon man. too soon and you know it.

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I think it’s suppose to be Gilgamesh

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don't go into the forbidden zone goy

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You're just throwing buzzwords around incoherently to look smart and scare people with room temperature IQs.

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Dispute it then

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Are you sure?

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>he doesn't understand yet

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wtf is wrong with you guys?

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It’s a pyramid scheme of the highest degree. These motherfuckers are such smooth scammers that they actually convinced the brain dead idiots over at Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Docusign, Swift that this project is legit. What a bunch of fools for falling for such an obvious scam!

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How to go to heaven when you die:

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Biomass would have decayed away you dumbasses

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I already did, it's just gibberish

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>all this biblical/archaic talk

more. i need more.



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I laughed

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in the deep web there's HD720p mp4s of these things (cryptids?), but if u share them or download u will get cucked by the men in bla

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Bumping based /bizx/ thread

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Stupid people on the internet, who think they are special because they believe some crap they read online from some other stupid asshats. It’s some sort of confirmation for losers, so they can feel elevated to others despite ignoring state of science or any facts.

Your first day on the Internet?

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you mean Nephilims?

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Is this sarcasm or sincerity? Hard to tell sometimes. I guess sincerity. I can't explain how it feels here sometimes. Like 1,000 e-grifters all trying to sell you a bridge to nowhere. There are the larp/brag threads/demoralization threads where an anon tries to make you feel bad because he has so much in life and made more money than you. There are the shill altcoin threads where someone in the pyramid chain is shilling x coin because they want more suckers to support them in the pyramid by buying the altcoin so they can finish the 'pump and dump.' I don't think anybody really understands what's going on in cryptocurrency. Some know more than others but no one really understands what will happen or what something means.

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