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>linkies in the pink
>linkies fucking stink
>linkies getting rekt
>linkies show some fucking respect
I told you autismo retards but you didn’t listen. Now I’ve confirmed that biz is just hodling faggots who can’t trade. Thanks for your linkies sub $1 ahead of time. I’ll buy your coins thanks faggot
I’m always right learn that now bitch bois

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Where you at linkies?

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Shut the fuck up faggot

$1000 eoy

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If you bought a week ago you’re up 80c per link. No one cares about new favs, you had two years.

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Sub $2 soon gay nigger faggots hahahaha

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Nice way to completely miss out/not label the 2nd peak in your graph you fucking stupid nigger.

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>Wow I'm only up 14x on my initial investment, how could I have been so stupid. If only I had invested in chink scam coins and lost 99% of my investment like OP I'd be so much happier. I could then sit on /biz/ and shitpost in between sucking cocks just like he does!

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Your a retard that’s becuse that 2nd peak is probably actually the 1-2 and the other 1st one is nothing but Elliot waves are subjective but it’s probably a 5 count already dumb faggot

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Keep hodling it’ll all be gone soon
You still can’t trade for shit that’s for sure you’ll never actually make it

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> price still up massively
> OP has been screeching about sub $1 but always changes the timeframe when convenient so he can pretend he knows what he's talking about
> he's always in a state of maximum seethe + salt
I'm sorry you got priced out, you cope in the dark plebbitnigger - but you're just going to have to buy at $2+ if you want in. This is what happens when you short the fourth industrial revolution while longing that extra chromosome of yours.
Better luck next thread I guess? RIP

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Just sitting back, being patient. My DCA is $.42. I'm doing okay

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I’ll buy at .75 respectively when you panic sell. Also it’s the same time frame it’s always been(weekly) you coping faggot

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What's that? Can't hear you over all the cocks in your mouth.

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>he’s probably calculating a regular averages price and not a weighted average price

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>should of

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>today link will go down
>pumps 10%
>today link will go down
>pumps 10%
>today link will go down
>pumps 10%
>today link will go down
>10% dip, SEE HOW SMART I AM I CALLED IT!!!one11

Congrats OP on your genius trading skills.

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Back to plebbit faggot

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We got a big boy here lads, careful fellas, he might pull out the "incel" insult next, or even go full guns blazing with a "have sex"

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t. Absolute tard
If you don’t comprehend the call just fuck off now retard your too stupid for this discussion already

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> n-no I've been saying the same thing the whole time I swears it
Yeah for sure sweaty, that's why you keep changing your tune in every thread like a schizophrenic. It's okay - we get it. You need to make 100 predictions to cover all bases. Today it's .75c next week, next week you'll say you predicted $1.50 the whole time, then you'll pretend there was actually going to be a $2.20c retrace all along. Reading these tantrums of yours is entertaining at least. By all means keep it up for as long as your emotional state allows.
Oh and also
> biz panic selling when everyone who has been here longer than 6 months mostly bought link at .30-.50c
You really, really do need to go back.

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>should of

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$1000 eoy

>but but the market is down for the day it won’t go up over the next 3 weeks
lol learn macro trends

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he’s right though

stay mad and poor

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And why would it hit 75 cents exactly?

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Now now, this is just cruel. Don't push him. Why do you think he would be able to explain the 6th prediction he has pulled out of his ass over the last few days? His mother clearly huffed paint while he was in the womb. You can tell from the way that he writes that he finds thinking difficult, and it really frustrates him.

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This. Op everyone who was in your first thread saw you get unequivocally BTFO, so fuck off you retarded double nigger.

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Did OP run off? Guys, we may have hurt his feelings, he was just trying to be a big boy and wanted to act like his idols the discord trannies. Let's give him a break aye, we're sorry OP, we totally believe your TA. LINK is definitely going below $1 soon, we promise

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i think we can all at least agree that the holocaust never happened

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Faggots never understood the call, get rekt I was correct the entire time

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why the fuck would you buy something that went from 4.50 to 1.50, to 2.95 then down to 0.75, why?

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Retard confirmed. No one calculates their DCA using 'regular average price' youre just angry cos everyone here is massively up except for you.

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Next stop $1.40 when people panic sell that it’s over for link and don’t worry about my motivations pleb

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I make more in 1 week than all your gains you retard. Keep hodling that’s not gonna make you rich even if you get lucky once you’ll hodl all your gains until their gone. This is called trading not hodling for a reason. Good job holding the top kid

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>don’t worry about my motivations pleb
why would you buy at 75 cents if its over?
>I’ll buy at .75

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yo bro, idc about link or crypto in general, but i do care about you having sex. you REALLY NEED TO GO HAVE SEX. you got one life and youre here talking to losers. go. have. sex.

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You realise that most of us linkers all put in between 10 and 50k when link was between 10 and 60 cents right? You do the math.

You're not a trader. You're a brainlet who will lose everything eventually. Time in the market beats timing the market. Watch as you get btfo.

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elliot waves dont work in crypto

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All these can go down at any time, check out Telecoin or TELEX, as according to current situations that is a safer bet...

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I remind you fellow *TRADERS* that swinging linkies is the correct way to profit from LINK. Coomhodlers need no apply.

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it should be against the rules to bump your own shit thread THIS much. Sage.

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>Held the top

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Do you know how I know you're retarded?

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It was 1.50 last week
>it’s gonna crash get rekt
It’s 2.50 this week
>it’s gonna crash sell

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I'd suggest you check the charts LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA

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oh look its pumping

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damn, dude

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say it with me fellow marines
never, selling.

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You were saying something?

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Check myself before I reck myself.


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The market disapproves of this post and you willed be crushed accordingly for it.