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Bitch Lasagna

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shocking faggotry indeed

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BSV is the real BitCoin.

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/biz/ will miss out on the real flippening.

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i did not miss the judge flipping on creg
hope you didn't either

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it will only switch your suicide trigger once it’s 2020 and nothing happens

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>BSV will shock the world
by crashing another 40% in a day?

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He's free as a bird, judge ruled he created Bitcoin together with dave Kleiman, and they are now in settlement.

Keep coping.

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>judge ruled he created Bitcoin
can you, eh, kindly provide that exact quote ?
>inb4 pdf thumbnails saying nothing of the kind
otherwise, you might want to stop spreading lies about financial investments. People sue over these things you know

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Cope Greg

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cope creg

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>inb4 pdf thumbnails saying nothing of the kind
I missed the sentence that says:
>'I, Good Judge Reinhart, hereby declare this lying fraudulent fat fucking mess pitifully whining before me to be THE CREATOR OF BITCOIN!'
so, again. If the Judge said it, its in the transcript. Where, exactly, does it say 'he created Bitcoin', dickhead ? wouldn't want all these people to think, ALL you bsv shills are lying cunts. would we now

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here is what the judge said tho

>To this day, Dr. Wright has not complied with the Court’s orders compelling discovery on May 14 and June 14.
>Rather, as described above, the evidence establishes that he has engaged in a willful and bad faith pattern of obstructive behavior, including submitting incomplete or deceptive pleadings, filing a false declaration, knowingly producing a fraudulent trust document, and giving perjurious testimony at the evidentiary hearing.
>Dr. Wright’s conduct has prevented Plaintiffs from obtaining evidence that the Court found relevant to Plaintiffs’ claim that Dr. Wright and David Kleiman formed a partnership to develop Bitcoin technology and to mine bitcoin.
>Plaintiffs have also been prejudiced by not being able to try to trace the bitcoin that was mined.
>His conduct has wasted substantial amounts of the Court’s and the Plaintiffs’ time and resources. It has unnecessarily protracted this litigation.

>I have found that Dr. Wright intentionally submitted fraudulent documents to the Court, obstructed a judicial proceeding, and gave perjurious testimony.


>willful and bad faith pattern of obstructive behavior
>submitting incomplete or deceptive pleadings
>filing a false declaration
>knowingly producing a fraudulent trust document
>giving perjurious testimony

has man ever been btfo so hard?

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What does it matter if it is required or not required? The fact that the entire discovery process was detailing the plaintiffs and the defendants involvement in the creation of Bitcoin and this served as the entire basis for the case in the first place is proof that the judgment was about the Satoshi mined Tulip coins. There is no dispute over this, all parts in the lawsuit agree.

But nice try at obfuscation.

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All that is irrelevant when the judge has ruled that Craig is in possession of Satoshis mined coins.

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hopefully bsv can shock my bags to 100x their worth na'imsayn?

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it means whenever you are trying to imply a judge ruled that craig is satoshi you are running around in the dick woods eyes closed mouth wide open. they did not rule he is satoshi very explicitly said so, they did not rule about the satoshi coins very explicitly and verbatimly denied it. what happened is craig got his shit pushed in. during fucking discovery yeah.

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if you can't fucking read you might think so, but it's there black and white the ruling is not about the satoshi trove.

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there was 'no disagreement' in cregs Australian lawsuit against W&K either. Mainly as he was playing both sides there, but, thats a matter to be revisited another day. Its odd, when a lie benefits all of the (still living..) parties in a case, no-one objects, even tho, the lie is obvious to all, isn't it ?
>mutually beneficial bullshit
and again, you are shifting the goalposts you shifty little lying toerag. QUOTE:
>'The Judge ruled he created Bitcoin'
>fucking weasel

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So many bsv threads on biz and still nobody does there own research but just parrot CSW fud back. Sergey gets hit by a bus and shitlink goes to 0, eth is full of cats and 2.0 is always one more difficulty bomb defusion away (erc20 tokens are all bound to not succeeding too much), BTC is as useful and rare as a Telex machine... BSV is the real BitCoin with or without Craig, having Craig drama keeping the price down a little longer makes me very happy.

CSW is by decree of court de facto (due to pedo judge however not de jure) now ≥50% Satoshi, you don't like it? Stiff.

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>by decree of court de facto (due to pedo judge however not de jure) now ≥50% Satoshi

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>CSW is by decree of court de facto
and an other liar shows up, what part of the "court does not decide" do you find ambiguous? or the "how much bitcoin IF ANY, dr wright controls today" how do you explain that. if any rofl. the judge called him a straight faced liar right there. done and ordered.

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You are actually retarded. Your anger also gives away your frustration. This is what literal paid disinfo looks like. Pay attention and learn, it is textbook pilpul and disinfo, trying to obscure the obvious fact that the entire case is detailing how Craig and Kleiman worked together in creating Bitcoin, and the ruling is about who the mined coins - that Craig is in possession of - belong to.

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>'The Judge ruled he created Bitcoin'
you have the burden to prove your wild claim.
you failed, again
One more go, perhaps ?
WHERE DOES THE JUDGE STATE 'I declare this fat fraudulent cunt Creator of Bitcoin', again ?
oh, thats right. He doesn't. And your making shit up, again

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you prefer pictures ?
because, this is what the Judge ACTUALLY SAID
>sad. isn't it

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>Your anger
no anger here pal don't mistake ridicule for salt. i'm laughing at your stupid ass because i enjoy watching you squirm.

also we were talking about the ruling where are you trying to move the goalpost?

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Still ruled that he is in possession of the Satoshi coins via the Tulip trusts. Otherwise Craig would be charged for perjury. Yet he hasn't.

Stiff bickies.

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>Still ruled that he is in possession of the Satoshi coins via the Tulip trusts.
nope did not happen.

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Of course he didn't rule that he was Satoshi, as that is not what the court case was about.


The ruling decided 50/50, so by inference the court has ruled that Craig legally was at least 50% Satoshi Nakamoto.

More pilpul please.

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also if you knew anything about bitcoin you would know that the satoshi trove can't be in any trust or partnership. the satoshi trove is the coins mined by satoshi on a single cpu thread during 2009. there was no partnership no joint mining no other miner in fact. a single computer and a single core most of the time. somone even guessed the cpu type (Core 2 Quad Q6600) from satoshis posts and the hashrate

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Judge Reinhart disagrees.

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nope there is nothing decided about satoshi in the ruling, the ruling is about craigs alleged bitcoin possessions pre 2014.

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where exactly? and please fuck off with the questioning in the ruling! where?

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Nope, the fat fraudulent cunt claimed it as a 'Satoshi Nakamoto Partnership', Ira (Kleiman) happily to go along with that, because 50% of a million Bitcoins, fuckwhynot. The problem, of course, being, quite a lot of what the fat fraudulent cunt claims has little to sweet fuck all basis in reality. And mostly, the latter. The Judge specifically went out of his way to avoid dealing with 'Who is Satoshi' nonsense AND VERY SPECIFICALLY DECLARED THE ENTIRE CONCEPT of this Tulip Trust to be, literally, some of the most ludicrous garbage he had ever heard lied to his face. But still you claim 'Judge confirmed him as Satoshi!' Its horseshit, its horseshit you repeat continually, BUT you can't back any of this up. tldr, you, like creg, are a fucking liar, and you know it.
>if any rofl
'if any' indeed

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It's right here retard. >>15878309
The ruling is based off many months of discovery and deliberations where the Satoshi Nakamoto partnership was outlined and the Tulip trusts were detailed.

So the ruling is de jure about the Tulip trust coins.

Besides, Craig was never charged for perjury, despite what you blockstream shills like to exclaim, so the court ruling solidifies his testimony as credible for the basis of the ruling.

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it's not there
there is nothing there about satoshi or his trove

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you continuously lying cunt

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>Judge thinks the tulips are horseshit
>Still orders Craig to give 50% of them to Ira

Pick one Greg.

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Blockstream shills gonna shill.

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>Craig was never charged for perjury, despite what you blockstream shills like to exclaim, so the court ruling solidifies his testimony

>> No.15879009

Good argument.

If Craig's testimony was made up, then why hasn't he been charged for perjury?

It's a total mystery, experts are baffled!

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the order motherfucker the order! you say done and ordered... show me!

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>why hasn't he been charged for perjury?
the case is not over yet. just be patient!

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>I-i-t will t-totally happen...J-just wait

Well bucko, until then, the court considers him 50% Satoshi.

Actually wait, Dave is dead, so he is now legally 100% Satoshi.


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see they are still submitting motions and shit this will go on for some time. there might even be an appeal. but at one point in the future i hope to see creg thrown in jail for being a liar and a fag.

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i don't know where you get that but nothing you posted here supports this notion. and the ruling says the verbatim opposite of your stance. black and fucking white. no room for misinterpretation.

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are you retarded?
those are for extension because of settlement talks
gregory, take the meds

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No perjury.

Craig's testimony stands. Even the judge has to rule that he has the Satoshi coins.

Blockstream on suicide watch

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the case is fr from over, his motion was denied, that's all that happened and there was a recommendation not a ruling altho i'n no lawyer but it is my understanding that this case is far from being over and done with. craigs position tho is over and done with already.
>No perjury.
the judge literally found and stated so craig committed perjury nigga what are you smoking?

>> No.15879187

>I have found that Dr. Wright intentionally submitted fraudulent documents to the Court, obstructed a judicial proceeding, and gave perjurious testimony.

page 28 look for yourself cuck!
he was not sentenced for it yet, that much is true. bu i have my hopes up.

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No perjury.

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>options not mutually exclusive, faggot
The Judge literally declared creg a fat lying cunt and default awarded Ira EVERYTHING he asked for. Namely, 50% of the Bitcoin (which may or may not exist) and the stolen IP. Ah yes, the Stolen IP. Remind me again, WHERE IS THAT STOLEN IP NOW ? Enjoy court, Calvin ;) What winners you lot are
Do ypu want me to explain the difference between 'Ruling' and 'Discovery' for you, slowly, carefully ? Protip: Don't claim things are 'in the Ruling', then pull some BS form discovery out of your ass to try (and fail) to prove it. Because, only one of these things matters, and, its not fucking Discovery. You lying dickhead
>Even the judge has to rule that he has the Satoshi coins.
Just stop this shit already

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I actually perpetuate these BSV threads by not saging them and "complaining" so that I can trap retards into buying it

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The way Creg's fanboys fuss over him is just cringe. This is a real Dear Leader cult.

>> No.15879213

the amount of cognitive dissonance required to be an sv cultist does not cease to amaze me.

>> No.15879218

>calls someone cuck
>hopes for impeachment
>admits he hopes blockstream judge will procceeds with prejury

you're the cuck here

>> No.15879243

>blockstream judge
yes, they are all 'blockstream judges' creg LOSES against, aint they ? BY Jeezus, the world is JUST full of 'blockstream judges'. I wonder which 'blockstream judge' he'll lose against McCormack with ? He IS going ahead with that, isn't he ? I do SO want to see this 'mountain of evidence' with 'rusty staples' and sheeeit

>> No.15879262

>blockstream judge
every fucking time
first you try to invoke him as an authority and pretend a judge declared him.
then when you get pointed out that he ruled against craig in every possible way and explicitly denied everything you shill.
he suddenly becomes the blockstream judge the pedo the whatever.

like fucking clockwork.

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Very interesting that exactly this judge is the one to preside over this case. Very trustworthy!

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>blockstream judge
lmao Craig gets btfo because the judge is paid by blockstream. this is a new level of bullshit coming from you BSV trolls hahaha you faggots are getting so desperate with your lies and nonsense. Craig got absolutely BTFO

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>> No.15879304

The point is that even a Blockstream judge couldn't deny that Craig is the creator of Bitcoin.

>> No.15879305

>b-b-but its not fair its all a big conspiracy this judge is a big meanie
absolutely ridiculous how desperate you shills are getting

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this has been discussed a million times now the judge did not rule on craig being satoshi or not and you faggots are still trying to spin it as a win when Craig absolutely got his ass handed to him in court lmao

>> No.15879317

Welcome to law. Welcome to court.

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>> No.15879333

The fact that you think Craig being Satoshi was disproven by this court case just shows how mentally ill you are. It just made it even more obvious.

Also, just a tip, calling this obviously shady judge as a Good and Honorable judge signals to us who you work for.

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AND, remind me - which EXACT case did Reinhart preside over where Epstein was on trial, again ?
>oh, thats right.
>there wasn't one
>and youre making shit up. again

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even pedo vitalik knows about the connection but obviously he is "ashamed" to make such assumptions, as the pedo he is

>> No.15879343

>The fact that you think Craig being Satoshi was disproven by this court case
i dont think that you absolute mong you still trying to twist facts and truth. THIS RULING WAS NOT ABOUT CRAIG BEING SATOSHI OR NOT AND THE JUDGE MADE THAT MORE THAN CLEAR. you bsvfags are the only ones trying to deny that.

>> No.15879355


Meanwhile bsv buidls and scales!!!

Like and take CSW as SN or not, BSV will rule supreme.

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this picture needs to be posted over and over again apparently when will you retards get it in your head THIS JUDGE DID NOT RULE ON CRAIG WRIGHT BEING SATOSHI OR NOT SO STOP LYING YOU FAGGOTS. once you get called out you just start babbling about epstein and greg maxwell you faggots are so stupid its unbelievable.

>> No.15879367

I agree with you. The case was not about WHETHER he was satoshi or not.

But the ruling on the case necessitates that the court found that Craig is in possession of the Satoshi coins. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to rule that he has to give half of them to Ira.

>> No.15879383

>the court found that Craig is in possession of the Satoshi coins
look to the skies, you lying fucking weasel.
alternatively, the picture above you will do.
FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, 'Satoshi coins' - no, nada, phrase does not exist IN THE RULING. Be the end of this particualr bs, because, you just getting continually fucking rekt now

>> No.15879385

CSW threatened that everyone would bend the knee in court, everyone would get sued. "Welcome to law, welcome to court", remember? Instead, he is now crying that all judges have connections to Blockstream. This is weakness. He's weak.

>> No.15879398

>But the ruling on the case necessitates that the court found that Craig is in possession of the Satoshi coins
absolutely not true this is about a property dispute between kleiman and craig wright craig could at any point have tapped out and said he doesnt have shit and hes not satoshi but hes apparently too retarded to do that and wants to prefer to keep his scam going. all this ruling means is that kleiman deserves half of what craig wrigth claims to own, no more no less. YOU bsvfags are the delusional shills trying to spin this into something more.

>> No.15879411

>CSW threatened that everyone would bend the knee in court, everyone would get sued
he got BTFO in the roger ver case as well the guy is just absolutely pathetic just like his supporters. all hat no cattle.

>> No.15879428

How do we know if CSW and pedo Calvin don't have the connection too? CSW lies about everything, obviously he's hiding something.

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File: 107 KB, 770x538, Screenshot_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The rulings ARE bout the Tulip Coins. Plaintiff is saying that, and defendant is saying that. Court is not disputing it. Which other coins are in dispute here, aside from the Tulip Trust coins?

Keep spinning until the wheels fall off.

>> No.15879466

all they want is the keys of the satoshi wallet
that's why nothing else will happen in this case

>> No.15879467

>that pic
I suggest you look up the actual meaning of the word 'incredible' in a dictionary. I don't think it means what you think it means. Protip: you DO NOT WANT Judges telling you 'you are incredible', no, Sir. And as also stated, was in neither parties interest to declare the 'Satoshi' stuff bullshit, the Judge more or less did tho

>> No.15879469

just fucking decide already! is he a voice of authority a respectable judge whose word and ruling has weight or the pedo blockstream judge?

fucking decide you can't have it both ways you can't change your stance depending on which line you read from him.

it's utterly pathetic.

>But the ruling on the case necessitates that the court found that Craig is in possession of the Satoshi coins.
blatantly false. it's hard to pinpoint which fallacy this is something between the slippery slope and false cause

>> No.15879491

for the last fucking time, look at this >>15879358
>The court also is not required to decide, and does not decide, how much, if any, Dr. Wright controls today.
Even your own screencap claims his statement is "incredible". All this ruling says is that kleiman deserves half of what craig wright CLAIMS to own there is absolutely no evidence he owns anything and you faggots are still trying to spin it as a win when in fact CSW got absolutely BTFO in court after bragging for weeks on end how he would mop the floor with Kleiman. BSVfags in full damage control mode.

>> No.15879497

Or maybe Craig and Reinhart shook hands behind the closed doors because he's their puppet in the first place and already gave them whatever they asked?

>> No.15879500

>The rulings ARE bout the Tulip Coins.
that is correct, but there is no equivalence between the ""tulip trust coins"" and satoshis trove - the 1m bitcoin we actually know with fair enough certainty satoshi himself mined in 2009 - made by any respectable person on this planet. certainly no judge made such insinuation.

>> No.15879505

explains how retarded you are.
>hey let's waste 200k in lawyer fees just for the giggles

>> No.15879510

>BSVfags in full damage control mode.
this is not just damage control this is full blown psychosis man... i never seen denial this strong.

>> No.15879524

>full blown psychosis man
I guess thats what losing 40% of your investment in a day will do to you

>> No.15879527

1.100.111 Bitcoin. Done and ordered.

Craig is Satoshi.

>> No.15879539
File: 76 KB, 856x570, 1568361848723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1.100.111 Bitcoin. Tulip Trust is real. Craig is Satoshi.

Done and ordered.

>> No.15879547

>i-i-its real in my mind
lol full blown mental breakdown over here
see >>15879358

>> No.15879552
File: 221 KB, 1347x622, 1558038317725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1.100.111 Bitcoin. 50% belongs to Craig.

Done and ordered. Now neck yourself for being a disgusting blockstream paid shill.

>> No.15879577

This theory makes more sense than yours. It explains why Craig is so enthusiastic about law and court yet squirms and wriggles at anything else. He already gave them whatever they asked. What a weakling.

>> No.15879579

not in the ruling actual
sorry cuck

>> No.15879582

there is absolutely no proof those bitcoin exist
judge himself claims CSWs statements on said bitcoins "incredible"
and IF they exist craig just pissed away half by being a complete retard after bragging for weeks on end how he would win this case
congrats to this massive win you retarded bsvtards!

>> No.15879587
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I love this case because even with a friendly judge it becomes impossible to spin how Craig is not Satoshi without the most incredible mental gymnastics ive ever seen.

I am taking notes here, Greg Maxwell has been working overtime on this one.

1.100.111 Bitcoin in Craigs possession. Judge rules 50% belongs to Craig. But Craig has nothing to do with Satoshi. OOOKAY lmfao

>> No.15879605

>there is absolutely no proof those bitcoin exist
These coins are what the judge is ruling on. Are you saying the court is lying now?

>> No.15879609

>it becomes impossible to spin how Craig is not Satoshi
>1.100.111 Bitcoin in Craigs possession.
according to you
but here is the shocker according to me he has a big fat zero

>> No.15879610

looks like your scaling type is off

>> No.15879613

>1.100.111 Bitcoin in Craigs possession
you keep saying that and I will keep telling you waht your own little pet judge said
can you read faggot?
Ill spell it out for you
>the court is not required to decide, and does not decide, how much bitcoin, if any, Dr. Wright controls today

>> No.15879621

>These coins are what the judge is ruling on.
show don't tell! post link, post page and paragraph!

>> No.15879625

>but here is the shocker according to me
roflmao, then you should probably take your meds.

>> No.15879629

Craig is Satoshi. Craig and Jimmy are not gay. Craig and Calvin are not pedos.

>> No.15879633
File: 1.14 MB, 1245x1056, naughty_creg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15879634

erry fucking time this cracks me up

>> No.15879637

we can do this all day you moron
>The Court also is not required to decide, and does not decide, how much bitcoin, if any, Dr. Wright controls today.
you still trying to spin this as a win?
THIS IS ABOUT A PROPERTY DISPUTE BETWEEN KLEIMAND AND WRIGHT. CSW got btfo. he lost 50% of what he CLAIMS to own. that is all this case is about. no proof hes satoshi. no proof he owns any coin. I know its hard to understand but if you try really hard you might wrap your head aruond it. now keep copeposting your epstein and greg maxwell memes

>> No.15879648

how hard is it to understand
he does not have the private keys to Szabo's coins
he simply does not
the judge can rule whatever he wants, bitcoin has no jurisdiction

all you can do is COPE

>> No.15879656

see opinions are like assholes everybody has one few people are interested in others. but the facts are stacked high against you.

judge explicitly did not rule about satoshi or satoshis coins. it's all in your head. the amount is not specified in the ruling at all. nor is the origin.

>> No.15879666

>the judge can rule whatever he wants
yeah but he choose to btfo creg, which is a plus

>> No.15879669

kek'd and checked

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File: 19 KB, 608x225, szabo_not_satoshi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, so now a new delusion enter the discussion. Szabo is Satoshi eh? Where is the proof of that? Oh, you don't need cRYpToGrApic pR0of of that this time, because it's ANYONE BUT CRAIG. We only demand "proof" from Craig, but anyone else can be Satoshi but with no "proof" required.

Double standard status: >EXPOSED<

Keep exposing your stupid narratives, I am quite entertained here as you reveal all your faulty shill non-logic.

>> No.15879739

>Where is the proof of that?
what you suddenly want proof? rofl i can't take this shit anymore i'm gonna pull a muscle laughing.

>> No.15879740


Satanic digit status: >EXPECTED<

>> No.15879752

You are the one demanding "cryptographic proof", not me lmao.

Try to keep track of your own narratives.

>> No.15879785

from anyone that claims to be satoshi yeah, step 0 is to sign. szabo would be no exception but it's funny that you would follow craig blindly on fiat but would demand proof from anyone else... some double standards.

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File: 59 KB, 443x244, based_judge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15879825

Are you literally braindead or something? I don't demand cryptographic signing as proof, but YOU DO. Its all you fucking talk about. Every single fucking day. SIGN THIS SIGN THAT SIGN SIGN SIGN. Yet not for Szabo, which you willingly accept as Satoshi without ANY of the standards you apply to Wright.

This means you are a lying faggot shill.

Holy fuck paid propagandists like you with single digit IQ get the rope.

>> No.15879850

>but YOU DO
damn right
>Yet not for Szabo
damn wrong
no exceptions

>> No.15879862

I seriously hope you are being paid to post these dude, for real. You would never actually say you're being paid, so we can never really know, but I sincerely from the bottom of my heart hope you are being paid.
If you're not, it's just the saddest thing to see

Seeing you BSV guys talk about courts and judge decisions is like a Grand Finale, it's the END OF AN ERA
The whole point of crypto is to substitute tursted parties and authorities for trustless mathematical proof. The whole concept, back to Tim May's cypherpunk's utopia, revolves around the elimination of trust and introduction of simple, easy and almost free to provide proof.

The end of (((institutions))), and at the helm is you guys, you're the ones trying to bring out a swagger, but it's outdated, so it has no effect. In any other field, things like getting the copyright for bitcoin would have been grand happenings, fought and sought over. But here, it's irrelevant, it's unimportant, it's even funny.

I HOPE you're being paid, sincerely.

>> No.15879873
File: 437 KB, 1200x603, 1546273462918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he does not have the private keys to Szabo's coins
>privat key to Szabos coins
>Szabos coins

The lies just never stop.

>> No.15879897

dude are you blind? just fucking look at the ids you retarded cuck!

>> No.15879916

Possession of coins is not proof that he created the system. If Craig signed he could've just stolen the coins. In fact that is exactly what you are going to say when he eventually does sign.

If some 6 year old girl came out and signed with the key to the genesis block tomorrow, would that prove she created Bitcoin?

Yes or no?

If the answer is no, then you understand why signing means nothing.

If you answer yes, then you just prove that you belong in a mental institution.

You fail at logic.

>> No.15879924

whoever has access to those keys can move them
if craig has access to those keys, he can move them
now, I'm telling you, that the coins will not move
not now
not in 2020
do you agree? lol

>> No.15879932

>If Craig signed he could've just stolen the coins.
whoever proclaims himself as satoshi first and foremost has to sign with the right key.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


>> No.15879934

All blockstream shills are the same to me, you are literally 1 person with the exact same narrative (hi greg) changing IDs anyway lmao

>> No.15879950

>signing means nothing
jesus the amount of cope
>some 6 year old girl came out and signed with the key to the genesis block tomorrow
yeah or an asteroid hits earth and splits it in two tomorrow making this point moot
which is more likely? protip:it's the asteroid thing.

>> No.15879957

If he does have access to the keys, yes he can move them

But that doesn't mean he wants to do that, or that it is in the interest to move them.

The point is that proving you are in POSSESSION of the coins does not mean you are the creator of Bitcoin. He could be a fed who seized them from the real Satoshi.

Proof of possession =/= proof of creation.

You are asking for the wrong "proof".

>> No.15879967

it doesn't matter
if a 6 year old girl can access to the private keys, the coins that are assigned to that address are her coins
she has control over them, and she can do anything she wants with them

do you understand now?

>> No.15879972

Its not about likelihood, it is about absolute proof remember.

You just destroyed your own point. Signing with the key is NOT absolute proof that you are Satoshi.

Learn basic logic. Next.

>> No.15879989

Thanks for proving my point retard LOL. You don't even realize how unintelligent you are.

>> No.15879990

ohnonononono you just realized you fucked up colossally and try to wiggle out without an apology? who would have seen this coming?

>> No.15880007

I'm not asking for any proof nigger, go read the posts by my ID lol
I'm telling you, that whoever controls the private keys to an address controls the coins in that address

that's the point of this whole project LOL

and that's why Craig can get a document signed by Donald Trump that he is Satoshi Nakamoto
That STILL does not give him the ability to move any coins

are you starting to understand the point of crypto now? If Craig has access to a million bitcoins he can move them right now
he does not need permission from anyone
you have the private keys? your coins, you do whatever the fuck you want with them

>> No.15880018

>it is about absolute proof
it's about probabilities there is no absolute proof obviously.

but math is not that hard. the chances of a 6yo little girl signing with satoshis keys are less than a cataclysmic event destroying human life.

so until that for every satoshi wannabe either sign or gtfo!

>> No.15880019

Whats the difference when you all have the same scripted talking points?

I am talking to a blogstream borg reading from an employee script.

>sZaBo iS sAtoShI


>> No.15880025

this is literally the same faggot arguing that this court case somehow proves CSW is satoshi... but signing with the key means nothing. LMAO the absolute state of BSVers

>> No.15880049

if your point is 'it doesn't matter who it is, the coins are belong to whoever has the private keys', then your point and mine are the same, friend

if craig wants to move 1 million bitcoin from the addresses that are supposedly belong to satoshi nakamoto, he needs the private keys, and the only way to get them is if he had them in the first place

now, when these coins move, we will know it, you see, the ledger is public ;)

>> No.15880057

it's the end of the trust era
they're the final symphony

>> No.15880075

1) You want Craig to prove he is Satoshi.

2) The only proof you will accept is him signing the genesis block

3) I explain to you have signing with the genesis block is not proof that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. It only proves that he is in possession of the early keys.

4) If Craig signed, he could be a federal agent who seized the genesis block from the real Satoshi.

5) Having possession of genesis block is not the proof that you are the creator of Bitcoin.

6) Therefore, the proof that you demand doesn't even meet your own standards of evidence.

7) A 6 year old signing the genesis key destroys your entire line of argument.

8) There is no mathematical way to prove that you are the creator of the Bitcoin system.

Take a course in logic.

>> No.15880079

it would mean a hell of a lot more than the court case you retard like to parade around lmao

>> No.15880084
File: 269 KB, 1200x1335, 1134983237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anyone who questions this alcoholic fraud being satoshi is either greg or a blockstream shill
fuck off schizo pajeets

>> No.15880100
File: 487 KB, 572x542, keys_or_gtfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

while signing is not absolute proof, it is about probability and credibility. IF creg were Satoshi, he would have probably just signed in the normal manner, instead of being paid to pretend he is Satoshi, repeatedly claiming he would publicly sign, then, failing to do so miserably. That he does not choose the probable path and lies in failing to do so, despite promises to the contrary, further damages his credibility.
SO, we now have one fat fraud who is paid to act out the Satoshi charade, cannot sign, has little to no credibility left, and therefore is, in all probability, EXACTLY that which he appears to be. Namely, a fat fucking disreputable fraud who is being paid by nTrust/nChain to pretend he is Satoshi. And logic tells us, the REAL Satoshi would hardly need to bother with that shite. would he ?
>tldr, sign or gtfo, you fat fucking conman

>> No.15880106
File: 800 KB, 493x939, 1556650592203.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi Greg.

>> No.15880124

So now you lower the standards from ABSOLUTE MATHEMATICAL PROOF of Satoshiness.

To probability and likelihood. Ok great that's a start. Suddenly we opened up many other avenues of evidence. Remember this next time we have this discussion.

>> No.15880134

literacy. it may be an art, but, its a learnable one.
try it before typing next time, you cunt

>> No.15880141

1) I don't
2) I think a simple login to the forum would be alright, but sure, sign the genesis, Vitalik has done it, Lee has done it too
3) whatever
4) craig can sign, he can do whatever he wants with whichever private keys he has, they're his private keys, he controls them
5) it sorta does, but whatever, the genesis coins cannot be moved
6) I'm not demanding anything, who the hell am I?
7) a 6 year old has some private keys, she can do whatever she wants with the coins that those keys control ;)
8) there is mathematical proof that you own an address and therefore the coins in that address

funny you said about the logic course, I'm taking a programming logic course this evening

>> No.15880151

So you admit that signing is proof of possession and not proof of creation? Got it. Thank you for making my argument for me.


>> No.15880163

Not an argument.

>> No.15880192

well if you read any you wouldn't talk shit like that. it's obviously different people despite what your addled brain hallucinates about. szabo is a billion times more likely than craig for a candidate to the satoshi mantle but he would have to prove himself just the same. so your argument is bollocks. i would only give about 1% chance for szabo + grigg (+finney?), my gut tells me satoshi is an unknown and he was a very young man in 2009 in his late twenties. craig has btfoed himself so badly that unless he provides a very definitev proof he will forever stuck on the leading position of the "definitely not satoshi" list.

>> No.15880193

SO, why would 'the real Satoshi' have to be paid by nTrust/nChain to pretend he's Satoshi ?

>> No.15880200

Craig created both nTrust and nChain. They are his companies.

>> No.15880207

Thats not what he says
For fucking sure

>> No.15880212

>szabo is a billion times more likely than craig for a candidate to the satoshi mantle

Prove it shill.

>> No.15880232

Prove it.

>> No.15880240

YOU are making the claim here, not me

>> No.15880290

>signing is proof of possession
and Craig has no bitcoin
he had bitcoin, when he bought it on Mt Gox

>> No.15880313

and in the end
2020 comes
and 2021
and so forth
and the satoshi coins still don't move
doesn't matter why, really, they just don't move
Craig said they would move
but saying it doesn't make it so

>> No.15880333

okay, this is not very hard math:
like i said szabo has about 1% likeliness
craig has 0.000000001% likeliness of being satoy.
but here is the kicker: if craig never said anything his likeliness would be much higher: 0.00000003%

>> No.15880341

You made the claim that Craig is paid to pretend he is Satoshi. I made a counter claim that Craig founded those companies, which is public record.


>> No.15880362
File: 18 KB, 540x427, 1551107459605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15880366

*Stegos will shock the world, its faster and more secure.

>> No.15880399

hey buf+fmY+
when is Craig moving those coins? Has he said it yet or not?

>> No.15880425

creg did have an agreement where he was paid by nTrust - or, are you denying that ? So, according to you, creg pays himself to act out this Satoshi charade, is also founder/owner of nTrust/nChain ?
SO, whats all this fucking horseshit then ?
while thats obviously more lies anway (its got quotes from congenital liars nChain in it, so..), interesting, creg claims to be the founder (and presumably part owner) - soon see how quick that gets denied in court. won't we

>> No.15880435

It's not some huge secret. The tulip trust unlocks January 2020, so you will get your much awaited coin movement next year.

But you can keep lying and sperging as much as you like until then.

>> No.15880459

So Greg, you worked for Mr. Wright once yes? Why don't you talk to us about that?

>> No.15880465

when craigs own mother called him a liar in a book i was like can man be btfo any harder?
>"Wright’s mother had told me about her son’s long-standing habit of adding bits on to the truth, just to make it bigger. ‘When he was a teenager,’ she said, ‘he went into the back of a car on his bike. It threw him through the window of a parked car. That’s where his scar comes from. His sister accompanied him to the hospital and he’s telling the doctor that he’s had his nose broken twenty or so times, and the doctor is saying “You couldn’t possibly have had it broken.” And Craig says: “I sew myself up when I get injured.”’ What his mother said connected with something I’d noticed. In what he said, he often went further than he needed to; further than he ought to have done. He appeared to start with the truth, and then, slowly, he would inflate his part until the whole story suddenly looked weak."
but then this court case came along and the judge was even harsher
>"Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."
but he didn't stop giving there
>willful and bad faith pattern of obstructive behavior
>submitting incomplete or deceptive pleadings
>filing a false declaration
>knowingly producing a fraudulent trust document
>giving perjurious testimony

and his cultists are still shilling this mongrel this compulsive liar and narcissistic sociopath. for what purpose? are those bags so heavy?

>> No.15880495
File: 222 KB, 1287x766, ups-ebike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Assuming the bonded courier arrives.
>HONK HONK- delivery for Mr Creg- HONK HONK

>> No.15880503

why don't you tell me, how creg 'founded' a company in 2017 that was formed in 2015 ?
Its like that time he created the Tu;lip Tust in 2011. With an 'aged' off-the-shelf company he bought in 2014. Your stories are JUST so much more interesting than mine, don't you find ?

>> No.15880512

>So Greg, you worked for Mr. Wright once yes?
now that would be an interesting angle, you got any actual sauce?

>> No.15880519

they 'resolved' that little difficulty
creg is (now) also the courier
and 100% of the still living/traceable trustees
>incredible. dont you think ?

>> No.15880535

>Your stories are JUST so much more interesting than mine
>than mine

Oopsie gregory, you are not supposed to admit that it's actually you xD

>> No.15880561
File: 990 KB, 807x699, gregs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we r all gregs
whatever keeps you happy. I'm not sure, you have any room for further contradictions n your world, y'see

>> No.15880569

How does that work?? Genuinely curious as this seemingly goes against his testimony in court.

>> No.15880583

It doesn't, basically.
It 'resolved' a contradicition going forwrds, which is the maximum extent of the care they take in making up bullshit. It also contradicted a ton of shit previously claimed under oath, but, hey, whats past is past, an all

>> No.15880597

>we r all gregs
okay but can i be the greg without that disgusting beard?

>> No.15880615

as long as bsv shills can still INSTANTLY recognise you(us/we/whatever) - fresh shaven gregs is all good with me tbqh

>> No.15880633
File: 69 KB, 597x694, 1568393134567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's much easier than you think.

>> No.15880677

yeah my only regret is we can't just kick lukejr out of core dev team, he is a fucking lunatic.
peter rizun is the only cashie i have any respect for.

>> No.15880717
File: 52 KB, 608x499, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't it funny that Peter Rizun BTFOed Craig lots of times.

>> No.15880721

As a BSVer I like these kind of naked admissions of who you like and don't like.

It tells me who is a snake and who isn't. Rizun, check. I've always been suspicious of him, esepcially leading up the fork.

So tell me friend, Is there someone in the BSV ecosystem you are taking a liking to? Or can tolerate?

>> No.15880724

Big Stinky Vagina

>> No.15880732
File: 87 KB, 617x614, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15880746

because he is actually a man of science. not without flaws but he is the only one that laid out a legitimate explanation why segwit is a bad idea as is and how it could go wrong. all the rest of the fudders are just "hurr it's bad, cause it's bad don't you see?" and "blockstream this and that, the (((jooos)))"

>> No.15880751

See >>15880721

The fact that BTC shills like Rizun tells me everything I need to know about him.

You are proving my point exactly.

>> No.15880759

>Is there someone in the BSV ecosystem you are taking a liking to?
i kinda like unwriter his crippling autism makes him quiet endearing.

>> No.15880774

Pretty mediocre attempt at reverse psychology, but nice try.

>> No.15880800

anyone that has proof that craig is a fraud is a shill? go back to your gardening and painting, syd b

>> No.15880809

you are a special kind of retard aren't you?

>> No.15880883

Why do you keep projecting?

>> No.15880905

>The fact that BTC shills like Rizun tells me everything I need to know about him.
what kind of fucked up thought process is that? and how can you be proud of it? it shouldn't surprise me coming from an sv shill but jesus christ...

>> No.15880926

BSV is Craig Wrong's attempt at a cash grab using Bitcoin's fame.

>> No.15880938

craig is a willing clown this is calvins shitshow

>> No.15880990

The easiest way to spot infiltrators, turncoats, saboteurs and other nefarious operatives is simply to pay attention to who your enemies refrain from criticizing, or even show praise towards.

YOU are my enemy, but you still do not recognize that every value judgement you make about a person or a process helps me better map out who else might be an enemy. I am literally giving you free shilling tips here.

When you call Reinhart an "honorable" judge, I know that he is corrupt. If he was in fact an honest judge, you would call him a fraud.

When you display likeness towards Rizun it confirms to me he is a snake.

The people you attack and smear the most are ones who are being the most effective in fighting you.

I listen closely to what my enemy is doing, and you are giving me many of the signals I need.

You are drawing the map for me.

>> No.15881033

>The easiest way to spot infiltrators, turncoats, saboteurs and other nefarious operatives is simply to pay attention to who your enemies refrain from criticizing, or even show praise towards.
no that's actually retarded, cause if there was an actual conspiracy there would be subterfuge and if there is no conspiracy then you just cucked yourself with your retardation.

>> No.15881056

>When you display likeness towards Rizun it confirms to me he is a snake.
btw ther is very few people more openly hostile towards craig and the bsv retardation than rizun. so like wtf dude? are you even serious? you claim to just learned he is your enemy? really? like the last 100 times he talked about bitcoin wasn't a clue? ahahahahah.

>> No.15881067
File: 250 KB, 966x1200, 1528804767391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is a conspiracy, and plenty of subterfuge to go around. In fact the deceptions never end. Retards like you (and Greg) who simply blabber unwittingly helps me know who to watch out for and who to back, because you just can't help give it away.

You are really terrible shills, and I am thankful for that.

>> No.15881080

I didn't just "learn" that, I've always known he was hostile to the real vision of Bitcoin. I never liked him much, but he did some good work back when BitCoin was still under the BCH exchange ticker. But whether he was an organic retard just bumbling through the world or a paid operative is something that I am not in a position to KNOW.

But people like you help me determine that.

>> No.15881106

These threads are so useless. "Some will believe, others won't." End of story. Until there's ever a strong court verdict, none of these arguments matter one iota of a fuckshit.

>> No.15881198

they are useless but for some reason letting the sv shills run their mouth unopposed feels wrong. they are like nazis and commies and all other loud mouthed retarded scum. world needs voices of reason even if it's tiresome even if it's been done to death.

>> No.15881274

You could just admit that you are paid to do it, it's obvious to everyone.

>> No.15881281

>double digit

>> No.15881551

you could just admit that you have brain damage, it's obvious to everyone.

>> No.15882554

and then IF the coins don't move, what would you make of it? would you consider the possibility that if the coins don't move until the end of January (2020) that there might be some inconsistency to what Craig said?

>> No.15882955
File: 86 KB, 1242x1219, Scaling_for_eth_btc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't actually care what Craig does with his coins. It matters very little to me in any way. I know for a fact that he is Satoshi, not because of anything to do with the tulip coins, signing or not signing, court case or no court case.

I am focused on building and scaling the technology of BitCoin. The more time that you spend focusing on Craig and whatever coins he has, the less time you have to build and develop a scaling competitor to BSV.

I regret to inform you, but if you don't have a blockchain that can compete, you simply lose by default.

Craig and the tulips is the laser pointer, and you are the cat. Keep chasing, while he keeps building. It's a losing strategy.

>> No.15883007

None of the good devs want to go to bsv simply because of craig. He burned every bridge. Its sad to see calvin practically begging devs to switch

>> No.15883055
File: 855 KB, 1969x4096, BSV_apps3_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is interesting, because the BSV dev space is growing rapidly at the moment. Lately we have many devs who has been working on eth switching over now, because they realized that eth can not scale. It's a dead end project.

All the innovation is happening on BSV now, because the technology just WORKS. Extremely low fees, instant transactions and it actually scales. It is really just Bitcoin as it was always meant to be.

This is the best advice I will give you: build a viable scaling competitor, or BSV is simply going to run you over. You are focusing on short term market prices, Craigs personality and other irrelevancies, while the superhighway financial infrastructure of the future is being built right in front of you.

>> No.15883097
File: 113 KB, 1024x768, D38YxzBWAAAigMt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I know for a fact that he is Satoshi
He's not Satoshi. He's just some weird faggot that lies constantly

>> No.15883113

Your claim ETH devs are going to BSV is baseless and lacks proof, just like craig claiming to be Satoshi

>> No.15883286
File: 24 KB, 856x136, CSW_black_swan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can believe that, but it doesn't matter in the end. Soon enough you will find out how hard Craig has outplayed you.

>> No.15883737

Nobody cares. craig has told so many lies that him making bullshit claims like your infographic mean absolutely nothing.

>> No.15884490

they're not his coins since he doesn't know the private key, doesn't have it, doesn't have a trust with the keys or whatever the fuck

here's another hint, the real scaling of bitcoin is called social scalability, it means that we have a surplus of computational power that can substitute big institutions like banks and insurance companies

your scalability is fucking useless, a centralized service is much faster than any of your bsv apps. and since decentralization is the whole point of crypto, you lose value on both ends, you are at the same time less decentralized than BTC and less efficient than paypal, congratulations lmao.
you don't have to take my word for it, the BSV coin is worthless and it will continue to be worthless since it serves no real niche. the market has decided the value of your coin: 1%, since Calvin still mines it at a loss, you have some hashrate left. but that's it, the moment calvin drops it, it's over.

you might never get it
my suggestion to you, if you want to truly understand what bitcoin is about, is to read Tim May's cypherpunk texts.
that is, if you're not just being paid to post here lmao

>> No.15884506

>I have built
the funny part is that Craig has no commits to BSV code, so he hasn't built jack fucking shit, even for the BSV ecosystem
there's 14 thousand commits, none made by craig

>> No.15884604
File: 55 KB, 479x361, cfe1e187cd5703d9d1513ae24937b4839e3a7f1c97972667f576b79a1b2874a6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They pay nChain a base 1.5 transaction fee on all transactions and they can use our IP

>> No.15884634

>dat infographic
dude half of those are unfinished shitprojects and stuff some nerd slapped together in an afternoon. lmao at you for parading this shitty infographic around like SV skull and oracle of bitcoin will change the world these are complete hobbyist tier projects hahahahah

>> No.15884663

that's so retarded, i seriously hope you're trolling.

>> No.15884690
File: 107 KB, 1186x407, BSVSHILL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot to change ip?

>> No.15884697

>63 posts by this ID
I go to sleep, wake up again and this faggot is still at it lmao. really hope youre getting paid for this boyo

>> No.15884786
File: 111 KB, 1691x755, Satoshi_serverfarms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to truly understand what bitcoin is about, is to read Tim May's cypherpunk texts

No thanks, I'll read the white paper and the posts by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Also funny side note that your airheaded comment reminded me of. Pull up the Bitcoin white paper and do CTRL+F

Type "decentralized"

>0 results


>0 results

You know nothing about Bitcoin or how it is supposed to work. You are a first class brainlet with Dunning-Kruger syndrome.

>> No.15884798

Imagine being this retarded.

>> No.15884812


>> No.15884843

Thx anon for some common sense among all these blockstream bandwagon faggots

>> No.15884850

Hahahaha Stupid ass calvin ayre just wasting money on shilling some shit nobody wants

>> No.15884860
File: 167 KB, 1002x619, leroux_paper__tech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Type "Paul Le Roux"

>0 results.

You all fucking fail at this. The main head was Le Roux.

>> No.15884869

Low energy

>> No.15884880

Fuck you jidf

>> No.15884892

You are seething feces right now

>> No.15884898

>52 posts

>> No.15884901

Wow great argument hadn't thought of that!

No wait, Craig is still a fraud and can't even code for the shitcoin he endorses.

>> No.15884918
File: 9 KB, 218x250, gregmaxwellbusted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hi greg

>> No.15884923
File: 965 KB, 2048x2048, gregmaxwellfaggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15884940

hi jimmy

>> No.15884951
File: 121 KB, 938x716, blockstreamscam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15884958

is it true you gave craig aids?

>> No.15884969
File: 272 KB, 1117x976, brockpierceepsteinconnection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Brock Pierce
>founded Tether
>caught up in a Hollywood pedophile ring scandal
>known to rub shoulders with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein
>active member of the Clinton Global Initiative
>received millions of dollars of investments from Goldman Sachs

>> No.15884973
File: 87 KB, 814x405, gregmaxwellepsteinconnection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15884979

Keep going jimmy, /biz/ is totally gonna buy your bags.

>> No.15884990

nice ID changing Gregory
what an epic fail

>> No.15885084

How can anyone give any credibility to bsd is beyond my understanding

>> No.15886083

Go to bed rory

>> No.15886407

switched id have you sv cuck?
samefagging thos hard

>> No.15886423

stop the debates and look at low market cap hidden gems. my recent find is Stegos

>> No.15886428

its a specific form of brain damage where you are unable to properly weigh evidence and probabilities and find the least likely thins most plausible

>> No.15886479

nobody cares about shitcoins m8
bitcoin is the only one that matters so kinda important question what is bitcoin? before 2017 this was a relatively simple question today however a loud minority raises hell about everyone being wrong.

>> No.15886744

Only because I'm about to hijack their whole operation

>> No.15886905
File: 37 KB, 562x750, 1568899529840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Smart /biz/ posters are accumulating patiently

>> No.15887087

Mid 2021. Keeps pushing up the date. Yawn.

>> No.15887495

this is an old screenshot and since then calvin has already backpedalled and said they actually dont want to hurt BTC and are all about peaceful coexistence. see the thing with these flip flopping retards is that sooner or later noone buys into their shit anymore when they just keep walking back on their promises.

>> No.15887735

apparently this can go on forever
true believers gonna ignore every red flag

>> No.15887751

I'm shocked of laughing

>> No.15887765

Very generous %.
It doesn't matter anymore. Shitcoins are being reviewed by bog standard players, BSV is getting an audience with central banks.

>> No.15887769

You can't crash an entire market like that.

>> No.15887938
File: 136 KB, 1362x477, grow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BSV is growing in use. In a few weeks would have more transactions than btc and a few months more than every other crypto.

It is too late to stop it now.
The racist, sexist and homophobic campaign against CSW is so anachronistic that only can be promoted by trolls.

It is time to bend the knee

>> No.15888229

what's the daily tx count without the shitty weather app? 2-3?

>> No.15888461
File: 453 KB, 3411x1461, mtgoxtrusteedumps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh yeah? Maybe you should look up what happened to the market when the MtGox coins from the Karpeles litigation were sold off.

A Tulip dump will obliterate everything.

>> No.15888742

unicorns will shit rainbows

>> No.15888815
File: 10 KB, 313x161, 1556746531893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15888939

I don't know why but I imagine his cheeks to be very soft and pillowy. Imagine thrusting your manhood into his faggot ass until his cheeks get totally BUSTED leaves me feeling hot. I'd imagine he would squirm a bit but ultimately capitulate allowing me to inseminate properly. At the end of act, his entry completely ruined and his soft tender cheks rosy red ugh mmmmm.

>> No.15889360

name calling

>> No.15889386

Announcing the first release of Bitcoin, a new electronic cash
system that uses a peer-to-peer network to prevent double-spending.
It's completely decentralized with no server or central authority.

>It's completely decentralized with no server or central authority.
>It's completely decentralized with no server or central authority.
>It's completely decentralized with no server or central authority.


>> No.15889403

when that fat alky bullshitter finally gets committed, I doubt it will be to github
rekt. as fucking per

>> No.15889456
File: 17 KB, 640x296, 1558886406481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15889507

you can insult me all you want
doesn't make the private keys appear in his possession
no matter how much you want it

>> No.15889725

what you no longer like imaginary things?

>> No.15889896

I wish I could see your face on the last day of January

>> No.15889918
File: 9 KB, 698x334, nchain_patents2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would a private software development company have commits to a public github. Are you that fucking stupid?

Welcome to patents.

>> No.15889930

BSV is bullshit and CSW is a scammer retard

>> No.15889943
File: 614 KB, 1760x1850, nChain_patents.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

zErO cOmMitS oN gIRtHurb

herp da fucking derp

>> No.15890027

anything pre 2016? cause by 2016 everything worth of mention in crpyto was published and mos things released...

>> No.15890061

LOL imagine believing that.

>> No.15890216

it's true actually the most important things were published pre 2009

>> No.15890229

what the fu......

>> No.15890243

Naaah,just don’t like gay porn.that’s all

>> No.15890270

it already did
the worst piece of shit in the entire crypto
congrats for the first place

>> No.15890407

no worries it's just patent trolling, it doesn't not affect any crypto that is not a commercial product and also nothing released pre 2018

>> No.15890559
File: 337 KB, 499x641, 1544834833582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Don't trust your eyes goy, these hundreds of patents on blockchain related and digital financial services technology is nothing. Hehehe. It's just patent trolling, you know I called it that so you don't think about it more. Hes just trolling hehehe, don't look anymore into this goy, you understand???

>> No.15890643

it's patent trolling but it's actually clever
they can hold oracle microsoft ibm and the rest at ransom when these retarded corps try to make their private blockchain solutions. if they play this right... then again going up against those giants fora toddler in diapers like nchain is very brazen.

as for the real cryptos this is inconsequential.

>> No.15890682

yes, creg versus Larry Ellison's Lawyers.
dear god. idk if nChain actually know that 'patents' are not a license to print money, but, an invitation to take someone else to court. And, they are provenly not very good at that court stuff, even up against complete amateurs. Larry'd fucking laugh at them

>> No.15890698

Actually makes sense what these dumb patents are all about.

>> No.15890767

If he is Satoshi, why is BSV do unimpressive and why is no one using it?


>> No.15890787


>> No.15890794

yeah calvin is no moron he saw a new frontier years ago and decided to carve out as big a slice of it - by any means - as it is possible.

pre 2019 patents were very low quality easily dispensable. these look better just by the title at least 10% would stick. rest will be thrown out on the grounds of previously published and known / too generic / too specific and not applicable. but the sheer numbers make it a possibility they win some. patents cost a few grand a possible settlement a few millions or maybe more.

>> No.15890916

Can't wait to see what this board will look like in 5 years when BSV dominates

>> No.15891109

no code
lol that's why I said grand finale
you came to the open source town and can't seem to get anything
also none of these patents are enforcing anything

>> No.15891127
File: 23 KB, 598x467, 2024 time traveler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15891562

craig was abysmal in court but calvins lawyers might actually do a lot better. not a high bar i admit.

>> No.15891717

I'm kind of assuming (maybe wrongly) cregs lawyers were calvins. Because, if my firm was relying on stolen IP, I know where Iras lawyers will come knocking next. Still, maybe they'll settle, maybe cregs the real owner of nChain, maybe pigs will fly. And while its also unfair to judge any lawyers given that fucking idiot creg for a client, even removing him frm the equation won't help much. Oracle Larry is, as suggested, different calibre altogether. He'd have calvin 'n co. dangling off one of his yachts as live fishbait, time he was done. Assuming any of these patents are worth jack in the first place

>> No.15892378

>lol that's why I said grand finale
>you came to the open source town and can't seem to get anything
>also none of these patents are enforcing anything

Bsv has prven to have best tech right now, Satoshi will not allow scamer take advantage of the next pahse invention as they did with bitcoin and so called cryptocurrencies.

He knows how to build, but he don{t want to be the mighty god, He knows that is some sort of poison, he is christian.

So he is allowing plebs to build and be rich, because, you know, he already madde it.

The problem of this board is that most people want to be rich by crypto, he already did that and he is looking for something bigger. Think of him like temurlan, julius cesar, or gandhi, he is in another level

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