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Is Ethereum a safe bet in the long run. ? How much is needed for get to a million from ETH alone?

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1 billion

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>Is Ethereum a safe bet in the long run. ?
>How much is needed for get to a million from ETH alone?
A million ETH to be safe, but only 5,263.157894736842 ETH RN

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No such thing as a safe bet in such an immature field as crypto, but of the blockchains that do exist, ethereum is the safest. It has both the most potential and the most momentum.

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Also, why this thread AGAIN? Are we crawling with newfags?

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Safe? The most you’ll be able to get is like. A 20-50x

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i view ETH as essentially an index fund...safer than individual stocks, but by no means guaranteed to be safe.

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>holding any amount of Ethereum
Absolutely brainlet reddit cuck tier

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Unscalable, infinite supply, ETH 2.0 delayed for at least 2 years etc
Smart contracts aren't unique to the platform

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>ethereum is the safest.
this right here is so fucking stupid. ETH is an unmitigated disaster. the codebase is complete fucking garbage that the devs do not have a handle on. it is unscalable BY DESIGN and as such it is unusable for anything requiring scale, e.g. anything successful.
>but muh ETH 2.0
2021-2022 dumbass. that's how long we have to wait for ETH to scale, when ETH 2.0 is done. It is not at all clear that they we bill able to ever deliver on ETH 2.0, but if they do it will be years from now.
>safest bet in crypto
those are some heavy bags talking right there. eth is dead man walking.
>but muh devs
>script kiddies copy and pasting shit smart contracts together... we have thousands of devs goys!
>ConsenSys employees whose sole function is to pump the ETH bags of the founder of ConsenSys. sorry goys, had to fire hundreds of you this year because ConsenSys is not profitable if ETH isn't pumping
devs developing ETH 2.0 like it is a fucking email client.
>don't worry goys, we'll patch the fuck out of it after we launch.
financial operating platform with billions on the line and they develop it like it were a shit AAA video game and hopefully nothing breaks when they patch the fuck out of it later. nothing has been learned from the first gen ETH clusterfuck.
>Safest bet in crypto goys

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500 eth

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You forgot
>p-please buy my stinkie bags

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Eth is safe in the short-middle term. After that, chances of delays and hard fork due to bugs is huge. And there are smaller caps with higher return in middle term.

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Anon is it you on the pic? Ethereum is unacalable by design just like bitcoin and yet sharding is Ethereum scaling? KEK

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>And there are smaller caps with higher return in middle term.
Which ones are available on coinbase?

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Currently I'm in ETH, it's in a nice uptrend and you'll see some good gains. Although, in order to make $1million, I'm not sure how much ETH you'd need, that depends on how proficient you are at swing trading. Just know, its short term bullish right now. ETH is a good project but it has no hype, it's going to typically be around it's mean price and settle around a region that neither overvalued nor undervalued, it's good to trade now, not later.
Goodluck anon.

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Kek you sound like pic related. Did you write the original pasta?

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>Ethereum is unacalable
corrent anon
>sharding is Ethereum scaling
Ethereum is not sharded dumb fuck. or are eth bagholders playing make-believe and fantasizing that planned aspirational sharding features for future ETH implementation are actually implemented and live? jesus fuck the pajeetery of eth bagholders is impressive.

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tldr; you need like 300 eth right now to be a millionaire at the next local top.

ETH2 is going to crush so hard. Literally experimental technology. The level of autism has reach insane. Its like putting man on mars or some shit. Basically, removing the chinese cabal from control over the crypto universe. they are liberating us all and in turn building a new world where we are not bound by economic laws instilled by governments. Others have promised this tech but will not achieve because the level of complexity far outfits competitors. this is relatively hard to understand from a laypersons perspective.

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Seems like Neo is willing to move faster and break things, Eth has gotten too big and needs a complete re-release with 2.0

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if you are posting FUD in this thread its quite obvious the fear index is unparalleled. Ratio is primed for explosion. Dont be idiots this is not some vaporware get rich scheme. these levels are 4 year median price average. buying under 200 is a literal no brainer

i swear theres a group of fags on this board who troll the same garbage every ether thread they need to get a fucking life.

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Kek based

This type of autistic fud, I would have normally ignored. But I was reading about the latest devcon and they also confirmed it wouldn’t be ready for another 2 years, so I’m starting to believe it really is fucked

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OP these are hired Pajeets from the Legendary Biz Discord, and from Blockstream (which are salty since ETH kicked out their undercover employees (ex.Afri) which were maliciously suppressing and delaying development, just as they have done to BTC). Ironically ETH will literally hit 8k and will Flip BTC during the next bull run. Just as the announcement of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance kicked started the 2017 altcoin bullrun. So too shall the ETH 2.0 all the alts are waiting for this, their waiting for ETH, The Legendary Biz Discord is desperate to grow their bags and so they fud.

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>How much is needed for get to a million from ETH alone?
500 eth would be enough if you don't mind waiting 20 years

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>ETH 2.0 delayed for at least 2 years
where is everyone getting this information from? its rolling out in phases, phase 0 is coming Q1 2020. super-quadratic and exponential sharding will get scaling the rest of the way.
>but muh devs
lots of partnerships already and a somewhat mature toolchain, after phase 2 (eWASM) everyone will be able to use emscripten and all the other toolchains being developed for webassembly with tons of backing.

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Any more statistical diarrhea you can pull out of your ass for us?

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emscript is going to blow the fucking gates off solidity. basically and entire library of already developed modules and tools readily accessible in a blockchain compiled environment. mind boggling

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based. Biz needs more people like you. The ETH fanboys on this board are so fucking cringe. Turning this place into plebbit. They worship Vitalik because of his autism, and can't think critically beyond that.

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kek at saying this in a sea if Sergay worshipping.

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what is the philosophy behind eth? Smells like a failed project to me

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Also holding eth, But i would also suggest UOS
It has some great potential and with their beta launching soon this is going to be huge

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Nothing is safe or a sure thing in crypto. But BTC, ETH and XMR are better than the "alternatives"

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At least some people have the courage to speak out here. Fucking ETH drones should be gassed.