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How can make money from fuck prostitute?

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fuck her and then rob her clothes then sell the clothes

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>How can make money from fuck prostitute?
the most obvious way is to video tape yourself fucking the prostitute and selling the video. Or live stream it.
Or you can fuck hookers and then write about your experiences and make money through blogs or books.

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kill her and sell her body parts

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an actual answer:

have a fairly new car. wear a suit.

go to your local foodbank. park outside.

wait for hotties.

walk up to them "hey, do you know where the foodbank is? i'm supposed to be volunteering there!"


invite them to go for a meal (they're starving)

proposition. £1,000/week for working for me.

drive them around to appointments. done.

bonus points for anonymously paying someone in bitcoin, to go out and recruit grils for you. allow him to take cash payments then sent you a 60% cut in btc.

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Get two other dicks and out your dick on her ass, another dick in her pussy and the third dick in her mouth and make sure you film it

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thats a lot dicks

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and how exactly do you make money from fucking a prostitute in this scenario?
Being a pimp and fucking a prostitute is not the same thing. You make money from the prostitute fucking other guys in this scenario.

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you fuck her. naturally. she's a prostitute. and you're profiting from her as well as fucking her. this fits op's request very very closely at the least.

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talking of hookers, check this one who literally lives on my street. 5 mins from now i could be dickdeep in teenage baby bazooka for the sake of 60 quid. and it's entirely legal in the uk. feelsamazingman.

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if you're more attracted to haggard, sleeve-like, stinking ladybacon which is strewn with the pathogens of decades of dicks, it's you who is the atypical fetishist, son. i bet you're the kinda dude who pays pensioner-esque prozzies to suck 3 oysters out of their crotch, and jizz like a god when you inexplicably suck out 4.

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eugh. i googled "granny fanny" just to respond to you. that e-history is now eternally etched on my internet footprint, and you've ruined my lunch.

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didnt you learn anything from gta san andreas?

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