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seeing alot of pro crypto twitter suddenly saying its done for, maybe the best time to invest unironically

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It's never going to be adopted and there is no use for it. Except buying drugs online.

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Novelty is wearing off.

And no, there will be no next 2017 with the public buying absolute trashcoins.

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That's already a pretty good use as well as using it for gambling and maybe big purchases. Moving millions worth of BTC should be faster than moving millions of USD

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Yeah, but a smart person won't put millions into a fluctuating asset like btc. Unless they're really fucking desperate.

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Novelty is the perfect term. The only reason it still has value are all the normies who invested a couple hundred and haven't sold yet. Next time the economy crashes you can bet btc is going first, when everyone pulls their money

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These are obviously manipulated pumps to trap bulltards. If you are buying right now then you are the dumbest of money.

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>And no, there will be no next 2017 with the public buying absolute trashcoins.
lol are you kidding
what do you think is going to happen when bitcoin is 150k and still no one understands what it is

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Are ppl dumb enough to honeslty beleive it is ever going that high? It’s never reaching 20k again, and ppl who think it could hit 100k are making up shit to get new ppl in to dump their heavy bags on

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High IQ anons.

Feels re-assuring to have some intellects on here, not just STINKlets and bagholders from 2018.

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you haven't learned anything from the last ten years have you?

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there is no way in hell that thot knows how to play chess

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what is the case for bitcoin going to 150k though, it would have to be USD going to shit

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big buy signal this thread is

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Most retarded group of the evening. Congrats

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halvening gets the price to a new ATH and we start another round of retail fomo. This leads to a "dot com" bubble with a multi trillion market cap

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This is a thinly vieled FUD thread, run by pajeets or kikes, still haven't decided. Just remember folks, 3rd world subhuman animals are allowed to post here without repercussion, you bet your ass they want your coins for cheap.

Flags so we can identify the subhumans would be the first step towards improving this cesspool.

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Drug dealers would

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drug dealers would buy cars or houses or gold

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>retard wojak as the only counter argument

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It hardly fluctuates anymore though

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Right. Because letter agencies aren't curious where the money for the houses and cars came from.
Crypto bull runs are the perfect excuses. "Yes, I bought this token on forkdelta 3 years ago and made these $20 millions". No, there is no proof and no KYC and nothing. It's crypto after all".
Most of the illegal money in the world is getting washed through crypto now.

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The fact remains that btc is a terrible store of value , and no one actually uses it to buy things. It’s only use is as a vehicle for gambling. It’s popular among shitty third world countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe , that should tell you something .

Yes it mooned in the past, because ico hype, market manipulation, and normie fomo. Those things are all over and not coming back. The majority of ppl who bought on the run up to 20k have all sold and never looked back.

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Are you retarded, drug dealers buy drugs you dump fucking pajeet. What do they buy drugs with? Btc. The illegal drug market in the U.S. probably has a bigger market cap then McDonald's and car companies combined.

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how would a drug or terrorist rinse 6million dollars worth of crypto with all exit ramps are monitored by KYC exchanges

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No, I mean drug dealers would make big BTC transitions since they have most of their money in BTC because that's what people use nowadays to buy drugs. BTC is just perfect for criminals especially now that it's worth a lot.

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I actually use btc with my dealer though.

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Why wouldn’t you use a privacy coin like monero?

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even if drug money was keeping crypto afloat(likely) that still doesnt explain how it would goto 150k

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according to this
"With estimates of $100 billion to $110 billion for heroin, $110 billion to $130 billion for cocaine, $75 billion for cannabis and $60 billion for synthetic drugs, the probable global figure for the total illicit drug industry would be approximately $360 billion. Given the conservative bias in some of the estimates for individual substances, a turnover of around $400 billion per annum is considered realistic."

400billion even if that figure were wrong lets say the true number was 800billion wouldnt explain how crypto would get to 150k a coin

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OTC buy from any chink exchange no questions asked. Binance and Kucoin do OTC without KYC.

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Well, I don't know if BTC would ever get to $150k and I don't know why you just pulled that number out of thin air.
BTC could reach $100k thanks to the halvings and supply/demand. If institutions and wealthy people see BTC as a truly digital gold then I can't see why the price wouldn't skyrocket as mining stops. That's roughly a 10x from here. BTC did that 4 times already.

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amazing how all the world's female chess players are able to fill one entire room

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Yeah. She is a unicorn though, FIDE over 2k and she is pretty

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Because normies haven't realized that buying MDMA, cocaine, and LSD online is 500x safer and easier than buying it on the street yet.