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So the people who say Craig Wright is really Satoshi and that he's not a total con artist are all actually just trolling right? I don't get it. Or are there people actually that stupi... oh

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It's a meme so newfags lose their money

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mostly schizophrenics

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He's the real deal

BSV is the trade of the century and big blocks are a huge moneymaker

Screenshot this

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Oh yeah, CSW has already signed privately *many* times btw

By the time he does a public proof, it'll be way too late

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So? People will just hatdfork bsv if that were true just to piss him off even more

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Hardfork the parents retard

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Classic schizo bsv poster. They all seem to talk like this. Grandiose ramblings that never seem to make any point.

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Anti bsv shills are link fags

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I don't support any altcoin, those are scams. I only hold Bitcoin.

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Do you not remember the hash war? Its going to take a lot more money next time to succesfully hard fork away plus this time BSV will have home court advantage branding wise as opposed to bch previously having an easier time colluding with exchanges. I doubt bsv ever hard forks for this reason.

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Paid shills and trolls. Also some 4chan contrarians that will always take the less popular opinion. The rest are full on retards.

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found him
hi greg

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its all BS. His "private signings" are likely some sort of con trick. This guy as as fake and a fraud as it can get. Don't believe him. He's very good at luring people into his Bullshit. It's lies lies lies and at the end he never delivers.

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>Blockstream FUD script.

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It's has all ready happened, BCHABC forked away from BitCoin

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