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2017/2018 LINK holders, how does it make you feel when you see this sort of thing? Isn't incredible how people are scraping large amounts of fiat together just to get a suicide stack that cost you $300 or so when you actually DYOR?

It's such a bizarre feeling —just imagine how it will continue when they are saying things like

>Almost got my first 100 LINK! WEW LAD

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Within 5 years there’ll be whales with a stack like that

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Seeing anons getting JUSTed from trying to swing 1k LINKIES left with 400 or less.
I remember the mockery when it crashed from a dollar back down to 20 cents. That will never happen again

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>I remember the mockery when it crashed from a dollar back down to 20 cents. That will never happen again
Me too man...me too...

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hey thats me lol

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>Me too man...me too...

You have been added to the hall of fame. Soon your stack will be multitudes greater than the next generation.

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No im saying that screenshot is literally my post from earlier today.
anyway better late then never. I didnt know about link or even /biz/ for that matter until this year. The only boards i browsed where /fit/ and /gd/.
But even I know a good thing when i see it. I envy the whales but understand they took the risk so they deserve the reward.

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I enjoy by this math as wagie with 12k like me one day might be regarded as a mega whale.

Luckily I plan on holding at least 90% of my stack until that happens. Must be funny seeing whale alerts go off when you shift your stack.

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they laughed at us for years, but now we’re the ones laughing

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I feel nothing and havent for awhile

t. ~90k @ 30c

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>Must be funny seeing whale alerts go off when you shift your stack.
16k here. Looking forward to that. I will move it once in a while just to scare the noobs.

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Same senpai, 100% same.

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ICO chad here, I paid like 1500 bucks for an 11k stack, now it doesn't even get me 1000 linkies, crazy shit

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I paid roughly 7k all said and done for a comparable stack. Which is still a bargain by today’s standards, I got enlightened a little late, at least I’m not a shitbird nulinker.

Worse imagine being a coping roping no linker. The horror.

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How does ot feel that ita gonna be atound 2$ for the next 2-3 years?

Fat Sergey will keep dumping 700k
Do you think the price is going to reach 4 $ in the next year?

Fat Sergey.jpg

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Its the one thing i got right in my life, but its still nothing unless those gains are realized

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I wish I had more money back then honestly. If you were around ICO you'd know how crazy it was. People were so mad because they missed by one block then they realized 30m of 32m was sold in presale.

Then SIBOS pump&dump came, after that everything mooned in 2017 bull market except link.

Fuck man it's been more than 2 years where the fuck has time gone.

I remember bringing my laptop to my wagecuck job just to get into the ICO and here we are, top 15 still climbing.

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Same lmao

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I don't have any, I thought y'all were meming. Should I buy high?

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If you're being serious you're either a fucking retard or you need to lurk moar

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I came into the game about dec 18. I was reading the threads after getting burnt bad in the crash (the memes were top notch) and somewhere something an autist posted just clicked in my head.

Some of the SWIFT/inter banking slides maybe, Fed Reserve shit. Never had my stomach drop so hard in my life when I realized I was a nolinker, mad scramble to here. Paid a premium, but got my stack.

Godspeed Marine.

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I came here about two weeks ago after some anon went to /pol/ and started talking shit about hownhe was going to become elite. So I read the Link white paper, looked around and discovered soke big names were using it. Converted some left over bitcoin and threw in a few hundred bucks and bought 270 links. Have doubled my outlay at this point.


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LINK triggered my spidey sense because somewhere deep inside of me is a Very Smart Person. Everything I see indicates huge movement beneath the waters, behind the scenes.

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Yeah it's kinda weird but not that unrealistic, yes we're at a 10x from bottom right now (and personally, all things added up I'm over 5x) but I don't really have a big feeling of a high, it's not really life changing money yet.

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I am in the top 900 LINK holders in the world. Me, a 23 year old man, am in the top 1% of holders of an asset that will transform the blockchain ecosystem as we know it.


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I lived through the last peak and my gut says 1000 LINK will be worth around a quarter million at the peak of the next bull run. 1000 LINK will be a modestly decent latecomer's stack.

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feels fucking good that im an 18 year old with a 2.3k stack who's been buying since april last year, me and my friend were buying 200-300 LINK for legit 75 usd looooool
wagecucked, educated myself and been buying since age 17, I AM THE KING OF ALL ZOOMERS

gonna be holding this shit for years and by the time i'm 25 if all goes well for LINK I will be balling, regardless of my somewhat small stack size.

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Yeah, my tinfoil receptor did the same thing. Just after the great Bitcoin desolation of late '17 early '18.
I decided that was a good time to enter and started reading white papers and /biz/ cause I figured there had to be a way to monetize all conspiracy meme thinking

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I know that haunting feel anon

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harmony is fucking BASED.
Nolinkers should be frothing at the mouth at the prospect.

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at a glance it's just another shitcoin with a very strong technical team, which doesn't matter for fuck all. spidey sense not triggered. good luck.

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internet is firstly and foremostly for science and telecommunication, plus military and national security, founded in 1960s, not a hobbyist toy project

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i might buy a couple hundred bucks just to support them since i'm a developer myself and they're legit, but it'll probably not go anywhere

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Video games make more money than literally every other media on earth.

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Pic related is a retard. No internet without bitcoin, yeah sounds very smart. Without the internet and the evolution of the protocols, there would be no Bitcoin. Or does he think that it would just magically pop out of nothing? Blockchain and crypto is simply the next step. Chainlink seems kind of important, even though it's not even truly a blockchain as it seems and the Cybil resistance will supposedly come from true blockchains like Ethereum 2.0. The more access to the internet people get because of smartphones, the dumber they seem to get because of the overwhelming garbage on the internet.
No (You) me.

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Are you the anon from the other thread that met her in high school and you haven’t seen her for three years. I replied there lol, it will only get harder, until you meet someone new, or at least a new crush.
>met her 10 years ago, high school like you
>she studied abroad for a year
> dreamt about her and fantasized about her everyday because I was too sick to go to school
> she comes back dating a really rich guy
She still shows up in my dreams as beautiful as when I first met her. Actually saw her by accident as I was driving once, brought it all back. I suspect many of us anons are here for similar reasons. Partial or full incels will inherit the earth, and so will the link chads.
It’s funny, after shit moons I might run into her when I need financial/legal services, I kind of want to pick her firm and see if they assign her to the team they give me. Her new bf is as rich as the last guy if not richer, but he can’t be that rich or smart because he’s white collar wagecucking and not balling out. I will buy a lambo and drive it there, ask her if she wants to catch up, and bam lambo time. I know I sound like I’m 15, my soul is still there in some ways, hoping to get that magic back, now I just have meme magic.

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Today is 10 years since we first started going out together.

Despite being OP, I am shocked and amazed at how this turned out.

I am ready to exit the matrix now, and so are you.

>>>> Everything is everything. <<<<

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Yes I'm the same anon. Our relationship was completely by chance. I cannot control my dreams and she shows up in them almost every night for a month and it makes me feel lonely. Most of the things in my dreams are not sexual, It's just a craving of wanting someone to have interactions with. I know the redpill and that it's an illusion since no happiness and love from a woman will last forever, I just haven't been able to do what makes me happy(since I live in the city). I do love nature and camping, So as I said if I ever make it I'd like to move to the montana mountains and live my life in peace out there. That would truly make me happy. I'm not drawn on her because of the sexual things I did with her, I crave her attention from her that I used to have. It was fucking infectious and she made my high school experience one of the best.

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Also as you said, I'm sure we'll meet these people later in life. I know this is not the last time I will see her. I haven't met anyone as unique as her and that shared my opinions and experiences, It was one of the reasons I am so hooked on her. She always thought of the same thing as soon as I would say something. I truly think she is some guardian angel, She always remembered my birthday.

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>how does it make you feel when you see this sort of thing? Isn't incredible how people are scraping large amounts of fiat together just to get a suicide stack that cost you $300 or so when you actually DYOR?

I wanted to get into bitcoin back in 2013 but I thought I had to mine to get into it; didn't realize I could buy it directly. Didn't jump into crypto till last year. I missed out on (thankfully) the crash and after Ethereum's claim to fame.

So no, I feel no such a way to nulinkers. You have to start somewhere and fortunate comes to those who are at the right place and at the right time, and more importantly, are PREPARED to take up the opportunity. I won't look down on nulinkers for getting in on this "late". If you could jump in on the BTC at $10 even though it started off at less than 50 cents, would you?

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this is fucking horrible man

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great gatsby

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damn bro, goodluck and godspeed

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Funny also you mention partial or full incels, Some of us have had sexual experiences with women and we know how great it is, But we also know what women are in the modern society. Women cannot fathom how we can turn the pussy away, But they forget what comes with it in the modern sense.

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>tfw half believed you niggers years ago
>didn't have any fiat to invest
I'm in now but I'm crying.

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You realise there are 350 million linkies in circulation right

There’s only 18 million BTC and ~100 million ETH

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That's volcel not incel

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2.55 baybeee

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I paid around 20k for 25k LINK and 1.4 LP shares

I'm so fucking comfy

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Ask yourself why you liked her and what insecurity of yours she filled the gap for.

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I traded ~2k stinkies today to get 32 ETH so I can stake in both.
It blows my mind that something that cost me $400 was able to get me something worth $32,000 at its all time high. The future is looking comfy!

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Haha you're set for life pat yourself on the back champ

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Is it too late to buy at this point?

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If you stake that ETH on compound dapp in coinbase wallet, you can borrow against it, get more ETH, trade it for LINK, and use the profit to pay back the loan. I know I didn't explain this well but it'll work.

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I think you can very safely buy up until double or even triple digits.

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Fuck, that sounds neat, but Coinbase has banned me twice now because I used my accounts for selling btc I made off the darknet back in ~2015. Anytime I try to create a new account now they deny me at the ID verification step.
I'm tempted to try out crypto.com's staking service though, but it seems higher risk of course than through coinbase.

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800-900 is not 1% of 66,000 wallets

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You will get a few years older and she will hit the wall and you’ll wonder what the fuck you were thinking. It’s a very strange sensation. They all look like dogshit after 30.

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ICO chad as well here, it’s going to be a wild next couple of years boys. Got some family members in as well all under $1

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When are we hitting $10? I need a little of my money back.

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Anyone know how many total wallets hold chainlink now?

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Dicks in my ass.

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underrated post

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I tried to warn /v/ several times, I got banned several times. Still worth it if at least one anon got converted.

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>muh circular subbly
read the whitepaper, brianlet

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Incel = man that recognizes the sorry state of women as a whole in modern society and wants nothing to do with it (even if they had/ are having sex or in a relationship)
Neet = men that recognize the sorry state of modern society as a whole and wants nothing to do with it ( even if it's fully employed)

There's a lot of incels here that can get laid but prefer not to and neets that are working their asses off to get more links

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>fully employed
NEETs do not have jobs.

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I'm what you call a Volcel (voluntarily celibate) I have had multiple explicit offers for sex (ridiculous shit; girls pinching my ass, girl telling me she will fuck me to my face to the point I thought it was a joke and then her being mad at me later because I didn't realize she was serious, meeting girls for the first time then later my friend will tell me she thought I was hot and wants to bang, etc.) but I usually don't pursue because ultimately I know it will lead to fleeting promiscuity but no true bond and only temporary fulfillment (plus the effort that I know will be required is too much for my opinion of the worth of the girl/ have better shit to do with my time/ sexual market place is out of wack feel like I'm degrading myself).

I guess what blackpilled me was my success with women and I think you will find this with many "chads" or men that have had great success, some will settle down with "the one" and luck out but many of these high sexual value men will be burned by the same hypergamy that they themselves benefited from in the past when they finally try settling down with a long-term partner.

The shit that I witnessed in high school being on the top of the food chain for a while was wild:
>girls cheating on their men after years of dating with out a second thought
>white girls making out with all sorts of mystery meat at clubs drunk out of their minds getting finger blasted on the dance floor
>girls getting fucked in alleyways outside of clubs or on the dance floor
>girls fucking multiple guys the same nights at house parties
>girl gave a blow job to 5 different guys the same night and made out with some of them too (kek)
>seeing how girls will literally obey ANYTHING you tell them if they think you are top of the foodchain

tl;dr: women are completely at the whim of their emotions and need to have their sexuality controlled, just like unchecked masculinity is bad (murder, war), unchecked femininity is just as bad or worse

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>Incel = man that recognizes the sorry state of women as a whole in modern society and wants nothing to do with it (even if they had/ are having sex or in a relationship)
that's volcel you absolute fucking retard

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1000 eoy niggeR

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Nice bait faggot. Kys incel

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>link tokens are meant to be staked in nodes, literally pulled from circulation

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I was the guy that told you it will be worth 6.57 million. How many people are actually on this board?

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packed my bags for most of 2018, started in January and stopped because 45 cents pissed me off and I felt like I had enough.
I feel nothing. it's not time to sell yet and it's not like I needed to feel vindicated. this shit is obviously vital to crypto and will be valued as such in the coming years. good shit but money means fuckall if you don't know how to live, and if you do, you don't need all that much money anyways.