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You linkfags know your success will largely be thanks to the legitimacy Ripple/XRP is bringing to the crypto space, right? The worldwide institutional and normie adoption we are going to see in the next 3-5 years would take 7-10 without all the work Ripple as a company has done around the globe. I don't see why we have to hate each other. I have plenty of both in my portfolio.

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Kek. OP we ain't bros, xrp is more like brothers of vechain, a chink hustle minus the chinks.

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While you’re not helping our cause with this pussy ass post, the tribalism is counter productive.

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>t. 8th grader who doesn't know how commas work.

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No larp, I uploaded Avengers Endgame to the Ripple Blockchain.

Feel free to report this to Disney Anons.

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Ripple is the product of a bunch of graphic designers thinking they're world chaining innovators. XRP is the stinkiest of all shitcoins.

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Those graphic designers are pretty great at partnering with world banks and financial institutions though. The fastest coin with the lowest fees is an absolute shitcoin.

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xrp can handle 1500 continuous, but it can go as high as 50,000 and higher if needed TPS.

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and no visa can only handle 20k TPS.