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About to hit ATL

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>Sell low, hold lower.

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imagine holding this vaporware shitcoin lol

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at least fud when the coin is red

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seriously.. looks like it is headed to 1 sat. The supply is crazy and stupid ERC20 shitcoins always get hit the hardest when BTC is fucked.

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ninja plz

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>27sats as always

whatever your cropped chart with inscription says, m8. Arent you bored btw? typing the same buzzwords over and over and over?

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well that is a good option, and check out Telecoin as well cause you may hit the jackpot.

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Listen to the cuck. He won't make it tho

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Sold it for ALGO yesterday, I think its nice play. ALGO has lost of room to pump and hasnt yet since the binance listing.

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seems bullish to me

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did 2017 teach you nothing?

have fun with your future 70% loss anon.

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for a stable coin it sure goes down a lot. this is just a huobi IEO scam like Harmony

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>p.please sell

no,no,no ranjeet you must try harder

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This. Even maker dao is more stable. Why would any sane person hold this?

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>Why would any sane person hold this
sane people wouldn't just nubiz falling for SatsGang's bullshit. let them get rekt

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>for a stable coin
Idk if you're just fucking retarded or I took the bait.

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stick to link stinky linky

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link will perform well this coming bullrun.

RSR on the other hand will bleed sats indefinitely. don't say you weren't warned when you wake up in 2022 penniless.

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link is way outperforming RSR fren. I'm dumping the rest of my RSR to get more stinky. RSR isn't moving and won't for months.

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>p.please sell

no,no,no ranjeet you must try harder

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>4% circulating
And biz wonders why they always lose.

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Someone wake me up when this gets added to another exchange... ching chong ping pong.

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