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Although I'd never call one for an escort, because that would seem too gay. What I hope for is I just casually happen to meet a ladyboy when I'm out an about, flirt, pretend like I don't know that they have a dick (though it's obvious from their voice), and set up a date. Then we go on a date and have a great time and we go back to my place at which point we start making out and I go to rub her crotch, grab a handfull of balls, and act shocked. She'll apologize and be embarrassed and I'll make a little speech about how it's ok and that I really like her and I'm not gonna let this come between us. Then I'd pound her boipucci all night long.

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I wanna cum on this chick's dick

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You're gay bro.

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no, they're going to bang me

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Based. This is my /makeit/ plan too.

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Why not find a girl into anal sex? They exist. Keep your dignity, my friend

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i banged 20 already. im 26

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Sauce boss?

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>then I'd pound her boipucci all night long.
I think you mean fuck that dude in the ass. Congrats OP hope your AIDs follow you into hell

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>Why not find a girl

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because they dumb and useless

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what things would you do if you turned into this girl?

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