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I think I'm going to kill myself, this is not a joke thread. Im prettt fed up with this clown world, I'm tired of seeing nothing but retards and niggers before me. I just want some fucking freedom, what the fuck is wrong with wanting that? Why do boomers just have to cling on to everything they touch and ruin it? Did I already die? Am I in hell? What the fuck.

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Checked. Nice blog +1

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I know man, I just mcfuckin had it. I don't want to lose my mind and snap and go shoot up all my neighbors in minecraft. I just feel like no one really gives a fuck about me, just what they can get from me or out of me. I just want somw fucking freedom.

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don't. just wait.

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I give a fuck about you

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me too fren

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I'm telling you. I don't want to go shoot up my neighbors and their little kids in my new fictional book im writing, but I'm pretty fucking pissed. My whole life has been a lie, and its been shit. Things need to happen soon.

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>>SIBOS, NEXT EVENT, NEXT MONTH, $10, $100, $1000, $10000, $100000, ETC, ETC

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Suicide doesn’t destroy pain, it only transfers it to those around you. Even if you have no family you will traumatize the people who have to clean you up.
My best friend capped himself, the pain never goes away.

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on a personal note, sorry guys but you chose the wrong horse. you even probably fudded a project that should have taken link's place. this is nobody's fault but your own and that fat walrus sirgay. it'll never happen, fr, fr this time.

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In my draft for my fictional book ive already figured out what it would take to start all of their houses on fire, I'm pretty sure my neighbors are all glowies.

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Good, I'd like everyone to taste the burden I've been bestowed since forever if I decide to do it. I've been a good boy. I just want freedom.

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If I decide to publish my new fiction book that is.

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But leave your neighbors alone in your book, they don't deserve that.

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Just read your other posts, my friend also had thoughts that you say you don’t have. He was too serious about things.
Freedom is self-generated, not given.
I recommend being less hard on yourself. By that I mean recognize that your time on Earth is short, and you might as well try to find joy. Do you like animals fren? Maybe work with animals at a shelter or rescue or sanctuary.
I had a fucked up childhood and have chronic pain but I figure that there’s no point in an heroing unless I’m stuck in a fat man’s rape dungeon. I love you anon, I really do. We are all one autistic family here.
Take walks in nature if you can. Find something to control in your life like diet, exercise, education, or a project, but also try to have fun.

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What’s your burden friend? Were you repeatedly sexually abused as a child? Did you grow up in a war zone?

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>mfw dub zeros twice in the same thread.

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Im not going to but damn if I don't get so pissed that I couldn't think of such a draft. Juat fucking sucks man I want my own life!!!!! Not workinf for jews or retards

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The way I've been feeling, is that I literally live in a mental prison, sentenced to life. No parole.

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No, if I was I'd murder the abuser.

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Tired of seeing evil run this world.

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Made this thread because I know my glow nigger neighbors can see this. I want them to relay a message to their chain of command. I need this to pump soon. Or else.

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To all marines contemplating suicide:
Please kindly burn your LINK prior to sedoku
That is all

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And I want a 100x by next month.

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Right there with you friend

I hate everything and everyone. I'm unironically happily married, own a business, top 15 MBA, make good money, full-time job on top of the business.

I like my business. I like my wife.

I fucking hate everything else. The world is a cesspool that everyone enjoys swimming in because they are easily manipulated retards.

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At least you have a wife. I hope we all make it soon man.

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kill this guy in your book anon

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hate to break it to you but even if you "make it" you will never be free with that mindset

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checked and cringed

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That was the exact reason why I was blackpilled for so long. 2 things pulled me out of it, animals and statistics.
Basically, if you compare where human civilization is now to where it was at any previous point in history you’ll see that homicide rates per capita are down, sexual violence is down, law enforcement is much more effective, liberty and quality of life have improved globally. Sure there are hotspots that regress like Syria, and there are places still stuck in the dark ages, but I was really inspired to want to contribute to the trend of improvement and have some fun as well.
I get it, evil pisses me off so much, I’ve seen too much myself growing up, but now I accept the remaining evil as being a leftover from where we started which was pure evil, chaos and savagery. I’m going through some dark shit too right now but I know to get off of /pol/ whenever I’m down. Bearing the world’s pain is too much for any man, and it’s self defeating. A man improves the world by improving his world, his life, his body, his community. Think about a good person you admire, maybe someone who devotes all their time to the poor, the sick, animals etc, and realize you can be an admirable person.
Don’t go to the yacht party, that shit is going to be a honeypot. I tell myself link will never moon, and that i bought in for the memes and fun times. It helps me focus on my projects. That way when it does moon I’ll be pleasantly surprised and surrounded by all my rescued animal frens.

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maybe if you werent so cynical you'd like the world more

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Where's my based big bird anon at? This world made link possible, love it and you will receive further opportunity. Reject this beautiful faggot honked up planet and opportunity will no longer find you. You are part of this evolution for a reason; do not stop growing, do not stop breathing. Littering is fine though in cities.

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Kys you glownig nobody buys your story stop replying to yourself and trying to false flag 4chan faggot moda do your fucking job for once

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Dont kill urself. Look into tezos bro

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same, you have the power to change yourself OP, therapy, plant medicines like ayauascha, CBT, there's a lot of ways you cam fix yourself.

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It literally will. I just want my own life and I'll calm down. It has to happen or shits fucked.
When I'm hungry I just want to be able to go get a sandwich.
When my dog needs food, I'd like to be able to buy it for him without worrying about a budget.
When I want a shower, I'd like my own fucking bathroom to do it in, my own bathroom to shit in.
I want working tools and appliances
I want to be able to eat healthy without worrying about the money.
I didn't really get to experience a good restaurant until I was an adult. Ive already missed out on a lot of shit, I just want to live.
Working 40+ hours a week just to be able to do those things is not living.

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I don't want to go to any fucking yacht parties I just want to live!!!!!!!!!

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I'm not going to hell alone mother fucka!!! Let me into the pearly gates of freedom now!!!!!!

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Blue pilled faggot!

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You're right.
We just need to wait a little longer, then we will have it all.

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Well how fucking long is that?
Ive waited long enough!!!

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You're a racist dude. You spit on and disrespect those who don't have any luck but you expect god to bestow you with gifts and luxuries. You have exactly the life you deserve for your pitiful arrogance.

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Fuck you nigger faggot! I'm going to be rich or I'm going to snap! My fingers!

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You'll never be rich
You'll never be successful
You'll life a boring life of irrelevance with little joy or excitment
Your sense of self will slowly fade over time and the perception of your own conscious will appear to you more and more as an illusion.

You're doomed to watch others enjoy life while you fail to find any enjoyment
You're doomed to solitude while others delight in company
You're doomed to never knowing what a life fully lived means

This is the punishment for your hubris and your arrogance

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I will be rich >:)

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Aww. It's ok son mom will be home with the tendies soon.

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No! We can't even afford good tendies!!

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I was seriously considering selling the other night. 95% chance that means good things are a' comin'. Always HODL

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Please dear God!! I'm sorry!!! Please help me!!

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That is unironically a cool gif, I stared at it for minutes

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I’m famous and my name rhymes with prad bitt. Is there anyway I can cheer you up anon?

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Everyone needs to chill the fuck out. We will moon soon, just gotta stay positive fellow linkbros. We're all in this together.

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Sad, clinging to a fat fuck’s project with awful PR and marketing

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Yes. I need money to pay my parents house off. Get your Jewish friends to pump my bags.
Heres a bonus pic of a huge piece of dead skin I just skinned off the heel of my foot. AMA.

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Dead skin time stamp.

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It weighs 1.85 grams.

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Quarter for scale. Please guys, this is my only form of entertainment on a friday night. My life needs to change.

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Because I live life on the wild side.

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An heroing is never the answer, you think the world is so evil and horrible (it is to an extent) but there is enough good to make it worthwhile.
Spreading more hate and despair only adds power to the side of evil, which is the thing you hate so much (rightfully so).
Be the positive change you want to see in the world, maybe you won't get to reap the rewards of it but maybe future generations will.
Don't you want kids? A family?
If you kill yourself in minecraft then the creepers win.
Be a force for good and kindness, even if it's just as a fuck you to the powers of evil.

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John 14:6 kjv
>Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

money is not everything anon, there are more perspectives to life. your soul is important too, far more important than money.

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. >:)
My dog ate it!

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Get your hands on some mdma. Nothing to lose

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Niggers? Look in a fucking mirror, nigger.

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If you kill yourself this means you failed.

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You can tell this is the bottom from all the suicidd threads lately. Buy ETH, BTC, and QNT

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pretty much this anon. Link already mooned. All of biz that missed out on btc and eth early days want this to be their redemption. Of course I got a couple k because maybe meme magic is real, but I expect pretty much nothing. No one is actually using this shit. No one is even using ropsten to test it (check for yourself).

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I just want to sniff crack off a hookers ass
But seriously though, I just want to never be someone's bitch ever again. Never wake up when the faggot wants. Never have to worry about food and shelter. Just go out in the park, work on some hobbies, and be happy before my youth disappears. I know I can make it one day. What scares me is not making it before my youth is over.

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Na, it will be 5 dollars eoy based on many predictions online
>inb4 predictions are normie tier bullshit
I mean it's better than having a bunch of ignorant people say a bunch of bullshit on biz. At least those predictions can give you an idea if something has a future or not

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go back to where you came from normie

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Whay makes you the voice of reason then? Cmon. Put up or shut up and eat donkey dick.

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right. I've seen those predictions. You're right, they are normie-tier. I'm not saying LINK won't pump on speculation, I'm just saying that's about all it has going for it. It's manipulated all to shit by whales, and they're never gonna let it moon. They just paint charts and string biz along with dreams of lambos.
t. admitted holder of a small bag, just in case. But tryna be real here.

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Sounds a lot like capitulation in here today. Nice

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Stay strong!

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Why wait?

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This lamebrain would probably botch the fucking thing.

>> No.15817756

See you tomorrow

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