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>have this installed for over a year in support of it
>finally ads are released so I can start earning BAT by browsing the net
>I instantly enable it and set it on the highest setting so I see the most ads
>browse the net most of the day
>been using it for over a month with ad popups every couple of minutes
>so far I've only earned about 70c worth of BAT

lmao i can't believe i fell for this fucking scam

absolutely worthless

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yeah man, cant believe you got scammed
how much money did you lose? faggot

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>i can't believe i fell for this fucking scam

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You make 70 cents worth of BAT with the max ads per hour (5) in like a week casually browsing.

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I'm getting about $5/mo the same way
>t. Phonefag

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You must be a pajeet if you've only earned 70c worth of BAT after months of using it. The best thing about Brave/BAT is that they put a value on your attention, so if you're a poorfag Coomer pajeet who only browses /biz/ and cuckold pornography, advertisers are basically saying "yeah we don't give a shit about his attention, pay him $0.0001" and you're stuck with that

meanwhile us White Chads in the USA get like $.50 per ad. I've made ~$100 total in BAT since BAT ads came out (including tips from other people) and I've put every Token of that back into tipping content creators because i'm not a filthy poorfag

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>Thinking adware is ever not a scam

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Kek You earning the equivalent of what people pay for each as, what did you expect?

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>letting advertisers distract you and take a virtual dump into your brain for a few cents
yeah, nah

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I make $10 a month with Brave/BAT.


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>It's October 4th in the USA.
prepare for a dump to $0.15 tomorrow

I just sold the last of my 6k that I hodl'd for almost a year because I lost my job and need to pay rent.
Bros, if this shit rises back up to $0.50+ I am going to kms

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and that 70c will be worth $70 when BAT moons in 15 years

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This. OP a liar. I work online tho so i get more.

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See this in fact validates that Brave Ads ARE a scam (caps added for additional trigger effect).

So even if you got the max of 5 ads an hour @ .70, you get the max of $3.50 an hour.

Your time is only worth $3.50. That is 100% labels you as never going to make it.

> but but i'm going to be browsing the web anyways, might as well be making money, right?

This actually shows how you're being cucked, because your being KEKED by BAT's gamification model, for mere pennies.

Those same hours you could be working a job, or improving a skill that will net you more pay. But instead, you're wasting life browsing the internet anyway, causing dopamine depletion and further depression, but you are "earning" BAT, all in the hopes one that of muh mass adoption.

BAT is the ultimate cucking of anybody in the crypto space. There is a reason why it ran up (in anticipation of it going live), and then dumped relentlessly when people realized it's a waste of time. nobody wants to get brainwashed for mere pennies.

That's the thing people don't realize. Your time is the most valuable, and you could spend those hours earning more money. But you're being a slave to muh dopamine from browsing fucking biz 24/7, and earning pennies, because your dopamine is depleted, so you hold shitcoins and BAT hoping it will moon one day and you'll make it. The only way of making it is to put those same hours into developing skills that people pay you for. Then with that extra money, buy coins that may actually go higher one day (BTC, ETH, LINK, XMR, etc.), not fucking BAT.

BAT fags will defend this because they are sucking Brendan's cock. Bagholder cope. Everyone else can screencap this and dump this shitcoin if you're still holding.

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>you are totally and completely free to turn on the adblock which is better than anything Chrome extensions have to offer

shut the fuck up brainlet

At the moment it's pretty easy to earn BAT. Just turn on ads and post interesting shit on the BAT Reddit and you can make BAT for free. I just transferred 20+ BAT from uphold to my browser in .0001 seconds. The new 2 way wallet is dope, you can literally earn ~$10 a month in BAT if you really wanted to

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>Those same hours you could be working a job, or improving a skill that will net you more pay

I am working a job you filthy pajeet.


you could have written that in 1 sentence Raoul. Not going to read your blog.

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Do your parents know you are gay

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The whole "YOU ONLY MAKE $X.XX BROWSING" argument is so goddamn shitty because you make NEGATIVE money browsing on any other browser. Instead you get your personal data stolen from you and sold for pennies.

Another huge aspect of the value of earning BAT from Ads is that PRICE MAY GO UP. So if you earn 1 BAT from seeing an ad, while that may be worth jack shit, it could be $1 in the future. It's part of the ecosystem. Pajeets will never understand this shit.

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Why are your parents ashamed of you and wish you were fucking dead?

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Bagholder confirmed. All that time learning about BAT, tipping plebbit fags, and you've earned $4 so far?? fucking lmao. what a HUGE waste of time.

>Another huge aspect of the value of earning BAT from Ads is that PRICE MAY GO UP. So if you earn 1 BAT from seeing an ad, while that may be worth jack shit, it could be $1 in the future. It's part of the ecosystem. Pajeets will never understand this shit.

top fucking kek dude.

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I have a pretty damn good job, my investments are ok, and I spend my time wisely. Brave browser is just what I use when I’m home.

Getting paid for an ad to literally pop up as a little notification box you don’t even have to click is better than nothing or getting cucked and spied on by ads like the normies do.

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You literally use a browser like you would with any other browser, there is nothing to learn.

Absolutely seething.

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>BAT is worthless
>Brave sucks balls
news at 11
if you're not using some variant of firefox+ublock origin you're part of the problem anyway ; you deserve to be spyed on/scammed by you know who. Go fuck yourself.

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Why do you feel the need to set yourself up for a flag?

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I’ve earned a lot more than $4 you seething ‘jeet. Apologies that “people” are still shitting in the streets in your country and brands know none of you shitskins can afford their products so they aren’t going to pay to advertise in your Godforsaken third world.

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Firefox+unlock origin + Disconnect.

Brave browser not needed.

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When i click claim on gift icon it just keeps loading forever i will never get my gift

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yeah cause most normies are gonna do that

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how little is your time worth to you?

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I'm getting paid right now

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>ad popups every couple of minutes
why do you come onto biz to tell straight lies

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1 thing vs. 3 things.

Good job dumbass.

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i never see ads, not on youtube or anywhere, but still get paid

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I have 99 bat from ads wtf are you even doing

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Um buddy. Its not supposed to pay pike a job. Its supposed to be additional income as a thankyou

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May I ask what sites you browse to see such quality ads? I've been using Brave for a few years and will continue to use it regardless of BAT because i love Brave so much but while I'm at it I might as well earn some BAT (im hodling a lot of BAT too).

I dont have facebook and I don't use google. I don't browse cuck porn either.

Any suggestions for me please?

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>t. Asspained wagecuck who thought he could quit his job and just look at brave ads all day

It's supposed to be compensation for watching ads brainlet, not your main source of income. How much do you think watching an ad is worth?

Pro tip: it's less than 1 cent

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Imagine being such a shit streeting pajeet you thought watching brave ads would give you full-time income, instead of just paying for netflix while blocking tracking and protecting your privacy simultaneously.

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and you STILL cant cash out your BAT that you earn . fuck this dog shit

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Lucky you OP! I only got 4.0 BAT (77c) since fucking February

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wrong fuck stick

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yep. you still can't cash it out without KYC pajeet. looks like you'll need to come up with some other way to buy a vindaloo for your family Rajesh

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Tried to withdraw my BAT from brave.

Uphold suspended my account because their shitty site wouldn't verify my identity.

Biggest scam I ever fell for.

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sounds like youre the scam kek

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About to dump to .05 anyways who cares about this shitcoin

Does anyone even use Firefox anymore other than edgy 10 year olds?

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Dude is LARPing.

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coping pajeet

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We're a privacy browser
Please fill the KYC

No this is retarded

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Closed my account even before adding uphold to brave.

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Ive made probably a hundred bucks in BAT since ads went live, my gf like 50. Looks like ads don't like incels.

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Have ads enabled on Android but never get them.

T. Amerifat

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>Cyclefags irrevocably BTFO

Absolutely patrician.

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aaaaaaaaand it's over
thanks for buying my bags

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