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How long until Bonance becomes MTGOX 2.0?

This guy must be shady as fuck. But I do love him for manipulating a bull run.

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bitfinex is literally gox 2.0

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must be shady? he IS shady.

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CZ's a plant by the CCP, and they've got bigger plans than to steal your cash. Hope you faggots didn't give your ID to Chinance.


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Why is CZ so intimidated by Jared Tate?
What is the reason he doesn't want to list Digibyte?
>Does size of penis has anything to do with it?

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how screwed am i?

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Binance is a scam and Coinbase just raised there fees. Where should I go to trade BTC? Kraken? I have been burned badly by them going down for "maintenance" at the worst possible times but where else is there?

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You can buy Digibyte on Bittrex
But only if you have big dick like Jared

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Coinmetro is the new biz chad exchange.
UI is a little clunky but market makers give you good liquidity for margin trading BTC