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Look at this dood

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looks like the dildo ur mom uses

look at nyzo dood

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Delta is showing this at 3 cents, what is up?

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Lol thats overvalued still

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I bought this coin thinking it's going to be the one that is going to bring great fortune. Now I'm too far in to not hodl.

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Why not just sell some of it and rebuy when it inevitably goes cheaper?

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My new trading rule is never sell at a loss. Unless this thing goes back to 50 cents I can't sell.

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Same. Except my avg buy in price was 28ยข

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No time to monitor when to rebuy, just hodling for convenience and check in a year

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Sell 100 VIDT @ 11 cents = $11
Buy 137.5 VIDT @ 8 cents = $11
Sell 137.5 VIDT @ 11 cents = $15
You made 25% of profit. If VIDT goes down to 5 cents, you can make up for more than 50% loss. Only case it makes any sense to hold is if you think the price will remain at 11 cents. Kucoin promotion is mostly washtrading that migrated from HotBit and I guarantee you the price will drop. The announcements and exchange were priced in.

But I wouldn't suggest the above until all the announcements are out.

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IDIOTS. Huge client news literally about to drop ANYTIME. And u retards talking about selling the bottom. LMAO

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$35 eoy 2020

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more like 35 cents

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Look at this bagholder with his $0.50 average buy bags

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Look at this retard who sold one of the only 3 real world revenue producing projects out there for peanuts and now is fudding to tell himself it is okay.

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I knew I should have bought EDGE instead

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Whales are putting up sell walls, looks bullish for tomorrow.

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that rule is going to wreck you newfag. cut losses early. selling a 5-10% loss is easy to bounce back from. holding past that will wipe you out.

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ZERO is the bottom you fucking brainlet. This is a shitcoin scam, otherwise it wouldnt have 11 threads per day from pajeet and the streetshitter crew. Fuck the british for teaching you animals english.

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>The T1 exchange was kuckcoin

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VIDT will moon hard out of nowhere in the next few weeks.

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I'm in the same boat. Unless this shit goes back to .45 I can't sell. Fucking scammed. Not even 5 days of announcements could fix this shit coin.

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LINK has 50 threads per day and nobody bitches about that. RSR has been flooding the board too. VIDT gets about 2-4 threads today and we have a dedicated fudder so fuck off and bitch about something else

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He said to himself the 356th time this year.

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>oy vey why cant we streetshitters shit in peace. Its just like anuddah shitcoin shoah

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Are we Jews or pajeets?

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You are cancer.

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>20 ETH a sell wall

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