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Dead cat bounce, exit market now. Screenshot this.

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If you looked at the charts you would have seen it coming a mile away.

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Who else brainlet who bought the top lmao? Got myself a 2k suicide stack. Gonna put it in my wallet and forget about it for 2 years. Sell 1.6k then stake the rest.

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>hammered out on the hourly

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Already sold earlier today, will buy in around $1.50 in a few days

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2 dollar is a psychological barrier. it seems like btc is either going green or crabbing tomorrow (basing this off the fact that the dump seems kind of cooled down atm). if it does go green link will easily go beyond 2 dollar. if btc crabs, link will have to do it on it's own strength, and it will be hard to say if it can break local resistance.

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$2 has never been support. It's retarded how this board constantly talks about $2. There's nothing between $1.91 and ~$2.12. Any time LINK can't make that jump in one go, it will be sub-$1.91 again within 24 hours

t. swingie who will never, ever get the rope

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teach me to swing Link senpai

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>Facebook moms for chainlink.
Everyone turned into a fucking cultist!!!

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imagine thinking thats a real account and not some biz tard larping as a mommy

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It's clown world dude, you don't know either way.

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Pick a sell wall on the chart (the vertical part of one of the stair steps) and set your sell orders in front of it, at the rightmost part of a mostly horizontal line. The trick is to catch people fomo-ing in during a pump--people market buying or setting their limits based on the order book burn through that horizontal section very quickly even though it represents a price jump of several cents. Yesterday, for instance, it took 1/5 of the volume to move from $1.997 to $2.03 as it did to move from $1.989 to $1.996

The only risk is some golden run that kills every sell wall between $1.91 and $2.12. Even then, you're just missing out on a bigger swing--it looks like it will take a couple of tries before we can hold $2.12 again.

I cancel my orders before bed. I have a few that I keep open around the $2.09 mark just in case the golden run ever comes while I'm asleep. I'll stop doing that the first time we get within a few cents of $2.12, or once BTC gets close to $10k again

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I sold 5k (10% of my stack at 1.84)

Should I just accept my loss or buy back in at 1.92

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Not worth the stress and agitation for a few extra bucks.

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I bought at $2 because I thought by breaking $2 it would go to $4

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or short it on binance?

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It depends on what you think BTC will do; if you think BTC will dump further then wait. I'm honestly don't know. The two patterns I've noticed with link since the post-web3 dump is resistance at $1.8 and $1.91. So if it goes below $1.88, there's a good chance it will fall to the low $1.80s (kind of like how we wound up back at $1.90 for a moment today)

If I were you I would buy back half if it goes below $1.88/89 and then wait to buy the rest back below what you sold. Use stop limit buy orders at that point to minimize the damage, i.e., set it at $1.909 if we go below $1.88, then keep cancelling and moving it down as the price drops further--don't panic-buy it all back at $1.88 in case it drops back to $1.8 or lower

Again, this is all just what I would do; I have made gains overall from swinging but swing like a pussy and have left a lot on the table rather than risk losing.

I have some more thoughts but am gonna go ahead and post; I'll be around another 10-15min or so

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thank you senpai I've been trying to catch 10 cent price changes, do you use much smaller movements? And are you saying you put sell orders infront of sell walls because you expect it to bounce back down a couple of times more so you can rebuy at least until we can hold 2.12 right? My biggest issue with swinging Link so far is that I psychologically believe every big price movement is the singularity and emotions take over, since anons make it sound like one day it will go near vertical parabolic in a matter of minutes. I swing it to increase my stack btw not to cash out

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I agree to an extent, and that's why I stopped leaving orders open overnight except for highly-optimistic ones. And I don't swing on days I need to be productive or when I'm already stressing a deadline. But if I'm just researching or studying it's fun to keep gdax on the second screen and try to +1%; at any rate it's house money, which helps psychologically

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Full honesty here anon: I'm a nulinker who didn't pay attention to this board or crypto until this spring. I've been trying to catch up on the oldfag research via warosu but have no clue whether the singularity will happen like they say it will. What my intuition tells me, though, is that it's not going to come out of the blue; even parabolic patterns require an inflection point, which at the very, absolute least will be $2.12 or $2.30

I did smaller movements in the $1.80-$1.91 range and the $1.70-$1.80 range, e.g., sell at $1.789 because if it breaks $1.80 it probably drops back to $1.73-4

And you understand me correctly: I do not think anything between $1.96 and $2.09 will hold; definitely not anything over $2.01. The closer to $2.12 the less of a risk, because even if one of these days we pump to, say, $2.18, you can be sure we drop back to $2.12 at the highest before pushing on. Also consider that you might be one of the lucky few to benefit from a big spender market buying and temporarily spiking the price

The best way to minimize the psychological stress is to swing when you have easy access to the charts and to swing with only the amount you feel comfortable losing. E.g., if you sell half your stack at $2.04 and it pumps to $2.12, you lose 1.89% of your total stack by buying back in. But if it dumps to $1.94, you just upped your total stack by 2.58%

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>have no clue whether the singularity
It will. Take it from an oldfag, this board is exactly like it was in 2016 before the halving. It's generally pessimistic as fuck and everyone seems to think crypto is dead. It's just another market cycle. Post-halving and into 2021, crypto will explode again. Like literally, one day it will simply explode and these past 2 years of dread and waiting will be forgotten in an instant. Link is the one giant most of crypto is sleeping on, with the exception of /biz/. Hang in there frens.

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Well I appreciate the autism, fren.

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That's so fucking reassuring man, thank you. There's no jealousy in my heart toward you wonderful oldfag sages who are gonna xXXXX on link, I'm just glad I get to be a part of it

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oldfag here, the singularity meant the launch of mainnet. Its over.

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Thanks for the reply anon. I also started paying attention to /biz/ and crypto 3 months ago despite being on 4chan for too long. Any info or charts you follow in particular for Link movements?
This is why I swing I need to increase my stack by any means necessary and I have no cash reeeeeeee

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>old fag
>crypto will explode again
I know exactly where you get your explosions larpie
Actual old fag here
Crypto is fucked
Bobos only winners

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This is what they said in 2015 and 2016. It's actually kind of cute seeing the EXACT same responses as 4 years ago, especially from retards larping as oldfags.

>it's different this time

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That’s exactly who they were targeting
Nothin personal kiddo it’s just business
Now don’t forget to sell the bottom @ $1.20

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update the chart you dishonest fuck. it's dumping into medium blue already. two more months before you have to redraw your faggy rainbow

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$0.70 once bitcoin crashes to $5k, exit the scam coins lol