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I got majorly screwed at my last corporate job, so now I want to make a business like those cool casting couch jews and make a living off of fuck prostitute. Where do I get hot amateur sluts who dont give a fuck about appearing on cam?

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wear a small hat

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>become a jew
>lure poor white goyettes with cocaine and a slightly above average pay
>try to profit from one of the gross fetishes that there are out there right now
>remember the more deprived the fetish is the more you can pull out of goys pockets

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Just gotta find thots, talk to them, and coerce them into it.
If you're ugly then you will need some money/personality.

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allright. so all i need is getting rid of my foreskin, a camera, cocaine and a few thousand euros. sounds easy enough.

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well, torbe does it somehow. and woodman, and he was some police wagecuck.

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go to a feminist rally and approach them with an offer

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small town in the south

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ask your mother

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its not cool to put a goy down for trying to create a competing business schlomo.

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sweet toilet

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I gave you an actual advice, faggot

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"But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” "

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>white ""people""

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that's not an applicable quote retard
>t. professional jew hater

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KEK OP NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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its pretty applicable. i found him out, so he recoils. shlomo wants all the easy money for himself. also how do i make money from hate jew?

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how do you coerce them into it? convincing isn't coercion and it's ultimately their own choice

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The moment you need to convince them you’re not doing it right

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So I have a strategy.. setup a tinder profile that attracts roasties, show them some luxury, as soon as you get a hit you will need to tell them that you want to be honest and that you shoot porn for a living. Not very much because it pays very very well.. if they keep talking, you know you got them.. figure the rest out yourself and gl

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but you convince women to do things all the time. Just to date you or sleep with you. not explicitly but through you actions or trying to impress them. And not a lot of people would do porn unless they see they might be able to make money. That's just convincing.

coercion means it requires force or a threat to do. like blackmail

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That’s called influence, you move them towards a yes instead of convincing them..

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Read some of this

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but that isn't coercion, then otherwise everything people to do influence is coercion. You recommending me this book to sway my opinion is coercive

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You don’t coerce them, you make them want it to do themself

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Just create a porn website where you fuck sex dolls.

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>Where do I get hot amateur sluts who dont give a fuck about appearing on cam?
>set up photo "studio"
>place ads for models
>see how far they are willing to go

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>go to /gif/ or /b/ creeper threads
>ask how to hidden cam
>follow the oldfags creeps instructions
>set it up in your bedroom
>bring tinder date or hire a hooker if you are incelio
>launch recording while she ready herself and forget about the cam.
>try to position yourself nicely,no one want to watch a 1h vid of your ass while you doggy a hoe.
>take clip,edit it a bit(19 minutes min-45 min max)
>sell it on the web(clips4sales,uwuchan,etc...)

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I'm looking for hidden camera porn by the way, who knows where to watch it best?

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Hi Calipso, I know what you mean. I respect this genre myself, it helps to get a glimpse of what it's like to be behind someone. We all love a peek, even if we're afraid to do it. So I can definitely tell you can look here https://camsvids.tv/categories/hidden-cam/ just that category. If I need it, I go in and look, because it's convenient to do it here and the selections are the freshest, which is also nice.

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