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What is the long term future of Ripple? How much do you have? I have 509.

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> long term future of Ripple
crash to 0

> How much do you have
none thank jeebuz

> I have 509

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fpb.....wait a minute!

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Picked up a few thousand to sit on. Tons of potential. Don't listen to the typical pajeet FUD that they use on every coin.

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I have over 30k

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no reason not to have a 2,000 suicide stack of this

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I have enough to stomp a few niggers now, but when it passes its ath, I'll expand my nigger stomping hobby to multiple cities.

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I've got a suicide stack of 17500 that I bought for 29 cents each. It might dip to 10 cents but a rise to $1 in the medium-term future seems very likely.

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Larp and no

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Why would I Iarp about something so trivial? You absolute poorfaggot.

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damn XRP is down to 25 cents? I cashed out at 36 making zero gains. It seemed too much like a chainlink-tier scam.

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nice shoop

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17.5k isn't a suicide stack for one. It's a made it stack.

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not only based, but also enlightened

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Hey Eder

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How does 500,000$ sound to you ?

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100% confirmed as scam as soon as they paid him to shill it

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somebody post the ripple holder webm

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Market cap; $10,817,200,464 USD

Circulating Supply: 43,121,735,112 XRP
Total Supply: 99,991,336,298 XRP

biggest scam, Ripple drips more XRP slowly which keeps the price down . It was a pump and dump, sorry you missed it but that ship has sailed.

At best you might have another bullrun to 50-60 cents or so before it dumps again and poor suckers HODL thinking it will eventually be adopted by the world banks as the new fiat digital currency (FUCKING LOL, as if they wouldn't just start their own from scratch)

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You will never be rich, [email protected]#ks.

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I have 590, we will make it

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Tell me, what use is your token if it's not required to access the network?

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5 8 9

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bill clinton despite his salacious actions while in office (props his wife looks like a mong) laid the ground work for the internet

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