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How much link for a qt ebony gf

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You need exactly one nigger thousand

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Picture of their son

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your soul

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Shes pretty cute desu

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It won't cost you anything. But your personal well-being and happiness. And the existence of our people and a future for white children.

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48% of african women in the US have herpes according to the CDC. Good like OP!

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fucking incels go back do /pol/

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PC way of saying Monkey

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Why do white men who go for qt black chicks always look the same?

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50 bucks should be enough, the problem will be finding a "qt".

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>How much link for a qt ebony gf
a joint and popeyes chicken two piece meal tops

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Lol he’s wearing a gold ring and nigger shoes. Poor kid, probably grew up in Atlanta and was force fed niggertry his whole life.

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5 yr nufag here
i love nubian queens

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black women are the fattest beings on earth

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based thread

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Mommy gib milkies

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Just be a white Chad and you won’t need any LINK like that guy

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>fucks a nigger
disgusting hes no chad.

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wyteboys cant handle a real woman like this

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She's not cute at all. Don't get me wrong there are some cute black girls, but that one ain't one of them!

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Agreed. It's the Alien Vs Predator hair.

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>>He walks into your room, belt buckle undone with mcdonalds grease glistening his hairy chest
>>He loosely flings off his daily steve jobs plaid shirt
>>You brace yourself uncomfortable, the binds keeping you shackled spread eagled on the floor

"yes master, nulinkers deserve death. they are unenlightened."

He smiles.

He slowly walks over to you.

"And what do you say to the deceivers?"

"You'll never buy sub one dollar again! Nice try, didn't read, not selling! been holding for 700+ days. imma just keep buying like the dumb dipshit pig i am. it'll eventually work out no matter what because im too stupid to understand economics and i compare this opportunity to ethereum cuz im a fat, fucking retarded pig that loves to pay for your expenses and vacations"

He assumes the position now, a chair on top of your bare naked chest. He grunts and let out a massive fart.

"That's right... I've been holding it for 700,000 blocks, it's nice and hot and stinky..." He trails off, a distant look in his eyes as he glances and looks at all the chainlink posters in the room.

He grunts and out comes, a fat nasty shit on your chest.

"Another 700k, dumped. Take it in your GPI."

"Thank you master, partnership confirmed. To the moon!"

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Kys brownshit

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Which one of you fuckers pissed of the jews again. They're turfing biz for like a week long.

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If you're a decently average looking white guy literally just make a tinder, black girls love white men.

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as many as you're fine with having stolen

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the link thing is not happening, get over it, really

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Absolutely MILKY

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i unironically want a big ghetto booty black woman with fat titties like pic related. i'm the most awkward looking white dude you'd ever see too.

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>implying negro women don't want to ride a rhino
If you got a shit load of money, a giant penis or are white you can land these easy. I am only half white and I had a tit monster like this throw herself at me

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what does 2/3 get me?

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imagine the kinky race charged hate sex you can have with a power dynamic like that

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Or just good, intimate passionate sex leading to pregnancy?

Why are you subhumans so degenerate? Stop watching extreme pornography.

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I have been an anal junkie for years. I don't know why I'm like this but nothing satisfies me like fucking a girl in the ass. At this point vanilla sex doesn't hit the right spot in my brain or something but I haven't had a problem getting girls to go for it.

Sex just isn't that great for me until I add a power dynamic to it.

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She looks like the guys on the field 2bh.

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>I don't know why I'm like this but nothing satisfies me like fucking a girl in the ass

Actually we do know: over-stimulation, aka degeneracy. You've been addicted to pornography and seeking ever extreme forms of sexual stimulation.

The only cure at your stage is just a bullet to the head.

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I'd have to look up inflation rates, but maybe $250 or so.

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Let's see your squeeze, and then we'll all decide if she's better looking than OP.

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Would I be correct if she looked better? Anyone that watches football knows I'm not wrong anyway.

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Jewish psyop? I thought we were all bout dem azns

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No, that's only betas.

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like 90 percent of people have herpes. unless its the genital type. And i highly doubt 40 percent have genital herpes

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Melanin queen

t. White chad

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It’s the genital type. HSV2