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Most people ignore that Bitcoin is starting the next leg down and not a new bull run.


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8000 resistance mark is too strong. This 10k drop to 8k happened when the market was incredibly quiet. Whales eating up cheap BTC now means you're not going to be able to tank the price too hard since whales will buy it up the moment it goes below 8k.

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this look like a tweeter post

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I'm sorry, let me rephrase that. Shut the fuck up you delusional bear retards.

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I mean, it's not that far out

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Should I do a 100x short?

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was yesterday a fake tether pump? it felt like it

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Lmao is there one dude posting all this bear nonsense about bitcoin? There's like 7 threads in the last 2 hours.

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Abandon ship folks we're headed sub 7k within 2 weeks