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Points for Apple products? who cares

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It's trash
>Sapphire Preferred
>Costco Visa

There is actually no point in using any other cards

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god no

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> Am Apple shareholder
> I signed up just to check it out
> $6500 credit limit
> Opted for the card as well
> Card is solid. Gave it to a guy to swipe at Sonic and he said I can likely use as weapon if needed.
> You pay it off in the wallet which is a really smooth process.
> Ive only used it a couple of times, pay ot off immediately after use.
> 10/10 Apple did a great job with this if you can handle an open line of credit

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Literally why do you think we don't know you work for Apple, shit for for brains?

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But what benefit do you get from buying shit

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I’m guessing they must plan on ramping it up over time as they get more users and data? What’s their long term play here? They wouldn’t just jump into the ring for no reason.

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Nobody I know has one, or plans to get one. Will be shut down as a failure in a couple of years. It's failed to make any real traction.

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Well let's see.
>Computers are shit
>Phones are shit
>Tablets are shit
>iTunes is shit
Take a guess what their credit card is

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So Apple is literally at the point of lending hipsters the money for them to buy Apple's junk?

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Are their new computers shit?

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Seething poorfags


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CSR > preferred because of the lounge access for free food / coffee. makes its money back in two round-trips in a year, or even 1 trip if you bring a friend -- especially with a layover

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this. no good reward structure. just a card for hipsters until they get a better setup of rewards.

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Why are you still here? You were wrong.

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Perhaps it requires some sort of decentralized oracle network to function.

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their computers have always been shit
not poor, just don't like trash

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this. its literally a smart crypto bank of the future and i can get 12% interest on DAI and USDC by holding it in the insured wallet on the app. very comfy. also fuck soiboi applefags

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No, it's a Mastercard issued by Goldman Sachs.

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just got mine today

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AAPL share price is going to tumble to approx. $80 by 2025, then run into the ground to $45 by 2030, only then will innovation come back and that's when you buy.

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Apple card reeks of desperation to gather more data from a stagnant or slowly dwindling growth rate consumer base to maintain as much value as possible.

The card is pointless and shit

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>apple card
why does it exist?

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consumer debt is at all time highs, so is corporate debt.
more than 60% of americans have no savings and are living paycheck to paycheck just to pay minimum payments on their debts.

and these old fiat payment systems are entirely outdated.
this apple card is devoid of technological advancement in every respect.
and coming from a tech company, its just a sign that apple is a dead horse at this point.

>when a company is selling a metal "computer monitor stand" for $1000 - its time to sell all of your stock in the company.
>when their only advancement to their phone line is adding 3 fucking cameras to it? its time to fucking sell that dead horse stock
literal retards are in charge of this company.

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sharpen it and slit your throat

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because they have a such a huge cash pile and are the diversity hires are literally too retarded to innovate anymore. may as well just become a bank and offer loans to their customers, they're good for it.

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its not a physical card dumb ass. way better rate than my bank and i get 3% back on all my apple purchases. not to mention theres not all the predatory loan tactics and dark interest shit that does down with chase jpmorgan and amazon

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The card itself is (to a normal person) attractive, because of the cash back and no late fees, but it's issued by Goldman Sachs, so that's a non-starter right there. It's just a Mastercard with better perks than others, but I have no real use for one, other than having an actual metal titanium card, but I have enough credit cards, not giving GS and Apple my financial data for a $20 bling card. Same for Apple Wallet. No use for it. It's just another layer for Apple to skim fees off, and collect data.

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Alaska airlines you if you faggots ever leave your daddy’s basement

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They're not becoming a bank. Goldman Sachs is the issuing bank, the processor is Mastercard. They're just a middleman between the middlemen.

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Apple is 100x worse than any bank man you clowns are gullible

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You can order the titanium card once you have an account. You don't have to have it, but it exists.

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Why would i use this when i could be churning cards for intro bonuses?

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Right and they have been poaching top-level talent from facebook for the pure sport of it I guess?

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Is it metal, I would like to have a metal card

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Because every Facebook employee is a banking/crypto expert, so of course they'd hire them? Really? You're THAT dumb?

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crypto.com for your metal card

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My dad got one of these. I didn’t expect it to be made of titanium so that was kinda neat.

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Getting an apple card makes you a total pleb. No sign up bonus and weak rewards outside apple purchases.

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I like their products, but the card is trash. Every card I have currently has better deals.

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not even apple people would pay 5 times its worth if it was made of plastic

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the apple card is literally made for poorfags. sorry your income is too low to get a real adult card.

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It's probably got the best deal but it requires you to use iOS trash

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What was your actual question?

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So what's the point? None.
Apple card doesn't get you a concierge service, doesn't get you a lounge at the airport, there are no rewards, no bonuses, no preorders and no cashbacks, except for apple products.

What kind of retard has an Apple card?

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>Every card I have currently has better deals.
What card are you using? The apple card has;
>2-3% cashback (1% if it's some really obscure thing
>Can claim cashback money at the end of the day, not at the end of the month
>Can spend cashback money on whatever you want

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>and no cashbacks
The absolute state of /biz/

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I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on apple products ($4000 on my last laptop) and am regularly disappointed by how shit they are. I'm not a seething poorfag, but I am a goddamn idiot because I'll probably buy a shit MacBook again in a couple years.

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Its a 1% cashback card. It's only 2% with apple pay which is like capped at 100 dollars. That's shit.

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>and coming from a tech company, its just a sign that apple is a dead horse at this point.
This. Wouldn't be surprised if Apple tries to become its own ISP at some point soon.

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Where does it say ts capped at $100?

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This is true. I have no credit, literally nothing credit related in my history for over 10 years and I was approved. I was shocked.

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this is a terrible card. you are bad and should feel bad.

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>if you happen to come across a store that doesnt take apple pay yet
>happen, like 99% doesn't
top lulz

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idk cant put it up my ass

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>>Computers are shit
Come on man. Google engineers use Macs more than any other computer.

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That sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

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so that retards can get their iTrash on credit, these people will probably go out and use this card just to use it and let other basedboys be impressed with it

american express black card for poor people

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For me, it’s Capital One. I’ve yet to find a better card for travel.

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M8, if Apple pulls off its semiconductor gambit, they are going to crush the 2020’s.

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t. Never seen a Snap-on catalogue

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The catch is that crypto is a scam. 12% interest on an asset worth $0 amounts to nothing.

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Probably useful if you live in SF, Chicago or NYC and use/enjoy Apple products.

Otherwise probably not worth the trouble.

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Good if you have no credit and want to build

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>invoking gugle

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its really only useful if you're retarded and cant calculate interest.

you dont get any other benefits, no lounges, their cashback is like 2% on applepay which i can count on my hands how many times i've used. you're also limited to an apple device unless you like carrying two phones

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Mostly ITT: Bitter faggots

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the catch is you have to buy 500 MCO and stake them into the app to get the 12% interest rate on your stable coin holdings in the crypto.com app

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It's not insured. Read the T & Cs of their crypto earn program.