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BSV 2020 make crypto great again

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CHAINLINK 2019 october make crypto great again

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He is so stupid looking. He's got gnarled teeth and stubby fingers. He is 100% white trash

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does this still exist?

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>white trash

u fokin wat m8?

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He is patrician as fuck

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In on Classy Craig thread

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Very dapper indeed

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You want to see my indoor or outdoor library?

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Casual talk at Oxford? Just another Tuesday anon.

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I might have overdressed. Oh well, I like suits anyway.

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He nearly started crying during this kek

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Glad that you take an interest in my talks. So much for you still to learn.

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How did I get so rich you ask?

Well, I created this cool technology called Bit Coin. It's pretty neat.

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I made some great friends along the way

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Many laughs were shared

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But it wasn't always easy

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Many obstacles had to be overcome

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But as long as you keep focused on your goals with clear vision

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You will eventually make it over the finish line.

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You know it wouldn't surprise me at all if you were Craig. Need somewhere to post bullshit now that you got banned from twitter :^).

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BitCoin wins.

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Bottom right
>if only you knew how bad things really are

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I automatically respect someone more if they've been banned from social media desu
Means they've pissed off someone in the commie Left bad enough

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