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How much do you have in savings?

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Saving money is like falling in love-- you always get fucked and hurt in the end

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no. cute alien though.

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around 30k, still a student

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25k link

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stop being poor

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Like easily over £1100, only a student so no bully.

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Stop being a cunt

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A little over a Bitcoin worth. The rest of you don't belong here, fiat degenerates

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2k for emergencies and the rest goes straight to investments. I don't see the point in holding lots of cash.

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32 ETH
5000 LINK
33 oz gold
33 oz silver
20 ammo boxes

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About 30k in highly volatile crypto

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>20 ammo boxes
You only need one round to kill yourself, anon

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if by savings you mean BTC, then everything
imagine having a 'savings account' in a bank

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Nocoiner brainlet detected.

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6 months of salary

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not enough

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How much link do I need for a girl like this? >>15768787

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450 bucks.

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>$10K emergency savings (getting this up to $18K by end of 2020)
>$3K crypto - BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM
>$430K in stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds

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invested 13.5k$ into ltc, but now its worth 5.5k$ because I bought at 145$ but its 55$ now.
Feels bad man

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2k in crypto and a few ounces silver is all i got. I also have some crystals an other cool rocks.

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What do you mean exactly by savings? If you mean actual savings account, than $0. The interest rates on those suck sweaty balls.
Otherwise, I have about $90k stashed away in other types of accounts. Not great, but whateves.

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$9,500. Was $14,000 this weekend but I got a wild hare and bought a new car. Feelsbadman

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33Yrs old and $0

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26 all in all 41k€ which i saved since last year march...
aiming 100k€ with end of 28 and part time retiring with 32/30ish from dividends

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12k €.

I have over 100k in crypto though.

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800 in savings account.
6500 being invested and in crypto
Just started a job where I get 400 a week.

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Also like love; it is better to have saved and lost then to have never saved at all.

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220k,25 y/o

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exactly for me its ride or die. 100% of my savings/salary after small bills. If bitcoin goes down I go down with the ship, WHEN bitcoin goes up, I MAKE IT.

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I can technically afford to lose everything and be okay, being 23. (whatever thats supposed to even mean) no commitments etc.

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How are you saving 41k a year?

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>29 y/o
>140k sftw engr
>20k in the bank
>20k in stocks, mostly lc/indexes
>50k in IRA invested 80% stocks 20% bonds
>70k in crypto
>No debt
>Considering adding some gold/silver

Pic related is the shit I have to put up with at my normie office job. But I mostly just read manga or shitpost on 4channel.org so it's not too bad. Also company has been moving jobs to India and recently some people quit in protest, they gave me 25k in company stock as part of their "long-term incentive plan", basically just a bribe to keep me around. It has a vesting period of 3 years though, so I have to stick around for that long to fully realize it. Which I'm fine with, I was planning on doing that anyway since I'm waiting for crypto to complete its next macro cycle. Plan is to retire in 2023 or so if that happens.

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You're retarded and pretending everyone is as retarded as you with their savings. Kill yourself.

>telling anyone to go away when you have less than $10k


Haha, you fucking retard.

Kill yourself

>muh pipedream

Nice. Too bad you work with pussies, but at least you'll be rid of them soon.

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True. Some people here complain about normie office jobs and how soul-sucking they are, but for me it's more a source of lulz

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308k ftm

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Senpai teach me your ways, is software engineering really that OP?

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a little above 100k but i don't have a home of my own or a job so i dunno if it even counts

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>150k pharmacist
>47k in bank
>120k in stocks and crypto
>70k company 401k
>35k company stock
>80k debt
I have full control over who works in my pharmacy. I declined to hire someone a couple of months ago because he was flaboyantly gay. He showed up to the interview with gloss on his lips.

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>I declined to hire someone a couple of months ago because he was flaboyantly gay. He showed up to the interview with gloss on his lips.
Fucking based

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Living with parents? Not bad if you don't have to pay rent

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around 30k in USD value but all of its in crypto earning 8% interest and some of it 12% interest

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I'm in the same boat
mostly have learned to live without any decent income

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Zero. I live out of my credit card and my paycheck goes straight into the stock market. I liquidate stock on the 28th of every month to pay the balance.

Stop being pussies

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Speak for yourself, you're a fucking pharmacist.
Prob like traps.

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I treat my LGBT customers with the utmost respect, but I will never hang around those types if I don't have to.

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I guess you didn't get it.
You're a fucking pharmacist
AKA a fucking faggot tranny fucker like half this board. If you weren't such a faggot you would have been a real doctor instead of working at a fucking CVS giving out 500mg acetominophen.

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What do you get out of pretending half the board likes trannies and that everyone who has enough brains to become a pharmacist (unlike you) must be a degenerate?

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Fuck CVS and fuck becoming a physician. The only time I get off my stool is to give immunizations or make recommendations to a customer. I pay poorfags like you to do all of the grunt work. Pretty damn comfy.

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I should learn how2code

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I'll pay 0.1 btc to fuck that thing

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>as of right now being unemployed for a month
>start working again tomorrow
>2500 in regular account
>7000 in savings account
>1000 in stocks for now
>financed a truck @ 20.000
i've got some liquid assets i can sell off to have more money, but i bought them for fun. i don't want to get rid of them

never started saving money until last year. so, definitely could've had bigger numbers, but its not wise to have regretful thinking like that. gotta keep pushing forward

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LMAO fucking give a flu shot to faggot teenagers and tell shanique to take an advil.
Good work you fucking tranny fucking faggot.

Just saying it how it is. CVS and Pharmacists are faggots, just like you. Fuck off.

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Nice anime faggot.
Have sex yourself.

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U mad bro

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Only @ 2% exposure in crypto. Going to up it to 20%

What do I start buying up ?

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Based and diversificationpilled

Cringe and copepilled

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BTC and ETH at the very least, dyor on any others and don't trust /biz/.

32 ETH for staking has me very excited

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15k cash
41k equities
33k real estate
3k crypto
Will I make it?

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Depends on the real estate

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We're on the cusp of a global recession, so those equities and real estate are gonna blow up -40% soon. In the long run though, sure, you'll make it in time for retirement in 30 years.

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>0k in hard money
never gonna make it

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Jesus Christ, I would kill myself if I was exposed to this drivel daily.

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£30k and there is not a single thing I can do with that money lmao.

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>300k in crypto
>80k in cash
>30k in gold

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3k in crypto
2k in cash
0 in property

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Actually a good way to look at savings

1 years worth of salary for me

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cool larp anons tell us another one

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renting a room, paying rent with passive income. i'd like to be a homeowner but with my budget i can't get one close to friends and family. i shouldn't complain but sometimes i wonder if i should just get a job instead of doing my own projects that don't really pay that well.

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Never give up
You are doing better than most people already because you are doing things that you truly care about

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>Everyone more successful than me is a liar

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7 months of wage

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How bad is it? I will be able to save 10k more in the next 3 years if everything goes right

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1k link

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>3 years
Holy shit are you in college or something?

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wtf how are these values larps?

I've talked to a few officemates as well as a few old college friends,a lot of them are hitting 6 digits (some on the low end, some on the high end) in either savings, investments, or just net worth.

Being in my mid-30s makes me feel left behind with all their stories I'm hearing, the next bull run is like my only hope to catch up.

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0.25 btc
357 links
3 eth
17 ltc
2 silver coin
1600 $ save

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12k cash
15k crypto
120k condo

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Save money for your own sake not just to flex on your friends. Your friends are probably lying or rich anyway. I would like to have triple digit net worth by my mid thirties, but I won't feel like a failure if I don't. I just wanna save/invest to enough retire and send my kids college. I just hope extra stuff like generational wealth comes along the way.

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>triple digit net worth by my mid thirties
anon that's less than 1k

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I meant six digits as in 100K or more. I don't say One-Hundred Thousand dollars or more often so it just rolled off like that, but you should have gotten my point if, typos not withstanding, if you aren't afflicted with the 'tism.

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6 grand, haven't worked since June. Crypto is slow. Funds are slowly hemorrhaging. Might grab a job somewhere close.

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I'm a doctor, crypto value was initially about 80k so it's up from there. I also have a house with the wife, 60k of equity is mine (some shithouse mortgage though).

My incomes gone up from shit to 160k past three years but my lifestyle hasn't changed. Allowed me to make a bit of money, wasn't that hard. Just patience. also getting assraped by crypto in 2018 made me reconsider how to invest well.

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buy bitcoin, shut the fuck up and focus on your life, return to 6-7 figures in 12-24 months.

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30k in guns
120k cash
20k bank
4k crypto

25y/o european

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>Crypto is slow.
Silly 2017-entry kiddies.

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>tfw 0.01% interest rate
Where should I open a savings account /biz/?

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If you want interest, savings account is not the answer. Hasn't been for decades. If you want low-risk-low-rewards maybe 3%, look into certificates of deposit and money market accounts. A typical IRA is probably around 7% and you can choose what funds to invest in or how much you want to be invested in stocks vs. bonds.

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they don't have mortgages?

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I just dont want my savings to depreciate in value is that too much to ask

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You're literally losing money buy storing in a checking/savings bank account, because of inflation.

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-$50k uni debt
One year out of uni

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>20k crypto,stocks, silver, gold

but im german so who cares Hartz4 regelt eh

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barely any
my money is Crypto, boomer stox and gold

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That's what I mean...
I just want my savings account to have enough interest to cancel out inflation

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How? Are you not saving anything? What major/job?

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Around 800 bucks dedicated for emergency savings. Goal is around 7k,can probably hit that in January depending on how i approach my spending

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I wanna fuck that thing so bad

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You'll have a hard time finding such a savings account unless you are already rich or have connections. As others have suggested, look into IRAs, monkey-market funds, even some stock indexes are fine.

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Did you not have any scholarships? Pretty much anyone can get close to a free ride if they put in the work and write a bunch of bullshit essays

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>I was planning on doing that anyway since I'm waiting for crypto to complete its next macro cycle. Plan is to retire in 2023 or so if that happens.
Based. Is it 2023 though? I was planning for early 2022. Guess I'll redo wagie plan if we arent there yet at 2022.

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is that pic from some weird ass nip porn?

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Well nobody knows obviously. The scarcity stock-to-flow model is compelling, rises in price lag behind the actual halving date. Look at 2016. It took half a year after the halving for the price to reach it's previous ATH again. And then another year after that for the 2017 peak. Will it be the same 1.5 years for the 2020 halving? If so, that'd probably put us at 20k again at the end of 2020, and cycle peak around the end of 2021.

But then look at how the StF model stretches out with time as well. 2017 took longer to reach its peak than 2013. So I could see the 2020 halving take even longer to reach its peak then 2017. Maybe twice as long, in which case 1 year to reach previous ATH of 20k (mid-2021), and then another 2 years to reach the cycle peak (mid-2023). Perhaps this model would be more instructive if it was log-log, with the time axis also shown on a logarithmic scale.

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Had 19k saved up for school but now its 17k for one month rent

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>doctor on biz
What speciality, what were your step 1 and step 2 CK scores, MCAT, submit the number of publications, and attach a time stamped picture of your dick please

Thank you

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-11k in student loans.
Could be worse, really.

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You were bullied by a pharmacist in high school

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0 because paying back loans?

>> No.15781814

I had other loans that I had to pay off due to setback, but now that it is paid off I feel a lot more relieved and hopefully I can pay off my student loans without it eating up my savings.

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18 y/o
highschool student, 30k~ a year
40k in 60/40 fund
5k in crypto
10k in silver

Aiming for 100k savings before I turn 20.

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I'm a UK doc, did some rough conversions to USD, I'm a GP locum though

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