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the reason you are poor and not have sex is because you think boy in wig is pretty

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feel stupid yet

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Woman are useless now

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Three posts, not one of them with acceptable grammar.

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No woman will interfere with my life ever again. I remember early 2017, i was ready to buy 10BTC, 10BTC at fucking bargain prices.

She told me no anon, don't do this, are you fucking mental? Do you want to ruin our lives forever? So being totally in love i ended up buying only a few hundreds of dollars of BTC. Few months ago she left me for someone else.

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What her name?

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newfag here, who is that bitch that she gets reposted all the time

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chinks are just as stupid and lazy as white people

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This board is infested with third worlders

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Boy in wig is pretty...I don’t discriminate...I’ll fuck whatever moves if it’s clean.

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do you really want to compare a thousands of years old nation and its people to snow niggers?

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this is a male (male) in the current year 2019

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Where do girls who look like this live? Once I make it big in crypto I’m moving to whatever country it is.

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Does wanting to fuck that ass mean i'm gay?

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How many DASH for her

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Not OP but I think she was from UK.

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yeah that's pretty gay bro

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Fuck off Zhao

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Womans really are useless

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bizarre how a dude could have an ass like that, I know 90% of it is camera angles and filters but still

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She's from Sweden.

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her name is ugly faggot nigger
imagine being this triggered lelelelel

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srsly tho who is this? a tranny?

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It's some random swedish girl on a train that some creeper took a picture of. Nobody knows the name.

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