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>is US based
>available statewide
>feeless trade on $lion pairs which will save tremendous costs for day traders
>trades both fiat and crypto
>has a portfolio management option
>proficient traders can gain followers who shadow their trades and basically make money off it
>non experienced traders can copy trades and make money off it
>250 coin giveaway after registration and basic identification
>Doesn't require your SSN unlike Binance US

There is literally no way you chinkfaggot binancetards can refute this

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Do I have to update my passport?

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As a newfag Im gonna wait for Binance shills to tell you youre wrong and then decide.

Muh if its so good why isnt everyone using it

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waiting to actually see some activity on their site, so I can unload my bags

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looks like the shills are here already

to anyone who's thinking about buying this shit, DON'T.

coinlion threads always have the same pajeet shilling it on different accounts in the comments. don't fall for it

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>There is literally no way you chinkfaggot binancetards can refute this

Binance is
>Based in Malta, very light regulations
>One of the highest volume exchanges
>Has a very promising exchange token that can isn't a scam like coin lion's
>has far more listings than coin lion
>margin trading
>futures trading
>plenty of giveaways
im not an amerifat so you dumb mutts can fuck off with your scam exchange, even Binance US is better.

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Is Binance seriously asking US users for their SSN???

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They're launching their marketing campaign soon, so it isn't as widely known yet




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Is Binance seriously asking their US users' SSN?

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how are they going to market this complete sack of steaming dog shit? you can't polish a turd

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Ya it's a great token. I'm down 70% fuck coin lion

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What's the fucking point you're trying to make? What specific part is it you don't like? Or ar eyou just gonna act like a FUDding faggot

>he buys altcoins for short term gains

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No this is just someone trying to shit on binance. Binance is shit, but they're really trying to FUD it

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Some identifying documents required by KYC processes include:

>Driver’s License / Government-issued photo ID
>Social security number
>PAN card
>Voter ID Card

This is from their own website
www DOT binance DOT vision SLASH glossary SLASH know-your-customer

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Signed up, but I'll be waiting for better liquidity before using it.