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So if ETH is dead in the water and LINK is an ETH token whose software runs on the ETH platform...

Isn't LINK kind of fucked?

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damn you should read the whitepaper redditor

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but OP
chainlink is blockchain agnostic
what other blockchains it works on? well, none of course, but it's blockchain agnostic. Do you get what I'm saying?

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ETH being dead is a meme spread by idiots. Despite its flaws, it's the best platform available and will continue to be the best for the foreseeable future. Even if it were replaced though, LINK is intended to be blockchain agnostic eventually and work on additional platforms in the future.

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>Chainlink team can barely get CENTRALIZED oracles working on 1 platform after 3 years and 50mil
>someone they're gonna expend to other platforms
KEK, the desperation of linkers is palpable.

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Most alts are clone or use Ethereum libraries. Ethereum is very far of be dead

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Oh, right.

Are the oracles at least decentralized and sibyl-resistant yet?

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since they aren't decentralized, and operating a node requires KYC
this isn't an issue

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So, fundamentally, what you're saying is that I should click on this big red button labeled "MARKET SELL"?

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I don't really know
the fact that chainlink is an actual turd from a product/tech standpoint was evident since the moment mainnet launched, and it still managed to 4x, and it's still higher than on mainnet launch.

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