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>Error: You Are Banned

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>Error:You are banned

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>Error:You are banned

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>Error: You are banned

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>Error: You Are Banned

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How do I do the green word GREEN like this? GREEN
how do I do it >green

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What is your ban count?

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Like this
Use command
>then write your words here

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make sure you're using the yotsuba theme because this only works with a light blue background
then use a yellow highlighter and highlight the text you want green (yellow+blue = green)
wait two minutes for it to soak in and then hit post

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>6 bans and counting

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pajeet OP getting banned for shilling
topkek.exe if you ever get ''banned'' on /biz/ for a cause different than porn/janny abuse

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I’m finally green.

Trying to learn how use this 4chan stuff. I’m transitioning from reddit. You guys just seem so much cooler. I use to browse in 08 so I’m not new

Green gang! Yang gang!

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I was banned from /fit/ for posting a question about my sore penis. It's a legitimate question to. I thought that's where you post health related questions. Not a larp either, my penis is sore from masturbating too much, the point where it's sore to jack off. But I do it anyway. I actually don't know what to do. I tried no fap, but the longest I could go is 2 days. Not long enough to heal the penis. I need to be able to at least make it 2 weeks. I can't get a gf either til I fix this, cause, well, you know. I need help remedying this situation. How do you actually do no fap? And how do I heal the penis quickly

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How do I change my theme? What plug in do I download? Is it in safari?

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Use more lube. Coat your dick in Vaseline before you sleep

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this 4channel thing is even worse than reddit. Its literally pajeet 4chan copy observed by jews and xrp-tier IQ faggots

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I've gotten every Sprint cell tower in 2 counties perma banned.

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Literally all my bans come from /fit/ the jannies there are next level faggots

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>gets banned
>restarts router
>clear cookies
dumb fucking jannies will they ever learn?

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Redpilled and quite based

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>You posted racism outside of /b/

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>you've been permanently banned for racism

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