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what's it like being poor?

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293K isn’t exactly rich, fren

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Send me your money and I can show you

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>nothing in the fridge
>sold car for drugs
>about to move back with parents
>gf left me because shit car

idk anon this is a boring thread, but send me eth anyways, thx in advance

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this lol

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25 and about +10k and honestly it fucking sucks dude what's being rich in anything but your youth

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I too wish I was so rich that I could put a down payment on a 2 bedroom house in suburbia.

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$293k isn't poor retard

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same to be faggot but u already know the feel right op ?

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>300k net worth
>even wealthy
>even comfortable

You’re amazed at an amount that can’t even buy a 2-bedroom house in a relevant state. You must have never had more than $400 in your account before.

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Only riches can give money away

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Kinda sucks, but only because of bills and added stress due to managing money more precisely. Not yet rich though, so I have no other experience to compare it to. My networth hasn't impacted my dating life yet.

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Majority of people have less than 100k in capital.

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True but I'd take it

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Why people in USA have higher monthly income but less assets than in Europe?

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>"how'd you like to be rich anon?"
>sure why not
>"here take this 293K"

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Being poor is ok

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you are like 1/10th the way to being considered rich.

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295k means you can probably live comfortably (outside NY or Cal) for a while. You could easily be set for life if you invest wisely

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More liabilities.

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Because they are braindead/ brainwashed consumer goys.

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Higher expenses.

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Because the US is 25% Hispanic and 15% black.

Imagine if stats for European income and wealth were calculated only after adding in half the middle east plus west Africa. Would make them distorted as fuck, right?

You'd get all kinds of wacky shit like "half of Europeans-plus-MEs-plus-Africans can't afford a $500 emergency!"

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i have one third of that

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It’s all relative, I mean it’s not exactly “fuck you” money or generational wealth but it’s certainly better than the average person.

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Everyone is poor. At upper middle class, I feel poor, but intellectually I understand that I am rich and comfortable beyond imagining compared to some third worlder wallowing in his junk shack.

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This anon posts this shit like once a week, and everyone gives the same reactions.

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I don't know. You tell me.

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how old are you fuckers? I'm 23 with just around $100k and i thought i was doing well.

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36. When I was your age I just graduated with $45k in student debt and no assets at all.

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All living things belong outdoors for sun and freedom and on a raw diet.

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I'm 30. Not at your level yet but I pull in a decent 6 figure salary.

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Europe also have higher rates of people hispanic, africans and from East Europe (Turks and Ukrainians).

You can add also Arabic "refugees" from Iran

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Ah okay that makes me feel better. Is that in index funds?

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being poor teaches you a lot about value.

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almost thought this was a samefag due to very similar IDs

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why do you have so much cash on hand?

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No you absolutely cannot be set for life investing 295K “wisely.” The amount of risk you’d have to take on to even produce a meager living return is 10% YoY, get that neet fantasy out of your head.

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What rates would you say those are for Europe's population? Feel free to break it up by diligent wagie/remittance harvester/welfare cases instead of white/brown/black.

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What website is this so i can poast

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I have like $4,000 left at the end of the month after taxes, 401k, and living expenses. I usually move large chunks into stocks or crypto only 2-3 times during the year.

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I do 50% broad market US, 10% small cap US, 10% reit, 20% broad market foreign, 10% emerging markets. All Schwab ETFs.

Got out of the stocks game year ago. Not worth the time or risk anymore. Lifetime nocoiner.

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> just turned 25
> 650k in assets
> 50k in cash
> not a burger so no debt

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> just turned 25
> 600k in stocks
> 50k in crypto
> 50k in cash
> not a burger so no debt

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The poor berating the poor

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More like 10x that amount and even then you are cutting it close in America

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>Get a mortgage or sell your current house to buy a new one
>Post a screenshot on /biz/ for karma points