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guys i fucked up and lost 50% of my money in the last 2 days. should have shorted the meme triangle, but i was so schitzo about sibos and the singularity that i got fucked.

should I short link with 50% of my stack and buy in at 1$

i have 50% holding link,

so basically, there are 2 outcomes

it goes straight to $10, in which case, i will 10x 50% of my folio

or, it plummets with crypto down to $1 and i manage to buy back my lost linkies?

make sense? how can I lose in this scenario

plzzzzz help

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bump ree

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You're doing TA for an altcoin on it's USD pair. You shouldn't be margin trading period.

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the absolute fucking state

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He inhales deeply then takes out a Cuban cigar. Lighting first a $100 bill then using it light the cigar. You can smell the ashy scent lingering in the room as the smoke drifts up.

"Th-they said... $32 million dollars isn't worth my Oracle solution, that skinny meth twink vitamin can kiss my neet asshole"

"No master, let me kiss your whale 65% ass. Dump it on me."

"go on marine, kiss my disgusting hairy asshole"

Retarded delusions, you prepare yourself for the joy. you pucker up and smooch sirgay's asshole, the sharpie still twitching in your little link boipucci.

"Just imagine all the data being sanitized by reputation, like Uber. No sybil attacks, all ERC20 based."

He lets out another fart and grunts again.

"Another 700k!"

You shout ecstatically, "build that oracle solution, buy that towncrier! hire more devs!"

"I've give you something to cry about" He replies. Once more he grunts again and shits a violent flow of diarrhea, this time getting on your chin and lip.

"Hey man, where's the bathroom?"

"Oh sorry bro! we're jus-just doing a little thing here, we're actually the link conference here, bathrooms are to your right."

"uhhhhhhhhhhh" says the confused onlooker as he quickly scuffles away.

"I'll shill for you Master!" As you cry out, the sloppy heap of shit covering your body as it slides down.

"1k EOY is FUD!"

"No... I will give you the fud." He grunts again and proceeds to let out a gassy fart.

"Another 700k!" He cries out as he lets his sweet, hairy cheeks flap as another shit dumps out.

"Di-di-", the shit overflowing your mouth, "d-didn'... arghhh, didn't read, not selling"

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