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Is self employment the final step in breaking the shackles of waging?

>Set your own hours
>Answer to no one but yourself
>Can pick and choose clients

Seems pretty comfy, are any of you /biz/bros self employed? What's it like and how hard is it to make ends meet.

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wagecucking is better

>fixed schedule
>basically only 8 hours of actual work in a 40 hour work week
>spend time shooting the shit, browsing the internet and relaxing whenever the boss isn't around
>get paid and pension and healthinsurance and all of that good shit

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I worked for an international e-learning company before I went full crypto-meet and it fucking sucked

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We should have a jobs board to help anons move forward in their professional life, 2bh.

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self employment means working 24/7, lots of fucking paperwork, acquire clients, marketing, answering your phone and mails day and night.
want a comfy vacation? yeah good luck not earning any money while not working.
instead sucking off one cock (your boss) you now suck off multiple (your clients)

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>>basically only 8 hours of actual work in a 40 hour work week
There is nothing good about doing nothing while being stuck in the wage cage

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Benefits of self employment: Make more, can choose you clients and projects you work on, don't have to be in a office with other wagecucks. Nobody is monitoring you, so you can easily work less hours than you charge for, if you streamline your work process.
Personally I work less hours than when I was a wagecuck. But I understand why someone would prefer to wagecuck - mainly people that can't manage their own time, or they prefer more stability.

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as someone who worked for themselves for 12 years and was constantly stressed, this is the correct answer.
There is no escaping the shackles. It's a myth.
Even if you had a billion dollars, you'd have a completely different set of stressors which are invisible to you at this time.

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Self employment is the first, and hardest step to freedom. The hours are longer, no benefits, much more stress and only more money if you are successful (most aren't). Eventually you progress past to business owner and eventually investor (real investor, not someone who owns shitcoins and penny stocks).

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OP is right, anyone who disagrees is a pos

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