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Just finished my 1 million RSR (1,000,000) stack.

Will we arrange yacht parties or cocktail parties at the citadels?

also post your RSR stacks.

RSR is the last moon ticket of this decade. It's like buying XRP in 2016

buy now and regret later. Less than a week till rsr app release

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>yacht parties
nigger what, 1 mil rsr is 0.26 btc right now and i can guarantee you that it's going to be less than 0.026 in 2 years. you're not arraging shit if you're holding erc-20 funding tokens throughout the bullrun

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If you lack the decency to educate yourself before speaking about a subject, you certainly lack the brains to make it, sorry anon. You know what, here's a freebie: they can move off of Ethereum if they decide there's a better platform.

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They released the app btw, some people are able to find it on the Play Store

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If this doesn't moon within a few years then I will kms. Can't stand the wageslaving much longer frens.

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this will moon, just wait a year

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Its fake it steals your RSR

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this, imagine all the projects, all the mini-moon's you will be missing for the next year because you bought in too early..

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These. I plan on buying a shit ton of RSR eventually but both ONE and LINK will do at least 10x before activity in RSR brgins

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imagine missing out on buying this early

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app already released https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rsv.walletapp.reserve&hl=en_GB

on google play says 'updated 6 September' so its been on there ages and no 1 knew

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>LINK will do at leasst X10
But it did X20-25 already, what more did you want?

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Google Play app did release today for RSR. always be sure its the official though, ya

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tfw 2 years is smarter than 1 year

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It's not fake you mong

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Literally my only source of hope in this bleak world.
I have a bunch of investment ideas and if I make a cool mil I just want to put that to work and make some more.

The last thing I want to do is keep my winnings in inflated dollars
Just some ideas Im thinking about:

More humane (multi story) factory farming
Aquatic mining
Aquatic replentishment
De-desertification projects
Arctic oil recovery
Bridge megaprojects: connecting Taiwan and mainland china
Connecting bering straight
Connecting cuba to mainland and hispanola and puertorico
Connecting Java Sumatra and Bali, Timor

Im so chock full of ideas it drives me crazy to watch the elite literally waste billions, just because they can

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>connecting Taiwan and mainland china
Only chicoms would want that.

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At least the Chicoms actually care about their natural born citizens. At least theyre building infrastructure projects that actually benefits their peoples immediate daily lives.

If it isnt obvious to you that Western elites are literally trying to exterminate their natural born citizen males through a combination of mass migration from the third world and soft kill poisons in literally every product you use then your IQ isnt even high enough to melt water.

They want a dumbed down, subservient population just smart enough to do the repetitive, redundant jobs that pad the employment numbers, and too stupid to ever question their economic viability.

Im from Baltimore man, there STILL isnt a metro train from Baltimore to DC. While the chinese are building a sleek and futuristic society, with our fucking money.

Open the fucking window and look outside, everyones homeless, and struggling and pissed.

Wake up Mr. Freeman.... Wake up, and smell the ashes.

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Noone knows who to blame. Trump? Pelosi? The Fed? Schumer?

Blame YOURSELF people. Take some fucking agency, for once in your overindulgent American lives.

Americans the laughing stock of the world. As well they should be.

One day China will raise an army of 400 million people while we're debating whether or not our soldiers should be wearing high heels or not, and that will be that.

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So hey, maybe helping the ROC and the PRC reconcile their past isnt such a bad idea. Maybe its an extremely lucrative idea, but noone has the guts to pull it off.

Idk anymore man. Its all so fucking tiresome.
Whatever. >_>

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>buy now and regret later

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i'll rather lose my 2500$ investment than miss this potential gem

high risk- high reward

go buy dai or silver, boomer

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Chicom detected.

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Oh no I wouldn't want to miss out on maybe catching mini moons and wasting all my time trading and watching prices. I have beeter things to do.

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Christ, this is some serious low-IQ schizo-posting.

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