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So we all know a giant collapse of society is happening soon. What have you done to prepare? Financially.

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put all my net worth into a json parser scamcoin

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Long bitcoin.

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The biggest gripe is with hard currency.

Will it survive?

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This but unironically.

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I've been hearing such claims ever since the financial crisis of 2008 now, so I'm not really worried
US bank fundamentals are peachy, the rest of the world though.. good luck haha

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Us bank fundamentals very peachy haha.
Dont worry about the fed giving 75 billion in the repo market haha
Its all peachy haha

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I do what I do.

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sold my stocks, funds, and emptied my savings into memelink.

If this shit doesnt make it, atleast the memes were fun.
And if KEK and meme magicks can get trump elected, then it can easily make bunch of NEETs filthy rich.

and the whitepaper seems nice.

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>buys a coin created by a verified exit scammer (NXT)
>Thinks he's going to become rich

Sorry, but StainStink team is going to keep dumping their stack of 580 million Stinks down the stinklets throats until it's back to $0.10

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well atleast the memes are fun *shrug*

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collect food. water. tobacco. alcohol. canna/biz/. fuel. get a diesel generator. Some gold and a monocle. A suit and a tophat. Roam the wasteland with your 1985 C10

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Deploying my smart contract

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>giant collapse of society is happening soon
You won't see a collapse. If there was another economic crisis, the world would not recover. As much as the powers at be would love to cause another collapse - they are far from stupid. It's not worth the risk. I think things could have been a little different if Clinton beat Trump, but I still don't think there would have been some doomsday collapse that has been talked about for the past 20 years. To see the painted picture, you need to see that a new financial system was being built during those 20 years to sneak up on society and the world. Anyone with half a brain should be able to realize the BitCoin is not what we think it is. It's not a good thing. The whole new global system will be all ran on BitCoin. I don't give a fuck if you are an alt coin person or a BTC maximalist - BSV is the nail in the coffin. I don't give a fuck if you entail all the drama and retarded banter in crypto. You need to understand BitCoin was created to 100% usher in the NWO. They exploited one of the largest flaws in human nature - greed. With some stupidity, as well. Of course every moron creamed their bands for their anarchist dream world to escape governments and tyranny. The past 10 years were just an observation period with a shit load of manufactured BS in the crypto sphere. BitCoin is just not 'money' or a 'store of value'. People who think that are retards who are blinded by their greed and stupidity. Which is exactly what the elite took advantage of for BitCoin to gain acceptance. BitCoin is fully 100% NWO tyranny. I don't care what anyone says. BitCoin will be in every single electronic device. There is a brain that is taking over the world. The collapse already happened to society and it was the indoctrination of BitCoin. I don't know when or how, but once all the quantum tech is put into place, they will flip a switch and an exponential amount of things will be put into BitCoin overnight.

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>If there was another economic crisis, the world would not recover.
And that’s exactly why it’s going to happen.

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lmao doomers are never going to make it

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>bsv a nail in the coffin
bruh what are you on? that is literally proven to be a scam

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Chinese miners and renminbi capital flight made BTC big you stupid fuck. I guarantee crypto is around 60% Chinese money, not wealthy elites.

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and your crypto ain't gonna be worth shit soon boys

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Who else is already preparing for the next great flook at the end of the age of aquarius?

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