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The following is a revelation of speculation on fantom

1) Fantom mainnets have already launched

2) We are under self-imposed embargo to keep said mainnets secret until January or whenever current clients (with which contracts are had) have all the FTM they need to start their chains, whichever comes first

3) Clients (with contracts) were given until the end of the year to accumulate FTM for their validator rewards

4) Because of high demand, there is no longer the need to bootstrap networks (as the plan was months ago.)There is also such ihigh demand for client chains, and unknown demand for the public chain, that the public mainnet can wait until we're ready to announce the State of the Fantom in January

5) Fantom is working closely with Fusion. A big part of this is what the CEO of Fusion said a few months ago, that Fusion was working on smoething 'bigger than NASDAQ'. What is bigger than NASDAQ? Global trade

6) Fantom is replacing R3 Corda as Marco Polo Network's network of choice. R3 has been having some internal issues (made public in August) and their tech may not be capable of handling such a global trade network. So, Marco Polo is replacing R3 with Fantom+Fusion

7) MasterCard and Bank of America joined Marco Polo within the past 30 days, after R3's problems were made public. In no universe would t hese two HUGE financial companies consider joining Marco Polo under such conditions, unless...

8) The Fantom+Fusion powered Marco Polo Network has already been test-piloted by MC/BOA and others

9) In April, a user named "Marko Polo" entered the Fusion TG asking, "Do you think that Fusion is competetive for R3 Corda?" Marco Polo, I think, were doing due diligence for a replacement solution.

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holy shit
25 cents eoy bois

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10) Fantom is made for Fusion's financial products. You wouldn't build a suite of new-gen financial products without a bank-grade network. That's where Fantom comes in (and the shared resource/dev in AC). The question that nobody asks is, "What is Fusion running on?" They didn't develop their own chain. They're using Fantom. Fusion has already launched mainnet.

11) Banks are HUNGRY for Fusion's tech. They are knocking down Fusion's door trying to talk to DJ at Fusion. Why? DLT-powered global trade. Bigger than NASDAQ, running on Fantom.

12) What do you need for DLT-based global trade? An array of all the top stablecoins, at least.

13) First two stablecoins? South African Rand and the UAE dirham

14) Fantom is working with 2 South African banks. The largest is Standard Bank. ABSA is also there. Both are part of the Marco Polo Network. One came into Fantom with the other. (I think both joined Marco Polo within the past 30 days). The world's largest bank (ICBC) also owns 20% of Standard. This is huge, as it's a doorway into China's stablecoin.

15) Fusion makes global trade on DLT very attractive. Fusion needs Fantom for it's finality and security. Global trade needs to be near-instant

16) By announcing all of this officially, it would drive up the price for clients who are still buying their FTM for validator rewards. An 'end of the year' deadline is clean, per fiscal budgets. So... silence and non-communication, because they can't communicate it and have not-much-else to talk about for now.

17) If the clients are ready by then, good. Any new clients will just have to buy-in after what is, essentially, the biggest fuckin' news in crypto by far.

18) none of the above is true! it's all the ravings of a lunatic :)

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>Insider here, I take quotes from famous rich people who understand far more than me and play them off as my own because I am a sad, sad person who needs validation from literal unknowns on the internet.
You aren't kosmosis. Shut the fuck up.

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This shit has dumped hard

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So someone else actually thought about these ideas before?

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You can smell how much shitcoin lost in value by how creative and big larps are and sir FTM is fucking OGRE by now

Just sell and move on retard

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If you cant handle an 11% drop, you dont deserve the 20x.

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This lol

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I made 3.5x on this shitcoin and moved on we will see how you handle -99% lol

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You guys literally selling the most revolutionary crypto coming out of this market cycle. Watch and learn plebs

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>most revolutionary crypto coming out of this market cycle

>according to payed yt shills
>obv next eth!

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Keep laughing you show your low IQ, lack of research and poor understanding of things

And I enjoy thinking of your future cope

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>low iq and lack of reaserch
Watch 3 yt videos and get shilled on officiall tg channel like me to get good understanding of things

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Don't assume that your shitty strategies and level of thinking applies to me. That is where you are wrong

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What coins, if you buy it right now, will give you the most returns from here to the peak of the 2021 bullrun

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meant that for its own thread. ftm is one of the ones I'm considering thuogh

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Raven is forking into Rvn and Rvn Classic on October 1st.
Buy now for the 50% incoming Asian fomo pump over the next week.


Don’t miss...

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stay poor

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The website talks about Smart Cities like WTF are smart cities?
Why don't we put vacuum cleaners and plants on the blockchain?
>Smart Cities, The Termintor meets Robocop but on the blockchain?

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Microtransactions. Every interaction

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The smart city positioning was done for a purpose only. It was done while.innovation labs was persuing the Dubai smart city contract. The website is being redone as we speak and will be separated in different divisions, financial services, payments, smart cities, etc.

Everyone completely misunderstands the scope of fantom because of that stupid website.

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Your deep tehnical understanding on this "mainet soon" erc20 token trumps us sorry lol

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> trumps us
> samefagging this hard

Just remember this moment and you will have learned a lesson in humility.

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sorry i'm new to crypto and was going to buy this but someone told me a hard drive was lost or a USB stick or something and we can't run the program anymore?

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Coesong of seeting bagfholder

>muh,muh but-but just you wait I did my reaserch DUBAI PARTNERSHIP!!!

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