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Anyone else got this? A whore thoughts its an std ffs. Should i get these operated out?

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How do I profit from this

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You dont

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go to a doctor and ask them to sign a note explaining this condition, then show it to your whores along with a recent std screening results lol

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I have a much much much milder version of this. Idk if you can get these operated out but if you can, then maybe you should. Worst case.. have a wikipedia page ready to show to girls when they bring this up. To calm them down so they can proceed to suck your dick in confidence.

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They fade away after a while.

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would you rather have a small penis or a big penis with these std looking bumps

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Why your dick look like it got gills on the outside?
>pic related

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Enjoy cancer.

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Lmao whores won't even touch your dick!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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samn damnit why. why on every fucking board their is a fucking faggot tranny a god damn cock or some denegerate porn and cuck shit we can keep biz to what is usuall like im tired of seening degen shit on all my fav boards now fucking christ

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They do though. I literally thought all males have this to some degree until a whore commented on it yesterday and i found out its just like 10% of males lmao

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What happens when you squeeze them? Cheers.

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What the hell else do you expect?

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Nothing. You cant.

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I have this but not as prominent and my girlfriend has never even mentioned it.

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You should just cut them off yourself. Lmao you have one ugly penis anon.

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>Man I'm the best janitor ever

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Cosmetic surgery is like 2 grand. Im just scared of something going wrong lol

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Only true alphas have semen scooping papules.

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I want to belief

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because jannies used to do their fucking job now all they do is bad if you say nogger faggot or talk shit about the degens

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This. After I hit mid 20s they faded away almost entirely. OP you’re fine.

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>nature gives them to lucky individuals to stimulate vaginas more
>roasties think they are ugly STD marks
Hahahahahahahahaha women are absolutely fucking trash once again

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>>nature gives them to lucky individuals to stimulate vaginas more

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Dang bro looks cringy

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They literally increase your chance of passing on your genes slightly. Are you white anon? I’m wondering if it’s a caucasian thing or what.

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Very interesting.

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Yes im white.

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It'll wear off eventually, don't worry about it
Still, that's fucking disgusting