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How to get passive income?
pic unrelated

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FragBox, it's one of frags dapps on tron (you need wallet like tronlink to use tron dapps)

safe passive divs


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I want a few thousand a month, not pennies.

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Build a pyramid scheme

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ive made 1k this month but okay

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>I lost it and called him what he was

Every time

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buy a domain for 9 bucks off namecheap and then geting a years hosting for 25. Write a blog about something you like or review products and in the H1 tag write Is thinkpad better than apple pro. Write 1000-3000 words wire one article a week. Make the site mobile friendly. Look to write content that is timeless and wont get outdated. Write an article a week and constantly update your site map. Do this for multiple sites. I have about 5 sites. I write 1 500 -1000 wrd article a day about something going on in 1 of those 5 sites and just collect revenue from adsense. I have a english ESL handout website that makes me 30 bucks a month and I havent updated anything since 2016. Embed a youtube video that you make and after your youtube channel has 4000 hours watched or 4000 subs I forget I got approved before the new rules but yeah you can make money. I make shit websites locally and do seo for about 2.5 k a month working 25 hrs a week and i make about 1 k month easy and 1.5 k a month during holiday season. I literally have so much free time and work my own hours. Life is good. But you have to work for free untill you rank your shit sites,

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This is why the Internet is turning into a piece of shit. Every time I search for something the front page is littered with idiots’ articles that show they have no fucking idea what they are talking about, but won the search engine optimization game. Fuck this gay earth.

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>I write 1 500 -1000 wrd article a day
Thats not passive

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You are basically useless to society

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>crypto is illegal
>speaking against Jews is illegal (but they call it """hate speech""")
>can't have sex with 15 year olds
>can afford a car but can't afford an RV
>expensive housing
>thinks he owns the mansion when banks could remortgage the mansion anytime
>thinks a large piece of wood standing is a "mansion"
>uses the internet that the europoors invented

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>blah blah blah
America is the greatest country in the world
Get on your knees and accept the truth, worship us

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>he's never been to Switzerland

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I used to think Switzerland was cool, but then found out Swiss cheese isnt really from Switzerland

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this is almost exactly what i’m working on right now, right down to the embedded youtube videos lol. i’ll be giving information about my field of work because there’s not a lot of info online about it. won’t be updating it often when i’m done with it but a lot of work up front (i’m thinking minimum 100 hours just for the website portion, not including the videos)

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buy RSR
wait 2 years and you have a couple millions in passive income

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Hello sir
what is in your opinion what ends you being in the top of google search?

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Buy dividend stocks from companies which goods are always bought like mcD and stuff.
Try to live with parents as more as possible to avoid costs for rent and groceries.
Stay like a hermit for 4 to 7 years and wagecuck only saving all.
Go retire after that time having 2k$ per month in dividend streams

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>>can't have sex with 15 year olds

why would anyone want that? what is wrong with you europeans?

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Become a tranny and start sucking /biz/ness men’s dicks

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Could you expand on this? Sounds interesting enough.