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>A jungle gook in Thailand managed to raise 25 million dollars in minutes with a skateboard and Vitalik as an advertisement
>They could have raised 250 million easy if they didnt cap it
>250 million dollars for imaginary staking coins from a whitepaper written by a couple of college kids

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he's probably having sex with a lot of boipussies, get justed biz

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Honestly what are the odds he gets taken out to dinner during the next bull run?

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Ill have you know that it was me who started that apple rumor

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>I started the rumor
This pic doesn’t prove anything you lying faggot

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>He bought an imaginary buttcoin token called "omisego"
>He thought he was going to make it

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Think whatever you want I don't care. It makes me happy to see you laggards lost all your money and hate on Jun as if he forced you to buy near the ATH

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>latest big development: a wallet
> It’s been a long time the community has seen anything concrete that is happening behind the walls apart from the bi-weekly updates. It will be really good if we would be shown a demo of eWallet with all the new features completed so far.

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The subreddit is still trying to calculate staking rewards when OMG taps into the $600bn remittance industry.

KEK. Its almost as bad as the vechain reddit.

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As for me, I love Jun and I'm happy to reminisce of the good times when we had OMG Moon General threads at $1.20 with my omisbros

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That fucking apple sticker

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I remember the threads in 2017 with guys bragging about 5000 OMG as if they had reached nirvana ahah. 2017 was unreal.

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biz doesnt deserve omg

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>>15719999 (checked)
Actually I got a nice 10x and never looked back. Thank you anon. I remember the hype heading into the Apple conference and trying to decipher if some bullshit red and blue blur was actually referring to OMG. Pure hopium.

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