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Actual femanon here, I want to hold ETH for 10 years. Does it make sense

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Depends, will Vitalik still be autistic?

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Will computers still exist? Will people still be alive? Will the sun still rise? If any of these then yes.

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>will Vitalik still be autistic
dunno, success changes people

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Eh, I disagree. ETH has a lot of potential but I could still see a competitor possibly usurping it and making it superfluous.

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alot can happen in 10 years

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>implying he isn't and hasn't already been successful for years

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Dont think so
Probably ETH will die in 2-5 years

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No need. BSV can do everything better.

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myspace is still around

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arguably it could be replaced by a competitor, but /biz/ fuds ETH a lot. as a smart contract platform, it's still ahead of everyone else.

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>Claims to be femanon
>10 posts and no "tits of gtfo"

I am ashamed of you today /biz/

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nice, interesting
he's not popular
>Probably ETH will die in 2-5 years
>BSV can do everything better
>/biz/ fuds ETH a lot. as a smart contract platform, it's still ahead of everyone else.

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just go make some kids. this would be a waste of time for you anyway. let your husband decide which crypto to hodl!

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how low are your tits gonna hang by then?

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he decided ETH that's the problem

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No, but you know what will be?

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not funny

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>not popular
Lower your standards

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>Actual femanon here
Not sure if bait, but if true this information is irrelevant to this website and you dont need to disclose it.

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you have a conservative and hopeful husband then.

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sounds like they are already at your elbows

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No, hold indefinitely and fuck fiat

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actually ethereum is too edgy. bitcoin would be conservative

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I mean normal people
>you have a conservative and hopeful husband then.
he's not a risk taker

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yes it will be around but Holo would of surpassed it by then

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eth is the smart choice

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Maybe she told us to make sure we wouldn't use complicated words the female intellect can't understand?

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what do we learn from here?

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for 10 years this means absolutely shite.

on the graph eth is cheaper, so you need more of it. or am I missing something?

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please help me understand the plot

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w-why is noone telling this whore "tits or gtfo"?

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it obviously wouldn't understand. We're talking amongst ourselves, it isn't a part of the conversation any more. It just sort of started it, kinda - much like a water-cooler is responsible for spawning gossip conversations.

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wtf is this cryptic graph supposed to show?

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please I also want to know

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i feel like being nice tonight.
it means that dispite the hardships and the depressions of the 2018 bear market, ethereum resisted and is as alive as ever.

is this the start of a beautiful story? Or is this the beginning of the end?

tits and wiser you will become...

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tits for tips whoure

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>tits and wiser you will become...
made me laugh

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No one fucking knows.

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80% no
20% yes
“As of 2019 the average life of a company in the NYSE is now 10 years, as opposed to 20 the last four decades”
This is a shitcone

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why no one mentions monero? despite recent and upcoming delistings it still has intrinsic value more unique than most cryptos. it is unironically anonymous (at least for now) and why would hackers, tax evaders, drug dealers, pimps and hitmen care about which coin to use as long as it works, is anonymous and has liquidity = monero

the black market will probably grow in the future and we might also have less cash available at the same time.

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that makes many titties now btw

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>t. increasingly nervous 'ethereum killer' bagholder

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This the absolute state of /biz/

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>Actual femanon
You know the drill. Post tits or gtfo

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So are some tits going to be showed or....

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Quandrantic sharting when?

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ETH will be nothing but a novelty sidechain of BitCoin run by a handful of autistic NEETs for nostalgic purposes to play with their antique "smart contracts" and "chain links" like so many neckbeards with N64 emulators.

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Why no one mentions insert coin??

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