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Why would this ever pump high even after RSV is out? For a CHANCE to make a bit of money out of arbitrage? Because of LOCKED tokens being released and burned? Not to mention that RSV will already have backing assets other than RSR.

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burned tokens means less supply
less supply means higher price
read the white paper faggot

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Imagine missing Eth.
Imagine missing ARK.
Imagine missing Quant.
Imagine missing Link.
Imagine missing Bitconnect.

Now imagine going all in on a token whose entire model for making money is based on being adopted by people who have no money.
Stay poor biz. Stay poor.

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94% of the tokens are LOCKED already.

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He says on a social platform for people with no social life

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RSR .05 eoy 2019

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Bump niggers

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Can you explain more
So more rsv = rsr unlocked?
And less rsv = rsr burned?

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Arbitrage will only appeal to "whales" at first because of the small margins .02 - .05. but this guarantees that more RSR is burned than if whales just dumped on the open market. If you're a whale and you have $500k usd in RSR for example, and you arbitrage even at the current rates or let's say price does a 2x and you're at 1million worth in USD and you arbitrage RSV with that amount you're getting between 15k to 30k returns in a year doing literally nothing but using a smart contract that arbs. This % can be 2-5 or it could be much more in times of extra volatility (like now for example). At the same time, as you're arbitraging RSV with RSR your RSR value could go up just based on market speculation so you can 2x and make another 30k extra that year, again, just doing nothing but arbitrage. No actual effort other than buying enough RSR now that it will be worth it in the future if it does a 2x-3x here and there. Why am I saying this? Well, think about it, what's the main fucking issue with most of these shitcoins? Whales dump, and they dump because they either want to "derisk" or they want to crash/manipulate for a better opportunity to buy more tokens but this incentive is almost completely removed if there's more to be made (with less risk) by simply putting it in an arbitrage contract instead. This doesn't mean whales wont dump or manipulate prices at all, but that's another thing about RSR, there are less "whales", because so much of the supply is locked behind a slow wallet and will remain there for the foreseeable future. Once all the smart contracts are finalized it's going to be impossible for the team to dump/exit scam that 55% of the supply and will only be using it if they have a very good reason and the community will see it coming and be able to themselves decide if it's a low risk situation/high risk situation based on the reasons given and the amount being withdrawn.


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It may not even pump that high but I actually like the project itself regardless.

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As for the rest of the supply, it's mostly super early investors/team members who themselves already agreed to lock the tokens for the sake of the project succeeding and because they recognize that this is a long term investment. These are not the type of people to just market dump and completely abandon everything after investing this much time waiting for mainnet. This is by far one of the most legitimate project in the crypto world right now.

By the time mainnet comes around those "whales" will most likely have made a 2-3x if not more and they will without a doubt arbitrage and make what amounts to free money at this point. This will most likely continue to raise the value of the tokens as more get burned at the 2-5% rate that is estimated. This % is based on the value of RSV so it's 2-5% per $1 that is arbitraged, so .03 cents worth of RSR which itself right now is at about ~14 RSR per .03 cents. Now, if we have 100k or 100m RSV (which is very possible just look at how much money goes through things like Tether/Dai) at the current rates, that's millions/billions of tokens that could be burned in a year if the price doesn't go up so the pressure will be on the price moving up and therefore less RSR is burned and the system balances itself based on the adoption rates of RSV and arbitrage opportunities. It's using basic supply/demand principles. Less supply available / in circulation will mean more demand if people want to take advantage of arbitrage and the incentives are there for whales and holders more than they are for pump and dumpers.

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This is amazing information to help clear up my dumb ass mind from trying to understanding the white papers

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Hi discord fud pasta tranny

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You should try and read it anyway. It's important you know what you're investing in if you want to really feel comfortable with ups and downs.

There's also a governance system that they're working on (gives RSR holders a way to vote), but it's still early, some say too early, but that's up to each individual person to decide for themselves.

I would also recommend checking the official and unofficial telegrams. Don't just take one anon's word for it. I might've missed something that others can better explain. The protocol will also mint RSR if it's needed but people have also fudded using this info to claim that they will market dump tons of RSR but as I understand it the system will only do this if there's a depreciation of assets which may or may not happen for a while or the depreciation may be so minimal that we won't even notice it.

Just something else to take into account. Anyway, good luck with your research.

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Thanks, anon.

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Buy Band instead. Staking goes live within a week.

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You seem pretty red pilled as well. So I added you into this.

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And Remember: RSR price $0.1 end of 2022

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You basically had the answer to the question I was asking. I will further continue my accumulating and research. Thank you much

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is this FUD or did you put in minimal effort

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Minimal. trying to get people to do there own fucking research

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you mean LINK

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I shall do the needful and bump this thread. RSR is a shiny gem that will bring us 50X guaranteed returns in 2-3 years, but only if you buy TODAY

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That's end of month for LINK following today's massive failure kekekekekekekekekeke

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10 cents isn’t bad but if Coinbase lists before mainnet and everything else I said is at least somewhat accurate then burn rate should pressure RSR closer to the $1 range by 2021 and that’s a modest prediction. Not saying I wouldn’t be happy with 10 cents but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that we still aren’t aware of because the team is trying to stay under the radar since they’re targeting countries that are run by dictators and currency manipulators who don’t want this kind of competition. They have to be smart so that the App can grow organically and in such a way that makes it impossible for Governments to try and shut it down.

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Kinda pisses me off seeing annons buy some pile of shit because the amount of shit post about it.
>nb4 your shilling rsr
Just trying to help some annos do research on something I full heartily believe in

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Remember $0.1 december 2022 my predictions are never wrong. Screencap this, this is a conservative yet plausible prediction.
50X do what you must to accumulate

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You're not making predictions, you're just shilling.

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You get the bag and fumble it I get the bag and flip it and tumble it faggot.
Don't buy stay poor dumbass

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RSV and RSR theme for threads 3 years from now. The needful had to be done, but we'll make it.

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anons never forget ETH went from $0.8 to $1,200 in two years
XRP went from $0.005 to $3 in 1.2 years
this is the next big thing, buy RSR and we're all going to make it

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I am absolutely holding, it's just that you post this shit of yours multiple times in every thread without any additional analysis. Somehow you get off on making that 50X number of yours into a trope.
Kill yourself, pathetic shitskin cunt.

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Which is a subtle (not so subtle when it's spammed by a single person constantly) FUD number, btw

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>pathetic shitskin cunt
Nice projection, fag. How much you holding, got 10K with that Mumbai money?

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How hard are these arbitrage contracts going to get hit by taxes(assuming the rsr holder is a burger)? Every time it uses your rsr to buy rsv is a taxable event, isn't it?

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This guy gets it.
This guy is a pathetic faggot who's doubting his own investments.

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this is the last moon ticket of 2019 definetly one of the most legit projects in crypto atm.

post your stacks anon

1M RSR here

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I'm accusing you of fudding, retard

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I believe as well that it will be good
But I don’t believe that it will rocket to 1000$ or even 100$

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What a dumb fuck lmao. Do you even understand what's happening around you? Buy some reading comprehension with that 5K RSR of yours.

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Go ahead spamming your shit in every thread, dumb nigger. Just wanted to point out what an economically illiterate, slimy pajeet cunt you are.

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>paying tax
$0.0025 -> $1 is roughly 400x
which is 2/3rd of XRP's growth in two years
this could very well be our ticket out of this shithole, and if it isn't we'll still make some good gains because the project is unprecedented in scale

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It won't even reach $1 and you can easily figure that out if you have at least a triple digit IQ.
Fact is, it doesn't need to. Anyone who actually can into investing already has enough RSR to make it sub $1. Pajeets who doubt me ITT have less than 50k poverty stacks and are angry at the truth.

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You didn't say anything that's ''economically literate'' ITT you're just a dumbass trying to appear smart by not making any prediction because you have no fucking clue what's going on.

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Unless you have more than 100 million, 0.1 is not making it. Maybe in Romania or whatever shithole you're living in. I've watched you post this for months on end without providing any analytical backing for this number. But have at it, the world's not fair

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In the end it will come down to RSV being adopted on exchanges and via the App that's being soft-launched / beta tested as we speak. Right now the App isn't using the real and final version of RSV, it's just using a placeholder ERC-20 token that's centrally controlled by the team in their contract wallet. They minted 10k of them about a week or two ago and they're focused on making the App extremely user friendly and appealing to the masses. Next they will make RSV extremely appealing to the crypto world and finalize the code that will use tokenzied assets as collateral to back RSV so that they can get it listed on exchanges like Coinbase, possibly along with RSR. This alone might push RSR into the .01 - .05 range (in my opinion). Then come mainnet they will implement the final version of RSV that works in conjunction with RSR and uses RSR to balance the 1:1 peg that RSV is trying to achieve and this will also add the arbitrage system I referenced earlier. If all of these things go as planned and adoption rate exceeds our expectations (through exchanges and organic real world growth), then there wont be a need for any kind of alt season to boost RSR into the .10 / .20 range fairly quickly which would line up with my prediction of ~ $1 by EOY 2020 / 2021.

If I'm wrong, then we wont see $1 for much longer and the other anon is correct. Unless there's an alt season which boosts it artificially and then it might correct to .50 after touching $1 or more.

Regardless of any of this I still think this is one of the most legitimate projects of the year in crypto. Not saying it's the only legitimate project, but it's up there and has enough potential that I'm all in.

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I am still trying to learn deeper into economics.

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>I've watched you post this for months
What a lying pajeet faggot holy shit. I've only started making $0.1 posts today but go ahead and find my month old posts you shitskin.
Fucking lmao I'm waiting.

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>It won't even reach $1 and you can easily figure that out if you have at least a triple digit IQ.
You're not even worth addressing at this point. What was I thinking, having seen you clown around with this idea for months lmao. Bye.

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>im in it for the tech bro

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learn english faggot, the image is full of mistakes

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>You're not even worth addressing at this point
Because you have absolutely no clue about RSR's potential or tokenomics. That's why all you've done ITT was being skeptical and careful not to provide any opinion of your own.

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compare this
to this
I'll be the first one to admit I'm not capable of producing high-tier analysis of crypto or any other asset class for that matter, for that's not my specialty. However, I can follow when someone is making an argument and when someone is just bullshitting for personal amusement. I think everyone sees this.

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so then correct the mistakes if you know what your talking about

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Is 480k enough to make it. Working at a movie theater in high school was awesome. Being in my mid 20s now I just feel pathetic

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based and nigger pilled

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Make it 500k for a nice round number and forget about it for a LOOOOOOONG time :3

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If RSR ever goes anywhere I'd certainly imagine so. Strong hands though, anon.

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Just hold on. And watch the market and not some shit anons says.
follow the source itself

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Only got one thing to say to you fudder boy:

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I'm more conservative with the price because trust in crypto seems to be at an all time low right now with no sign of an alt season. $1 2020 EOY seems wishful thinking; 1$ 2021 EOY possible if people regain their trust, if everything works as planned and the coin gets adopted etc etc. Some big IFs.

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It all depends on what you consider making it.

That's 240k at .50 cents.

Honestly, it's really early still and we don't know what could happen in the crypto world. I have a feeling Tether will have more legal problems soon giving RSV a good opening to enter crypto as a much more reliable stablecoin. If this happens then who knows. Even 200k will be enough to make it. Otherwise, if RSV can't replace these big stablecoins we might only see .50 cents to $1 at most for the next 1.5 - 2 years. The team will also start marketing efforts in crypto in order to promote RSV as a better stablecoin option (which it is).

I'm obviously biased though, I see RSV dominating the stablecoin market within the next year or two, which will boost RSR's value substantially. My advice is to just accumulate at these prices while you can, there's a 60k usd buy wall for a reason at 24/25 stats.

>> No.15714332

>no trust in crypto
>seems wishful
Deep tokenomics, my dude, I see you really master investing in risky assets. Please, from now on, preface everything you say with this, since I could've come up with this analysis in a minute.

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And to think we should rely on you to price this asset for the next two years to come . . . Have some humility.

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Yeah, maybe anon. Let's see what happens and hope for the best but expect the worst. A bit cliche but most of this stuff is out of our control. I trust the market to make the necessary corrections. Things seem a bit grim right now because we all got caught with our pants down (most of us), but I'm betting this is just a temporary set back. I'm also basing my predictions and my IF's on the team and their advisors and investors. It seems like Thiel is also investing on the team on a more personal level since it was his incubator group that is responsible for most of the team being where they are now. If you look up Effective Altruism it might give you a bit of insight as to where Thiel knows Nevin from and some possible reasons as to why maybe he jumped on board with him when discussing the project and its potential to both help people and make a profit while doing it. It feels like a win-win scenario, you get to provide people in the third world with a quality product that actually improves their lives and at the same time you get a kick back from using RSR to arbitrage. You then put RSV on exchanges and let people in crypto benefit from the product as well and continue to expand and make money. Anyway, I'm just getting off on a tangent now.

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But you didn't cause you're a faggot afraid of exposing his opinion so he doesn't get made fun of.

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I love your logic fren. You are smart and based

>> No.15714409

Do you even have an opinion on the price or did you just buy it because it was shilled here for the last month? Or maybe you bought it for the tech?

>> No.15714416

That's basically what Socrates did.

>> No.15714423

It's not easy for everyone to conceptualize something like this, and we're all a bit nihilistic at times, but let's see how it pans out. I'm not rich and I'll probably never break 1 million RSR but I think I understand the tokenomics enough to be comfortable with my current bag and will just accumulate as much as possible at this price range.

>> No.15714424

As much as I just want shekels I'm not gonna lie it would be interesting if it takes off in the countries it's aimed at like BTC is currently.

>> No.15714426

Yeah it's X100. Trust me on this one. You need to be high IQ to see this. We'll see if the tech works, etc., etc.

>> No.15714443

>bought without having a personal opinion on the coin
Top NPC. You can fuck off now.

>> No.15714451

I just told you my opinion, it's based on the fact that this crypto is unpopular, Coinbase listing, etc. Ergo, X100. Isn't this your logic verbatum, NPC?

>> No.15714489

Nice sarcasm, faggot. So witty of you, but it still proves that you didn't have an opinion beforehand. So you did invest without even having a personal opinion because ''you're not capable of doing it''.
Ok retard,just count the number of shills vs fuds in RSR threads and decide if you exit or stay invested.

>> No.15714541

Should be easier now that I exposed one fake opinion made up by someone with no internal dialogue or critical thinking whatsoever :P

>> No.15714571

Yeah, but you just got your best objective analysis of the coin from a person with no internal dialogue so that's kinda sad for you, but it's the way to go since it took you one minute to realize human psychology and the hoops that the devs have to go through to get the best positive outcome are impossible to quantify therefore useless. You big brain Anon you.

>> No.15714636

Worthless nondescript gut feeling, more like. What a waste of space.

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stop over analyzing shit you fucking faggots and just buy a suicide stack, preferably 10MM+ so that retard is satisfied

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This thread is about wrapped up. How many coins do you anons got?

80k and growing

>> No.15714689

>Worthless nondescript gut feeling
Reading comprehension you mongrel. Counting the number of shills and fudders is the best objective thing you can do in this position since everything else is gut feeling and your big boy brain isn't capable of ''real analysis'' like you just admitted.

>> No.15714697

based fellow pooranon

>> No.15714724

Work hard to make that 100k never give up!

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based. by all appearances, we're going up :^)
2 mil
Makes the two of us, innit? Nah, I'm just not that interested in finance to learn about it.

>> No.15714764

get to 1m if possible or else its more butter on that popcorn desu

>> No.15714779

Sure thing you didn't want to, buddy. Anyway, now you can live with your autism, you finally found an objective way of quantifying the potential of this coin.
Congrats you can finally form an opinion on the coin you bought 2 mil of, Anon.

>> No.15714799

ty, my bullshit detector and general grasp of reality has not involved me in other crypto (aside from buying btc at sub-1000 as a kid) so far here. We'll see

>> No.15714820

Besides, I probably know more about finance than you do even now. Calculating betas, Sharpes, Black-Scholes, and basic shit like that

>> No.15714841

>doesn't know that psychology will dictate the fate of RSR and that's not quantifiable
Never gonna make it :^)

>> No.15714875

Psychology should help you pick up on unrealistic and delusional promises, which basically every other coin here seems to make. And drawing connections, like with this coin. But it's relatively hard to quantify without subjecting yourself to all sorts cognitive biases or actually having lots of experience and expertise

>> No.15714892

The psychology of other people, autismo, the people pumping your bags. Which do happen to fall for delusions and promises quite a lot.

>> No.15714915

Which would require a career in finance or exceptional levels of autodidacticism. Platitudes, I know, but true nevertheless
You started posting $0.1 today? I've heard you make this point several times.

>> No.15714929

I'll prolly dumb some if the fomo gets totally out of control, ya know

>> No.15714955

>I've heard you make this point several times
Literally the first time making this point. Some fucker beat me to it, but it was obvious anyway, well not for you I guess.

>> No.15714958

I thought you were being ironic, since I brought up the vaguely psychological stuff . . . yeah

>> No.15714970

I know this. Just what I said here

>> No.15714974


>> No.15715047

And again, I know probably more about this as well. Though it's been a while since I had a course which covered some of this. But it's just using senses and understanding cause and effect mostly

>> No.15715069

Of course you're just better at everything. Wouldn't expect anything less from your E-intelligence.

>> No.15715084

If you actually are a student of this stuff, I'll just go ahead and say I don't. But seeing that you're a delusional person in general, I might venture there

>> No.15715434

1.11m stack in cold storage reporting.

>> No.15715747

Its a shitcoin that faggots hear are excited about

>> No.15715798

Are you me?

>> No.15716579

No, but I am, which is why I'd like your private keys please

>> No.15716657

No, but you're based.

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