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been gone a few days and now see a ton of shit posting saying swift is 'announcing' partnership tomorrow?

Where's the credible evidence or breadcrumbs to support this?

What was the deal with that anon earlier who said come back 23:55pm EST?

Please post any evidence of any kind if you have it

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I'm all in with 60k link. I'm expecting absolutely nothing tomorrow

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I'm all in on link as well but stay away from this board as much as i can because you get deluded and baseless claims like XD SWIFT PARTNERSHIP CONFIRMED TMRW XDDDD

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Swift is doing a presentation about gpi Link which is a very cool transaction routing/tagging mechanism that sounds like it can potentially interact with chainlink and dlt in some way like eg. chainlink nodes could trigger a payment through swift gpi Link upon completion of terms in a DLT smart contract.
Predictably the knuckleheads here have convinced themselves that gpi Link IS chainlink, mostly because it has Link in the name. Everyone I've talked to who has actually looked into gpi Link (maybe 3 different anons total in the past couple months plus myself) is fairly certain that gpi Link is just a robust api based transaction scheme and the moonbois/discord trannies will again be disappointed by their lack of understanding.

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you were warned.

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It's the usual cycle of hype and overpromise.

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Nothing burgers hot off the grill! Get your nothing burgers here!

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anon, thank you for this. I dont usually bite the hype bait but this unironically

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look at this faggot using an insecure tripcode.
soon i’m larping as you, idiot

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Pajeets shilling a short-term chainlink pump and dump really irks me

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Yeah fuck these niggers. Ct > biz

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nice well poisoning faggot

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Nothing will be announced you cringeful nigs.

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