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Hear me out - what happens if it’s all true? What happens if they drop a picture of a blue cube or something during their presentation or even name drop Chainlink as their middleware? Do we moon? To what? $4? $6?

My idea - 1. They mention they use third party middleware and it might be a cube like image and everyone is happy but still skeptical since they didn’t mention Chainlink. We move to $3-$3.50 and then who knows.

2. They name drop Chainlink with a logo and we shoot up to $4-$6 immediately and then who knows what.

What are your thoughts anons?

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We fall under $1 regardless. Check em

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It’s just a proof of concept , Swift hasn’t decided yet on commercial usage.

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If tomorrow is nothing, then we ask the team to explain what the SWIFT Smart Oracle is, because if it isn't part of GPI Link then it's basically vapourware at this point

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Or no one sees it, there's 2 articles on literally who blog sites confirming...and price goes up 10 cents (to 1.45).

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If they use a blue cube and don't name Chainlink specifically, we moon to $2.10 and then slowly bleed back to $1.93 by the end of day

If they name Chainlink specifically and there is absolutely no question of collaboration/partner/whatever, then we moon to $2.75 with a slow bleed to $1.93 by Friday

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lmao ok moon boi

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I was being sarcastic in that a solid, announced, verifiable-truth SWIFT partnership wouldn't push us past $2.75

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i know, just kidding fren

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Who knows in this market, Binance could just use its bots to crush any pump if it wanted to

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Literally nothing happens
Nobody gives a shit
Google couldn't even save this scam
It's an erc20 shit token
Absolute garbage
Just stop

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It's not, so don't worry about it

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>loving every second of this bitcoin dump, im literally praying it goes to 6. why, you ask?
>Link proved it can break $2 last night before btc dumped, so now with btc down im buying a retarded amount of link and waiting for this btc rebound
>my dick has been hard all day

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LINK could be used everywhere for everything and the price would still hover between $1.50-$2 at this point. it's all so tiresome

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They aren't going to mention chainlink or smartcontract. There is nothing to gain by that at this point. If Swift ever formally announces anything, it will be when the public-facing part of the network is built out and smaller players have succesfully adopted it to monetize their apis and make their smart contracts function. Even then, a swift announcement would be the most understated, normie repellant power speech buzzword salad you'll ever see. They aren't going to trot out with their chosen solution and wave a banner around like a bunch of fags on parade.

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They already did a PoW if they're happy with the PoC they will implement it faggot, you think they have time to play around

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youre an idiot, links price has been most reactive to btcs price and hype news.

if btc explodes to 16k along with it will go link

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As an oracle
I want to be able to transfer funds into the Coordinator contract
So they can be locked up for Service Agreements

Add a depositFunds(amount uint256, from address) method which can be called into through the LINK token's transferAndCall functionality, which records the amount and sender.

Add a withdraw(uint256,address) method which allows the caller to transfer LINK from the Coordinator to another address. They can only transfer as much as the calling address has deposited.

1st week of october

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depressingly accurate

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Dilate and have sex incel

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Probably pump 10-20% and then bitcoin will dump 50% and link will follow.

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When is adoption gonna take place
Why the fuck are you faggots discussing meme announcements that don’t matter

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Were just having fun fren - what do you like to speculate about for fun?

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the question is what happens if gpi is not chainlink

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Honestly we probably dump to $1.45 or so but I don’t think long term it would prove to be too terrible. We have a lot of traction from great companies trying to disrupt the space. I think too many anons are thinking about this project in the 1-2 year term when in actuality we won’t see any sort of SC enterprise adoption for 4-6 years because it will take that long for DLT to really prove it’s worth. But once it does I think it will be silly to not use SCs at scale which will also drive the token price up for Link

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Kek. This anon gets it

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They dump buttcorn another couple thousand.

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the most cringeworthy phrase in tech

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Chainlink has shit, centralized oracles that no dev want to use. Learn some programming brainlet.

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You don't see it anon? That's the setup. Kraken, grandpa coin taking a shit, the pump today.
It's happening tomorrow!

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It’s almost as if everyone doesn’t look at the markets before they make a post. Link was $2. Now it’s $1.50. Tomorrow won’t be anything. It’s already priced in. Bitcoin is dumping. US dollar is collapsing and the world is coming to an end. Get over it.

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>It’s almost as if everyone doesn’t look at the markets before they make a post. Link was $2. Now it’s $1.50
Irony. It's $1.77 right now, you dunce. And if you don't like crypto or Link then why the fuck are you on a crypto (Link) board??

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If she looked more germanic she’d be a total slampig

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Also, dont forget Bill Gates will make a surprise appearance to announce microsoft will be using Chainlink.

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Bill Gates will come out

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> “...and the technology that makes it all work is Ripple!”
How many suicides?

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0. r3 corda will use chainlink oracles.

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no, linker predictions haven't come true a single time in 2 years.

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Checked, link will be ~$80 EOY

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Ok Rahul

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